Cardio exercise at home

>> Sunday, July 26, 2009

As many people are commencement to realize the appliance of impressing their workouts at house, increasingly are starting to search as what the best home cardio exercise will be.

Cardio tends to be a little more difficult to go into at home unless you happen to be favored enough to hold a home treadmill, elliptical, or bicycle. And so all you need to do is hop on and it'll be just like it aspirant in the gym.

If you're amenable to be a little creative although, you'll be able to certainly get the consequences you're looking at to from a home cardio workout plan.

Here is a few things to believe that will serve you make the most out from it.

Never drop Furniture

Whenever you're really fighting to find a way to do your cardio and get a very limited quantity of room and no gear at all, do not overlook a few of the furniture you've at home. Simple things such that for stairs, chairs, or benches can completely be used for cardio functions.

Retrieve one key matter about at home cardio exercises, the only demand is your moving. Anything you can do that keeps your pulse rate up will burn calories, better your fitness level, and will act.

Whenever you're really stuck for ideas, agitate the radio and dance. Everybody has access to music and this will not assume much room at all.
Be sure You're Wearing Proper footgear

The second thing you must retrieve is that you need to be wearing suitable footwear. Some persons make the mistake of thinking that since they are exercising on carpet, that's enough blowing up.


While the carpet will append some buffering, if you really want to protect your joints, wear properly buffered running shoes also.

This will be predominate to prevent distresses.

Conceive Videos

Finally, the third thing to consider with your home cardio workouts is using a video. Although many people do companion videos as the 'cheesy old aerobic exercise' exercises, now there are plenty of another video alternatives you can use - even video games that are designed to help improve your fitness level.

Again it comes back to the rule that your main goal is to get started. If you will be able to find a formula to do this in effect, you're one step before of the game.

So keep these aims in idea as you go about your home cardio workout. Try and enter a habit of doing 20-30 minutes some times a week and before you know it you won't even think twice approximately jumping a session.


Fitness And Diet: Whey Protein

>> Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fitness And Diet: Whey Protein


The Myth About Fitness

>> Sunday, December 14, 2008

You think you know it, but you have no idea. You already know a lot of thought concerning fitness? Do not you know it is only myth? Or the fact that you do not know? First check the truth-myth of myth that you often hear this.

Myth 1: No pain, no gain
Exercise does not hurt to be successful. Fact, even painful exercise if the body, there may be a wrong with your training methods. Pain and pain in the beginners are reasonable, but if sustained it means you practice too hard. Pain in the muscles that occurred more than 48 hours after practice is the inflammation and damage to the network of elastic muscle fibers. Give muscles time to adapt and do not practice too much in too short a time, or you will be more at risk of muscle injury. Train smarter not Harder!

Myth 2: Too much perspiration when practice does not mean healthy
Sweat out when practice is a sign that the body has been adapting quickly to release the heat from the body. At the same time, increase the number of sweat glands in the body perspiration. Those who actively produce sweat in a larger number than those who rarely exercise passive and active because they have a natural body cooling system that is more efficient.

Myth 3: If the practice stopped, the muscle will be changed into fat
Fat and muscle are two different networks. Fat will not be changed to muscle and vice versa. Fact is, muscles will shrink when you do not practice, while you continue to eat portions, such as during exercise, although you do not practice. The result is that the calories you eat more than the required body, so the body will store them as fat.

Myth 4: If exercise can eat whatever
If you want to create a pattern of eating poorly, with practice, you will be disappointed. Although it is still better than the free food and never exercise, sports, but without setting a pattern of eating well means you will not get maximum results from sports or exercise that you run.

Myth 5: If you do not practice hard and often, the only waste time
This is not true. Even the intensity of activity is such as walking, cycling or Jogging several times a week will give you the benefit of a very large. Running around 30 minutes each day will be very healthy your heart.

Myth 6: Exercise can cure all diseases
Although the practice can improve health and quality of your life, but it does not mean that practice will cure all your diseases. Instead of each person who will be recommended practice first consult with experts to a minimum the risk of injury. Physical sports regularly can help improve health and reduce the risk to prevent various diseases start the heart, diabetes, joint disease, and others. Better to prevent than treat not?

Myth 7: Weight training will create a large body of women and muscular
Many women avoid weight training with reason. In real, weight training is precisely the best and fastest way to help the process of fat loss and solid muscle. The amount of hormone content of men and women are also very different. Women have only a small amount of hormone testosterone so will not be easy, such as muscular men.

Myth 8: Too much practice, the better
Too much practice will only lead to one thing sure, that is over training. Conditions over training can cause injury, depression, and bring the disease (high release free radicals). You should be able balance between exercise and rest because at the time had muscle mass Take a break you will grow.


Up your performance of exercise

>> Monday, December 8, 2008

Try an alternative way to apply 17 below to get the maximum performance training. For ease, the steps will be divided according to activities before and after exercise.

On Day-to-day Training

1. Eat slowly digested carbohydrates that before exercise.
Eat slowly digested carbohydrates that, they have higher insulin levels and low burn more fat in daily activities. Consumption less than 40 grams of slowly digested carbohydrates such as oatmeal, fruit and bread wheat.
2. Avoid fatty foods high 4 hours before exercise.
Fatty foods to reduce high property nitric oxide (NO) in the blood for 4 hours.
3. Eat a green salad with breakfast or lunch before you exercise.
Consumption of salad greens able to impede the process of the fat. If you eat fatty foods before exercise, combine with green vegetables.

Shortly Before Training

4. Consumption 1 serving (20-30gram) supplement of whey protein and 3-5 grams of creatine.
Groups that consume protein supplements and creatine right before training for 10 weeks to increase the mass muscle of 87% of the groups that consume of supplement before breakfast.
5. Consumption of caffeine 1-2 hours before exercise.
Consume caffeine before exercise to increase the capacity of your body to burn fat, increase stamina and lift the burden more.
6. Consumption of 3-5 grams of arginine 30-45 minutes before exercise.
Eat arginine for 8 weeks to increase their strength BENCH press of 10 kg.
7. Add 2 tsp chocolate powder in pure whey protein shake before you exercise.
Flavonol substances known to epicathechin in the dark chocolate powder can push up the rate of NO in your blood vessels.

During Exercise

8. Add some love after your last set.
When you reach the last set, 2-3 repetition add to spur growth hormone, but not overtraining.
9. Concentration and focus to the muscles are trained.
It will increase muscle growth and activity. Avoid chatting with colleagues during the fitness burden.
10. Change the speed of your rehearsal.
Vary lift the burden by changing the speed repetition. Combined speed of repetition different will maximize muscle strength and size. Make a quick rehearsal for 2 weeks and repetition slowly for 2 weeks to maximize muscle growth.
11. Practice with several partners.
Partners in the exercise will help to lift the burden more in a set of repetition because you more Since we had to compete.
12. Make exercise cardiovascular after lift the burden.
Training cardiovascular before the burden will create more tired when the relieves the load so reduce repetition. cardiovascular practice before the burden will reduce the amount of growth hormone response from the practice after cardiovascular lift the burden.
13. Use wrist strap to lift the burden.
Using the wrist strap to lift the burden will increase the average amount of repetition as much as 1-2 rehearsal for all sets in the exercise.

After Training

14. Drinking 20-30 grams of protein shake that contains whey protein and casein.
Groups that consume casein and whey protein after exercise gain muscle mass is higher than the group consumption whey protein alone.
15. Make stretching after training.
Stretching after exercise will improve flexibility of your body.
16. Do exercises in the afternoon.
People who practice in the afternoon to get the muscle mass more than the people who practice in the morning.
17. Drinking 2-4 cups of tea a day.
Tea can reduce the level of cortisol or stress level, so that the process will be reduced katabolik muscle and grow increasingly significant.


Guarana Seed Extract

Guarana seed extract are extracts taken from the guarana plant seeds. Guarana is a plant that grows in the Amazon rain forest interior, South America. The majority of this plant growing in the region of North Brazil, and normal of the seed used by the indigenous population as a source of herbal plants.

Guarana seeds of guarana seed or that contain caffeine works to stimulate the central nervous system and accelerate the body's metabolism. Such as tea leaves, guarana also contains tannin, which functions as a healer diarrhea.

Use of
A study shows that the use of Guarana Seed Extract can function as a concept nervous to accelerate the body's metabolism, antioxidant substances, antibakterial and the reduction of fat cells when combined with the CLA (Conjugated Linoeic Acid). A study from The Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics show any reduction in body weight of 5.6 kg for 45 days in a group of people who consume a mixture of yerba some, guarana and thepolice. A study in 1997 showed even consume guarana can add power and remember to keep the body resistance.

There has been no official doses.



>> Friday, December 5, 2008

L-lysine is one of the essential amino acid (meaning the human body can not product) of protein in the solvent and water are basa is a basic element as well as arginine and histidine. L-lysine a framework for niacin (Vitamin B1). Lack of vitamin B1 can cause disease pelagra. Many found naturally in the seed pod.

Use of
L-lysine play an important role in the absorption and storage of calcium, protein, muscle and form a production hormone, antibodies and enzymes in the body. L-lysine is also useful for recovery after surgery or injury during exercise. L-lysine production to help hormone-hormones, enzymes and antibodies in the body. Lysine is also used for the treatment of herpes disease and ease symptoms of flu-sick if consumed immediately.


Ephedra/Ma Huang

Ephedra or Ma Huang (ephedra sinica) is the origin of Chinese plants - also found in many areas Mediterranian, India, and Persian - the first products are used in many dietary supplements. Now, its existence is prohibited since 2004 by the National Agency for Drugs and Food or the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) because of Huang's have serious side effects and fatal, such as heart attack, stroke, heart is not regular, even death.

Use of
Ma Huang is used as a concept, which combined with aspirin and caffeine to reduce weight and appetite suppressants. Improve your heart so that speed metabolism.

No official doses. Even in the label instructions are often not the same as the amount of ephedra in the content of the contents. Ephedrine alkaloid level also varies (10 times) after consumption of ephedra.

Side effects
Side effects so big and dangerous, and can cause death substance is no longer used in dietary supplements.


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