Ephedra/Ma Huang

>> Friday, December 5, 2008

Ephedra or Ma Huang (ephedra sinica) is the origin of Chinese plants - also found in many areas Mediterranian, India, and Persian - the first products are used in many dietary supplements. Now, its existence is prohibited since 2004 by the National Agency for Drugs and Food or the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) because of Huang's have serious side effects and fatal, such as heart attack, stroke, heart is not regular, even death.

Use of
Ma Huang is used as a concept, which combined with aspirin and caffeine to reduce weight and appetite suppressants. Improve your heart so that speed metabolism.

No official doses. Even in the label instructions are often not the same as the amount of ephedra in the content of the contents. Ephedrine alkaloid level also varies (10 times) after consumption of ephedra.

Side effects
Side effects so big and dangerous, and can cause death substance is no longer used in dietary supplements.


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