The Myth About Fitness

>> Sunday, December 14, 2008

You think you know it, but you have no idea. You already know a lot of thought concerning fitness? Do not you know it is only myth? Or the fact that you do not know? First check the truth-myth of myth that you often hear this.

Myth 1: No pain, no gain
Exercise does not hurt to be successful. Fact, even painful exercise if the body, there may be a wrong with your training methods. Pain and pain in the beginners are reasonable, but if sustained it means you practice too hard. Pain in the muscles that occurred more than 48 hours after practice is the inflammation and damage to the network of elastic muscle fibers. Give muscles time to adapt and do not practice too much in too short a time, or you will be more at risk of muscle injury. Train smarter not Harder!

Myth 2: Too much perspiration when practice does not mean healthy
Sweat out when practice is a sign that the body has been adapting quickly to release the heat from the body. At the same time, increase the number of sweat glands in the body perspiration. Those who actively produce sweat in a larger number than those who rarely exercise passive and active because they have a natural body cooling system that is more efficient.

Myth 3: If the practice stopped, the muscle will be changed into fat
Fat and muscle are two different networks. Fat will not be changed to muscle and vice versa. Fact is, muscles will shrink when you do not practice, while you continue to eat portions, such as during exercise, although you do not practice. The result is that the calories you eat more than the required body, so the body will store them as fat.

Myth 4: If exercise can eat whatever
If you want to create a pattern of eating poorly, with practice, you will be disappointed. Although it is still better than the free food and never exercise, sports, but without setting a pattern of eating well means you will not get maximum results from sports or exercise that you run.

Myth 5: If you do not practice hard and often, the only waste time
This is not true. Even the intensity of activity is such as walking, cycling or Jogging several times a week will give you the benefit of a very large. Running around 30 minutes each day will be very healthy your heart.

Myth 6: Exercise can cure all diseases
Although the practice can improve health and quality of your life, but it does not mean that practice will cure all your diseases. Instead of each person who will be recommended practice first consult with experts to a minimum the risk of injury. Physical sports regularly can help improve health and reduce the risk to prevent various diseases start the heart, diabetes, joint disease, and others. Better to prevent than treat not?

Myth 7: Weight training will create a large body of women and muscular
Many women avoid weight training with reason. In real, weight training is precisely the best and fastest way to help the process of fat loss and solid muscle. The amount of hormone content of men and women are also very different. Women have only a small amount of hormone testosterone so will not be easy, such as muscular men.

Myth 8: Too much practice, the better
Too much practice will only lead to one thing sure, that is over training. Conditions over training can cause injury, depression, and bring the disease (high release free radicals). You should be able balance between exercise and rest because at the time had muscle mass Take a break you will grow.


Up your performance of exercise

>> Monday, December 8, 2008

Try an alternative way to apply 17 below to get the maximum performance training. For ease, the steps will be divided according to activities before and after exercise.

On Day-to-day Training

1. Eat slowly digested carbohydrates that before exercise.
Eat slowly digested carbohydrates that, they have higher insulin levels and low burn more fat in daily activities. Consumption less than 40 grams of slowly digested carbohydrates such as oatmeal, fruit and bread wheat.
2. Avoid fatty foods high 4 hours before exercise.
Fatty foods to reduce high property nitric oxide (NO) in the blood for 4 hours.
3. Eat a green salad with breakfast or lunch before you exercise.
Consumption of salad greens able to impede the process of the fat. If you eat fatty foods before exercise, combine with green vegetables.

Shortly Before Training

4. Consumption 1 serving (20-30gram) supplement of whey protein and 3-5 grams of creatine.
Groups that consume protein supplements and creatine right before training for 10 weeks to increase the mass muscle of 87% of the groups that consume of supplement before breakfast.
5. Consumption of caffeine 1-2 hours before exercise.
Consume caffeine before exercise to increase the capacity of your body to burn fat, increase stamina and lift the burden more.
6. Consumption of 3-5 grams of arginine 30-45 minutes before exercise.
Eat arginine for 8 weeks to increase their strength BENCH press of 10 kg.
7. Add 2 tsp chocolate powder in pure whey protein shake before you exercise.
Flavonol substances known to epicathechin in the dark chocolate powder can push up the rate of NO in your blood vessels.

During Exercise

8. Add some love after your last set.
When you reach the last set, 2-3 repetition add to spur growth hormone, but not overtraining.
9. Concentration and focus to the muscles are trained.
It will increase muscle growth and activity. Avoid chatting with colleagues during the fitness burden.
10. Change the speed of your rehearsal.
Vary lift the burden by changing the speed repetition. Combined speed of repetition different will maximize muscle strength and size. Make a quick rehearsal for 2 weeks and repetition slowly for 2 weeks to maximize muscle growth.
11. Practice with several partners.
Partners in the exercise will help to lift the burden more in a set of repetition because you more Since we had to compete.
12. Make exercise cardiovascular after lift the burden.
Training cardiovascular before the burden will create more tired when the relieves the load so reduce repetition. cardiovascular practice before the burden will reduce the amount of growth hormone response from the practice after cardiovascular lift the burden.
13. Use wrist strap to lift the burden.
Using the wrist strap to lift the burden will increase the average amount of repetition as much as 1-2 rehearsal for all sets in the exercise.

After Training

14. Drinking 20-30 grams of protein shake that contains whey protein and casein.
Groups that consume casein and whey protein after exercise gain muscle mass is higher than the group consumption whey protein alone.
15. Make stretching after training.
Stretching after exercise will improve flexibility of your body.
16. Do exercises in the afternoon.
People who practice in the afternoon to get the muscle mass more than the people who practice in the morning.
17. Drinking 2-4 cups of tea a day.
Tea can reduce the level of cortisol or stress level, so that the process will be reduced katabolik muscle and grow increasingly significant.


Guarana Seed Extract

Guarana seed extract are extracts taken from the guarana plant seeds. Guarana is a plant that grows in the Amazon rain forest interior, South America. The majority of this plant growing in the region of North Brazil, and normal of the seed used by the indigenous population as a source of herbal plants.

Guarana seeds of guarana seed or that contain caffeine works to stimulate the central nervous system and accelerate the body's metabolism. Such as tea leaves, guarana also contains tannin, which functions as a healer diarrhea.

Use of
A study shows that the use of Guarana Seed Extract can function as a concept nervous to accelerate the body's metabolism, antioxidant substances, antibakterial and the reduction of fat cells when combined with the CLA (Conjugated Linoeic Acid). A study from The Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics show any reduction in body weight of 5.6 kg for 45 days in a group of people who consume a mixture of yerba some, guarana and thepolice. A study in 1997 showed even consume guarana can add power and remember to keep the body resistance.

There has been no official doses.



>> Friday, December 5, 2008

L-lysine is one of the essential amino acid (meaning the human body can not product) of protein in the solvent and water are basa is a basic element as well as arginine and histidine. L-lysine a framework for niacin (Vitamin B1). Lack of vitamin B1 can cause disease pelagra. Many found naturally in the seed pod.

Use of
L-lysine play an important role in the absorption and storage of calcium, protein, muscle and form a production hormone, antibodies and enzymes in the body. L-lysine is also useful for recovery after surgery or injury during exercise. L-lysine production to help hormone-hormones, enzymes and antibodies in the body. Lysine is also used for the treatment of herpes disease and ease symptoms of flu-sick if consumed immediately.


Ephedra/Ma Huang

Ephedra or Ma Huang (ephedra sinica) is the origin of Chinese plants - also found in many areas Mediterranian, India, and Persian - the first products are used in many dietary supplements. Now, its existence is prohibited since 2004 by the National Agency for Drugs and Food or the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) because of Huang's have serious side effects and fatal, such as heart attack, stroke, heart is not regular, even death.

Use of
Ma Huang is used as a concept, which combined with aspirin and caffeine to reduce weight and appetite suppressants. Improve your heart so that speed metabolism.

No official doses. Even in the label instructions are often not the same as the amount of ephedra in the content of the contents. Ephedrine alkaloid level also varies (10 times) after consumption of ephedra.

Side effects
Side effects so big and dangerous, and can cause death substance is no longer used in dietary supplements.


Mistake of Fat loss Diet Program and Muscle Building

>> Thursday, December 4, 2008

Many of you who want more body Lean and muscular, but even make some fundamental errors in consuming nutrients.

Errors in the Nutrition Program Fat Loss
Because you want to erase the body fat, you tend to make drastic action that impedes the program you fat loss. Or, more precisely again fatal muscle that you lost and not fat. Here are some basic errors in fat loss programs that are often done by beginners:

1. Cut calorie consumption aggressively.
When someone start a diet program, many of the food ration in the extreme. Someone such as eating only 1 meal a day or ¼ of the share portion of the normal weight and hope to be ideal in a few weeks only.

Method is the big mistake. Not only because this method is not very healthy, but also the body will not follow your wishes. In reality, this method will backfire. The causes, the body's metabolism and the strike will reduce the burning is done in line with the reduction of calories that you do.

The better method is to reduce the share of food and a little slow. 15-20% reduction in calories will prevent the body's metabolism slowed and lower body weight efficiently. But this method will only survive until the body adapting. Therefore, after a few days to reduce the number of calories, increase calorie Feed back for 1-2 days so that the body's metabolism remains high.

2. Do not consume fat.
Do not consume fat at all mean that you endanger your own body. Without consume only food will damage the balance of fat metabolism and body. Fat is one of the sources of hormone testosterone, which help the formation of muscle and metabolism.

Keeping the consumption of fat, especially healthy fat to help balance the body's metabolism. Fat fish such as salmon and tuna will help because it contains the Omega 3 can help reduce inflammation and as the components that make utilize body fat better.

3. Leaving carbohydrate.
Although low-carbohydrate diet is helpful to scrape fat, but you should not remove the carbohydrate in the diet at all. Better select the type of carbohydrate that it is. Any type of diet that forbade the consumption of carbohydrate diet is the same one that is not healthy.

Error In Program Building muscle
For the beginner in the program are the establishment of any muscle, can not be separated from some of the fundamental errors. Here are a few of them:

1. Consume too many calories.
You have to understand that form muscle will be needed adequate nutrition. But consume as much food is not the right way to start a muscle-building your program. Except if you want to accumulate fat, not muscle.

Although high-calorie diet will help development, but will be more effective methods to share time with the food you eat to 6 portion of each day. Frequency of eating 6 times a day will help the absorption of nutrients and hormones cortisol, which push the development of muscle.

In addition, if the amount of protein you consume each day is enough? How do you define enough? Protein needed to repair the damaged muscle network, the protein is very important for you who want to build muscle. Enter the protein in the 30-45% of the calories you consume.

Anti katabolic agents such as muscle leucine, vitamins C and E you also need to note. In addition to forming muscle, you also need to stop the process katabolic.

2. Underestimate the nutrition you need to practice before consumption.
Discipline practice must also be balanced discipline name high consumed food before practice. What you eat before practice play an important role in the growth of muscle. Consumption of food that you practice for 1-2 hours before the hormone can stimulate muscle when training protector. Start with the food consumed in small portions 1-2 hours before practice and adjust with the development of your body.

3. Eat protein in the number of fixed.
How much consumption of protein you need? Measurement 1-1,5 g protein / kg body weight are the parameters that good, but you need protein, the number of different programs on the muscle-building. Training requires a heavy amount of protein than when you practice light.

And the high weight of a larger number of proteins also require more to develop. So, when you have an additional muscle after a hard practice for 3 months, you should increase the consumption of protein if you want to grow better.

In conclusion, after applying the method of consumption that correct nutrition, exercise the discipline, and adequate rest, do not forget also that supplement help you more quickly and optimal in achieving the target program of your choice.


Cute muscle Chest with Chicken Breast

Chicken breast meat is the main food athletes body builder. This is because the chicken breast meat contains 19 types of protein and amino acid level. Protein needed to build and restore muscle cells.

Did you know? Chicken breast meat has the rate of fat that is relatively small compared with a chicken thigh. Chicken breasts, so the food is very good for both fitness mania the program are weight loss and muscle-building program. Of course the needs of chicken breast meat consumption for the bodybuilder with different people because the normal needs of daily recommended different. Try to choose a chicken village of Broiler chicken meat because of name and more healthy.

But keep in mind that the way food cooking affect nutrient content changes. Fried chicken breast will be far more fatty than the boiled chicken breast or grilled. So the best way of processing is to steam, roast and stew. Avoid cooking chicken breasts with the way fry. Content of fat and cholesterol will increase sharply after fried. Do not forget to separate the skin and do not consume chicken bowel because it contains a higher rate of fat, too.

100 gr boiled chicken breast without the skin contains 29 grams protein; 165 mg of phosphorus; 22.3 mcg selenium; 0.3 mg vitamin B6; 8.5 mg niacin; 78.5 mg of choline. The content of protein and amino acids that are the highest of which is glutamic acid 4340 mg followed by aspartic acid (2583 mg), lysine (2,462 mg) and leucine (2175 mg).

However, you need to be cautious of the high content of cholesterol is 77 mg per 100 g of boiled chicken breast without the skin. Content sodium also tolerable level that is 63 mg to the portion of the same. That calorie also quite high enough with the 151 division of calories from protein, and 124 from fat of 27.3.

The content of fatty acid Omega 3 and Omega 6 in the chicken breast meat is also quite good, each of 60 mg and 500 mg. Chicken breasts also contain no saturated fat single, EPA, DHA, ZINC and selenium as a nutritional anti-inflammation. But also contain saturated fats and arachidonic acid, which can cause inflammation.

Content per 100 grams of chicken breast meat without skin

Protein and amino acids% DV

29.0 g protein, 58%

Tryptophan 339 mg

Threonine 1224 mg

Isoleucine 1530 mg

Leucyne 2175 mg

Lysine 2462 mg

Methionine 802 mg

Cystine 371 mg

Phenylalanine 1150 mg

Tyrosine 978 mg

Valine 1437 mg

Arginine 1748 mg

Histidine 900 mg

Alanine 1,581 mg

Aspartic acid 2583 mg

Glutamic acid 4340 mg

Glycine 1424 mg

Proline 1192 mg

Serine 997 mg

Hydroxyproline ~

Vitamins, Minerals and other% DV

Riboflavin 0.1 mg 7%

Niacin 8.5 mg 42%

Vitamin B6 0.3 mg 17%

Choline 78.5 mg

Betaine 5.7 mg

Phosphorus 165 mg 17%

Zinc 1.0 mg 6%

Selenium 22.3 mcg 32%

77.0 mg cholesterol 26%

Water 68.3 g


Two Dumbbell for Perfect Deltoids

You want to train the shoulder or deltoids at home
but only a pair of dumbbell? No
trouble! A pair of dumbbell is good enough to be used as a training tool is perfect for
deltoids muscles in your home.
Here we provide three types of motion exercises deltoids
A unique but very effective. There are two things that need to
You note in the training program deltoids this:
= Control of the dumbbell. This is vital to
deltoids exercise routines. Do not move as
throw a dumbbell.
Moving slowly and carefully.
= Do not discard the time. Training program
is the maximum you can finish in 15
minutes or even less, so do not
rest too long. Period of rest
set between a maximum of only exercise for 30

If you can not
complete rehearsal, it means
dumbbell is too heavy. Conversely,
If you feel can exceed
repetition, the dumbbell too
light. Choose a dumbbell weight
appropriate and quite challenging
the weight for you.



>> Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a type of fat. As we know, the fat is one of the vitamin is needed by our body in addition to other nutritional substances such as carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Cholesterol is divided two kinds, namely LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) and HDL (High Density Lipoprotein). LDL is often referred to as bad cholesterol because it can be embedded into the walls of blood vessels and cause a cumulation of fat, while HDL cholesterol is called as well as able to raise cholesterol from the blood vessel, which then issued as bile acid.

How someone said excess cholesterol? People said if the amount of excess cholesterol LDL cholesterol in the blood exceeds the threshold. As a benchmark, the rate of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) is the ideal <100> 40mg/dL. As is known, the rate of LDL cholesterol in the morbid blood circulation can bring long-term problems, such as the risk of occurrence of blood vessel constriction (aterosklerosis). This condition is the embryo occurrence of heart disease and stroke.

Eating Pattern

The pattern is the most important aspects in the rate of blood cholesterol. Food contributed 20% of the amount of cholesterol and the remaining 80% comes from lifestyle, obesity, and genetic.

The pattern of eating well to reduce the consumption of saturated fat and increase consumption of vegetable fat will be able to lower the risk of disease, which can arise from blood vessel constriction.
Example Eating Patterns Institute for High Cholesterol

* 2 pieces of whole wheat bread + peanut butter / 1 cup oatmeal
* 1 glass of milk protein (non-fat)
* 1 softgel Omega-3

Morning snack

* 1 apple / orange / pear


* 1 ounce of fish / home / know
* 1-2 cup red rice
* 1 cup vegetables
* 1 softgel Omega-3

Afternoon snack

* 1 piece of bread, whole wheat / ½ cup oatmeal
* 1 cup papaya / orange / apple / strawberry

Before Sports

* 1 serving L-Carnitine


* 1 ounce of fish / white / know / Tempe
* 1 cup vegetables
* 1 softgel Omega-3

Night Snack

* 1 cup red beans
* 1 orange / apple / papaya


* Food should be avoided is the food that contains high cholesterol, such as gorengan, jerohan, seafood, brown, yellow, eggs, fatty meat, butter and others.
* Total portion of the menu above can be adjusted to your body weight.
* Make sure there is distance between mealtime.
* Time to use the menu above is not binding, can be adjusted for the exercise in the morning.


Do not fry food, because it will cause a nutrient important for the body to be damaged, other than the saturated fat is not affected by heat to trigger the formation of free radicals that fried food.
* Limit Feed cholesterol food less than 300 mg per day.
* Perbanyak consumption of fruits rich in the vitamin. Better eat the whole fruit, because it contains more fiber.
* If you stop smoking smoker. Stop smoking increase spending bad cholesterol in the body.


For that you have high cholesterol levels, suplementasi recommended to help reduce bad cholesterol in your body. Suplementasi with L-Carnitine and Omega-3 is able to increase the burning of fat and cholesterol of evil in the body.


Muscle Building

Having the body healthy and strong is the hope of all people, many of the people want contain the body and have the muscle mass that ideal. This guide is arranged for those who want to run a program or muscle-building body shaping.

This guide contains information on all that you want to know to get your ideal body from the pattern of eating, sports and suplementasi program that helps you.
Frequently asked questions:

What is the muscle-building?
Muscle-building program is the establishment of the body that conducted the exercise, the pattern of eating, and the rest suplementasi enough to get the ideal body shape that you want. Also called body shaping, or bodybuilding

What is the supplements?
Supplements are a useful additional food to help meet the needs of the body so that all organs of the body will function and develop optimally

What is the use of supplements in the muscle-building program?
Supplements used in the muscle-building programs useful to complement the body's nutritional needs and maximize the potential for developing muscles.

Are you addicted to make supplements and have a negative effect on health?
Supplements can not make you addicted and not have negative effects for consumption according to the rules.

Pattern of eating

Eating pattern is one of the important aspects of success in the muscle-building program. Setting the pattern of eating well can make your muscles grow to a maximum in a relatively short time, in line with the development of your training. Below is an example to the pattern of eating when you are running the muscle-building program.

* 2 whole eggs and 4 egg white
* 2 pieces of whole wheat bread
* 1 tablespoon peanut butter
* 1 scoop muscle Juice

Morning snack

* 1 cup oatmeal or oatmeal with sugar adequate
* 1 apple, pear or orange
* 3 eggs sessions can read 2002


* 3 ounce chicken breast / fish / meat, whole
* 1 ½ cup brown rice (brown rice)
* 1 cup vegetables

Afternoon snack

* 2 pieces of whole wheat bread
* 2 pieces of fish / meat / baked ham
* 1 fruit apple / pear / orange
* 3 eggs sessions can read 2002

Before Training

* 1 bananas
* 1 scoop muscle Juice
* 1 serving creatine Monohydrate (Creapure)

After Training

* 1 scoop muscle Juice
* 1 serving creatine Monohydrate (Creapure)


* 2 ounce chicken breast / fish / meat, whole
* 1 cup vegetables
* 1 potato / 1 cup brown rice

Before Sleeping

* 3 pill of the sessions can read 2002


* Total portion of the menu above can be adjusted to the size of your body.
* Time to use the menu above is not binding, can be adjusted for the exercise in the morning.
* Make sure there is distance between mealtime.
* Rules use of supplements can vary depending on the schedule, adjust in accordance with the needs and how the use of these supplements.
* On days off (no exercise) omit the menu before and after exercise, change with the use supplements gainer / protein.


Excercise for who are busy

You can't get exercise because of busy? Maybe you want to try to follow the schedule "sport" daily that you can do in during your busy following:

Take a pedometer when walking. A physiology professor in the United States to see that the numbers can be a strong incentive to trigger people walk through a distance of more prev. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity showed that walking 9,000 steps or more per day reduced the risk of suffering heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Try to walk to work or other places. If you drive, parkirlah car in a remote place. If you take bus or train, alight quite far from the stop. Try to walk as far as 1 km, about 15 to 20 minutes. Running with the speed of three to four km per hour is the speed necessary to get heart health and blood vessel needed to prevent heart disease.

Another way to reduce the risk of heart disease and burn more calories is walking in the office. Go to the canteen at the bottom to drink coffee. Use the fax machine is three floors above. Rather than send an e-mail to a friend your work, walk to the office. Use a printer located farthest from your desk.

Place a few barbel in the light table for when you lift the rest are working. Alternatively, fasten ballast (for example 1kg) on the TV remote control. You can do sports with small hands to manipulate muscles up and down each time changing the channel for about 5-10 minutes. Studies show that exercise and lift the burden of holding such as this reduces the risk of affected many diseases, including osteoporosis and heart disease.

Take advantage of your time waiting. Wander around the office building at the time of rest, or around the room when the doctor to continue the service. Drag musculature body while sitting or standing in a row. Pull up to the stomach and spinal resistance in the five count.

Rather than spend the sports routine, better cut time and increase intensity to improve the quality of your training. For example, you can reduce cycle time in the fitness, but selingi with two or three times faster cycling for a minute.

Once a plan once-date with sports activities together. Cycling or playing tennis can help evaporate with nervous energy. Moreover, the exercise cheaper than going dating in restaurants or cinemas, right?


Happy Exercise

>> Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Exercise fitness or sports in general, the routine will get you start to feel satisfaction when the benefits for your body. However, sometimes you get bored with the routine activities of your sport. Here are tips to make sports more fun, so be spared from the tedium, especially to stress.

Exercise with the people nearest you
You would often spend time with those nearest you, for example: your sweetie, your parents, your children, close friends, colleagues or even your recreational team during holidays. Why not invite them to think fitness to practice with you? In addition to more recently with your beloved people, with practice can help to a little more active and certainly not to compete?

Find hobbies that make you stay active
Gardening, tracking in the garden, or even participate in the organization nature lovers of sports that involve hiking or cycling course will be fun and will keep the calories you burn. Or you may want to re-visit the sights that you like? For example, go Rafting / navigate rapids in the river in the sights your favorite? Well, you will forget even if you are in sport.

Try a new sport
Bored with the sport that normal? Try looking for information concerning the club or group sporting activities have you follow before. You can take a beginner class in accordance with your age and level. Few will also compete, of course fun. You will enjoy even learn a new technique training provided.

Enjoy the walking
Walking is the easiest form of sport to be done. Maximize your walking activity by visiting the places of your favorites. If you like the group then join with the walking club, tracking, or hiking. If no club in your city, why do not you just form your own club?

Find the changer your attention
Maintain your mind still busy on the view that when you exercise. Changer attention is very useful when you use the tools / machinery sports. While you can read, watch videos or listen to your favorite music while your body continues to follow the sport movement.

Go dancing
What is the dance club in a special dance or jig with a light rock music, the dancing is a sport that's fun. Of course not mean we clubbing until the morning. Take a dance class specific, such as salsa, ballet, swing, TAP, or the country. Dance clubs even provide free training for beginners.


The Perfect breath for perfect beat

Some body builder and the lifter must hold winded to add strength in the load during a heavy set or when the peak tense heaviest. However, breath holding techniques should not be excessive and indiscriminate because it can result in increased blood pressure and so dangerous. The heart pumps blood will be difficulties and reduce the flow of blood to the brain that result in dizziness, chest thump or the heart grow stronger, feeling of bellyful and even fainting during and after exercise because of the sense of light (less blood).

* There should do the normal breathing rhythm the barbell as much as possible, although very heavy.
Do not hold excessive breath because it can reduce the amount of blood flow to the muscles that you want to be trained to reduce the number of signs on the network anabolic natural muscle.
* Breathing calmly and smoothly although at the most weight


Cardiovascular tips

Here are some practical tips of three cardiovascular exercise that is run (the Treadmill or not), use the Stair masters and stationary bicycle.

A. Running

* Use the special shoes and ran a comfortable with the size feet
Do not forget to do pemasasan and adequate peregangan
* At the board ran with the heel, except to flee sprint should tread with finger-toe. To use a rotation movement also toe.
* Minimum vertical movement, do not move as slash or throw the body. Should you limp body movement.

B. Stair Master

* Make warming up and stretching enough
* Use the handle of hand (handrails), only for balance, not to concentrate body
* Try to position the back and head upright parallel vertical
* Step foot distance is about 20 - 25 cm, using about 15% of energy

C. Stationary bicycle

* Make warming up and stretching enough
* Avoid body movement bent to the side of right and left
* Position the upper body slightly toward the future with the head perpendicular to the front (imagine you are paddle the bicycle)
* Adjust the saddle so your feet can be straight (full leg extension) with a foothold in the fitting stroke bike


ABS Exercise without equipment

Still difficulties flatten the bloated stomach while you do not have time to the gym and training equipment have at home? No problem! Training abdominal following can you do anywhere without the equipment.

Note, 4 special training you must follow the following sequence without rest from one movement to the next movement. So do the hip thrust 20 times, followed by straight-leg crunches 20 times, and reverse crunch and the crossover in a short time. After the fourth movement and its repetition finished, you can break 30 seconds and enough repeat 2 more times all in sequence. Easy is not it? Welcome to try!

Set Repetition
Hip Thrust 3 20
Straight-Leg Crunch 3 20
Reverse Crunch 3 20
Crossover Crunch 3 20/side

Follow the sequence without rest from one movement to the next movement. So do the hip thrust 20 times, straight-leg crunches 20 times, reverse crunch and the crossover in a short time. Once completed, rest 30 seconds and repeat 2 more times all in sequence.


10 Tips for Ideal body weight

Many of us are experiencing problems in raising the ideal body weight. Ideal body weight can be added to increase muscle mass, not body fat. Many are often wrong meaning by raising the weight means to increase the amount of fat. In addition to the way it is the wrong way, the way it is not very healthy because it means the fat increases the energy we consume more than we need for our activities.

Usually, after trying for months, eating as much as possible, a fitness training 'he' is heavy but still not produce results at all, we have started to despair and say that we are the body's lymphatic or have genetic fate. If in 2-3 weeks there has been no result, there is a past wrong.

Please check tips below to make the muscles for 2-3 weeks is not so large:
1. whether we eat 5-6x a day, the share is, and reducing junk food? Eating junk food not only increase the fat is not healthy but can also slow the body's metabolism makes the body can not work in a healthy.

2. Eating carbohydrate and protein INDIRECT after exercise. This is necessary to replace the glycogen or sugar in the muscles that out when we exercise. And protein needed by the muscles that we just 'broken' with the weight training.

3. Eat real food (not supplements) Max 1 hour after exercise

4. Consumption the multivitamins (for which this requirement would add weight, because the B vitamins, especially, is very helpful to absorb the nutrition that we eat.'ll eat a lot of free food, but our bodies can not handle it well).

5. Training expenses do not exceed 1 hour. And reduce your cardio. Training more than 1 hour you will burn calories. You still need the calories to build your musculature.

6. No train the same muscle more than 2x in a week

7. Is the set of 9-12 per muscle per session. Chest muscles do not train with all the tools at the gym with the assumption that the more complete the better. Use only 3-4 tool each about 3-4 sets and use the basic compound movement only. No Isolation Movement.

8. Reps 6-8 is a must, must not be to 12 Reps. 6-8 Reps did have failure.

9. Use negative Reps. After the failure, assisted by a friend / spotter to lift, and we hold to the decrease. Reps vary this negative for 2-3 weeks.

10. Already using High Intensity Training for training expenses. Which means that, short break between sets, approximately 1.5 - 2 minutes. And lift the burden as possible. Example: create a high around 160-165, when I left BENCH press 10kg weight is right. As it will not be able to increase the muscle you. Pursue the target at least 25-30kg left and right. If you have not been able, up slowly each week until you are able, if necessary, ask for help a friend.


Emiticated body does not mean fatless

The emaciated body does not mean you are not fed, " said. Jimmy Bell, a professor in the field of molecular representation Imperial College, London. Since 1994, Dr. Bell and his team had to scan more than 800 people with MRI machines to find the" mapping fat " that shows the location where people store fat in the body.

According to the data found that, of those who maintain an ideal body weight with a diet food but without the sport, tend to have a big fat in the body, even though they consider to be slim though. "The concept of the overall understanding of fat need to describe back," said Dr. Bell who studio funded by Britain's Medical Research Council (Council of Medical Research UK).

Without a clear warning, the physician fears appear incorrect assumptions from those skinny body, which they feel healthy not only because of excess body weight. The situation could reverse.

"Only because of their emaciated body does not mean they are immune from the disease or diabetes risk factors, heart disease," said Dr. Louis Teichholz, head of cardiology field Hackensack Hospital in New Jersey, USA, which does not participate in the research Dr. Bell.

Even people who have a BMI score (Body Mass Index) can show the normal fat is fat in the body. In the women in the scan by Dr. Bell and his team, as much as 45 percent with a BMI score that appeared to have normal levels of excess fat in the body. While for men, a percentage reached 60 percent.

In connection with the term called Dr. Bell as a "thin outside, fat inside (TOFI)", the results are really surprising. "The skinny people had the unique result," he said, related to the discovery of TOFI on the model of the respondents consider to be very professional and skinny slim.

According to Dr. Bell, people who fed the organs in the body can potentially become obese. They consume too much fat, high sugar food alloy and rarely exercise. But they do not eat too much. Scientists believe we naturally store fat in the abdomen, but on certain conditions, the body starts to store fat in anywhere. Most people also believe that the body's normal weight is a good indicator of health. Moreover, BMI scores were considered as a reference for reliable measurement.

"BMI will not indicate the exact location of fat, but more of a tool to measure body of clinical," he said. Toni Steer, nutrition experts from the Medical Research Council of Britain.

The doctors are not sure exactly will be in danger of fat in the body's organs, but they suspect some of these conditions can be associated with the danger of diabetes and heart disease. Theory they are fat in the body organs can disrupt the system overall body of work. Fat that the internal organs can send the wrong signal to the chemical stockpile fat in organs such as in the lives or pancreas. This condition is ultimately at risk of disruption will be insulin, type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

Experts already know that people have a body fat, which is known more active than their healthy well-slim, but less active. "They are normal weight, but less active and fit a greater risk of the disease than fat, but they are still active and fit," he said. Steven Blair, an obesity expert from the University of South Carolina, USA.

"For example, a Sumo wrestler the fat metabolism have a record better than the spectators and only a slim sit silent watch," added Dr. Blair. This is because fat in the wrestler is generally buried under the skin and does not disguise the vital organs and their musculature.

However, good news is the fat in the body organs can be burned to the sport or how to improve your diet. "Although not directly visible, but the sports and physical settings calories can be affected on the internal fat," he said. Bob Ross, an obesity expert from Queen's University in Canada.

However, because of the many factors that affect the risk of heart disease, Dr. Teichholz stated very difficult to ensure the accurate will be the danger of internal fat. "Obesity is one risk factor, but it is still quite low," added that while out on the family history of disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are more factors that determine the fat from internal and external.

Conclusion, if you want to fit and healthy, Dr. Bell suggests, "If you want to look skinny and slim, the only adequate diet. But if you want really healthy, the sport must become an important part of your lifestyle."


5 Myth of Fat burned

Fitness centers have become a new trend recently for both teens and adults, both men and women in the effort to get the body of a better, more ideal. There who want to add weight, that want to establish a more muscular body, and many also want to reduce weight. But because of too much information circulating, making the emergence of myths about exercise to burn fat.

These myths include:

1. Come to the gym, cardio directly, and after 30-45 minutes through the weight training.

What's important is the cardio to burn fat, then do the most important advance, so come directly during cardio is still strong, approximately 30 to 45 minutes, then rest briefly, and then lift that can be a bonus body that is more established. I think that Is thought of 99% people who want to reduce weight. Cardio in the initial training is not burning fat as we expect. We like what we think would, in fact, is not it happens. Cardio training in the early burn blood sugar when we made up for 30-45 minutes. While cardio training load after the next even require only blood sugar. It will make us feel weak, and less energy. Weight training requires sugar, while sugar is we spend through cardio. What will happen? Protein, the body will take to be a new sugar for energy supply. And the problem of protein taken from the muscle. You want to build muscle while taking protein from muscles? That same damage to your own body. Do cardio after training load for optimal combustion. You will feel hungry after the first 10-15 minutes cardio, do continue because it marks you start burning your fat.

2. Run in Treadmill is burning the fat

If cardio is burning fat, the more hard we try, the more fat we are burned. Fleeing the same does not burn fat. The more quickly we fled, the body of energy that we need quickly, too, the blood sugar. Change of body fat into energy requires a long process, while the energy needs flee quickly, so ignore the body burn fat and even blood sugar. If blood sugar out and we are still running, then the body will be taken from the muscle protein to energy. To burn fat in your Treadmill roads fast enough alone, with a target heart rate around 65%. Do for 45 minutes every day, then your weight will drop slowly.

3. The more we sweat then the more fat is burned

Myth of the inherent strong in the minds of each of those who want to burn fat. Out that sports and sports burn fat, which is usually very hard to make them sweat so swift. This resulted in many people 'find sweat' to burn fat. When that happens how easily burn fat, we simply sleeping in the car park the car in our office, on a hot day. I'm sure once in the 10 minutes we will sweat very much. Produced by the sweat glands under our skin, sweat and its function is to maintain our body temperature. Perspiration is not a benchmark of fat burned, because when we exercise in a very cold place, of course, we will not sweat, and if that means we do not burn fat at all? Fitness is good to sweat, but do not make the benchmarks that burn fat when we perspire.

4. Weight training for muscle and the only important not to lose weight

People also ignore the exercise muscle and less concerned about the training barbel when you want to reduce weight. This occurred mainly among women. Burning fat, actually occur in our muscle cells. The more muscle we trained, the sooner we lose weight. If you want to lose weight, both men and women, should you begin to train yourself to use dumbell. Dumbell training also need energy in the muscle cells called ATP. ATP will be exhausted when we practice and the effect is we feel tired. After weight training, and we have a rest, ATP will again be produced by the body, and in fact, the making of ATP for energy is also using the fat as fuel production process. With these conditions, the weight training it can burn more fat is not at the time of exercise, but after we finished training.

5. Sit ups can make a slight stomach (Unfortunately, I can not Sit up so that my stomach is still bloated)

I often hear people say, I have doing for100x Sit up every day, but why I have not been so slim. Sit up is a pointless exercise is to practice abdominal muscles, there is no relation at all with fat in the abdomen. Muscle and fat are two different things, Sit-up does not burn fat in the abdomen. Imagine that fat people are successful and thin, and his cheek, which took a slight fat. Are these people train him cheek?


South Beach Diet

South beach diet is a diet method, which begins in Miami, Florida by cardiologist or heart doctor named Arthur Agatston which emphasizes the consumption of carbohydrate and fat well. Dr. Agatston developed this diet for the original program settings for the patient to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Dr. Agatston believes that the consumption of carbohydrates called bad, the carbohydrate that is quickly absorbed body found in foods that have a high level glycemic, make someone become insulin resistant, which can lead to insulin does not process the fat and sugar is perfect. Dr. Agatston son also believes that excess consumption of bad fats such as saturated fat and trans fat will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Eating patterns
The process of South Beach diet in general is divided into three phases. The first phase is the phase that most strict. This stage lasts for about 2 weeks. In the first phase of the South Beach Diet will try to eliminate the immune insulin with you to restrict your eating only foods that have a low level glycemic and avoid foods such as candy, bread, potatoes, fruits, cereals and flour. In this phase out. agatston said that the body will return to normal and begin to use the excess fat in the body. This process will lower your body weight up to about 6kg in 2 weeks.

Phase I
In the first two weeks you can only eat a normal size from meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, cheese and nuts. You eat three times a day plus a snack. After this phase you will not crave sugar anymore.

The benefits obtained are: the desire to eat sweet snack and other carbohydrates, improve the body's ability to process sugar and starch with the good. Start to improve the blood sugar, insulin and cholesterol in the blood.

That can not be eaten: candy, cake, pastry, ice cream, sugar, bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, fruit, fruit juice, beer or other alcoholic beverages.

That can be eaten: I fed beef, sirloin, tenderloin, chicken breasts, turkey breasts, fish and shellfish, a large amount of vegetables, eggs, cheese, beer, wine, yoghurt and low fat, nuts, olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil, tea and coffee without sugar

Phase II
In phase two of this long is necessary to achieve our body weight is ideal, and if we violate the weight of rising again, allowed to return to phase 1 for while. In phase two of this is allowed to consume carbohydrates like red rice, wheat and fruit.

Benefits: continue to improve the rate of cholesterol by increasing the rate cholesterol good HDL and bad LDL cholesterol lowering and Triglyceride and by increasing the size of LDL particles. Also, our body will be properly processed carbohydrates eaten, because the carbohydrate we eat well and in the right amount.

The additional food is allowed: carbohydrate selected with great wisdom and the portion is, for example, red rice, pasta and bread wheat, cereals rich in fiber, fruit such as melon and give. Black and brown.

Phase III
Phase 3 is the phase of the lifetime, if the weight began to rise, be allowed to return to the phase 1. The objectives of the phase 3 is to maintain weight that has been owned.

Benefits: to keep the risk of diabetes and heart disease remains low.

The additional food is allowed food in normal portions reasonable, and while considering some basic rules South Beach Diet.

With this diet you can eat in the end in accordance with the taste and maintain your weight, you will not get the effect of the yoyo weight fluctuates, the advantages are short, the time needed for the first phase, and the second phase will be easier to done after the first phase. In the third phase you can eat your favorite foods with a normal portion.

This diet can lower blood pressure, cholesterol, the risk of heart attack, cancer and other chronic diseases. This is because the diet because of this oil-rich fish, fiber and antioxidants.

That can make you fail
You too pleased with the decrease in weight that occurred in the first phase, so decided to extend the first phase, and then you start bored and start eating foods such as fudge candy, sweet chocolate, milk, kripik and others, you can also fail because of difficulties to comply strict diet in the first phase.


Weight Watcher Diet

Weight Watcher diet introduced in 1960 by Jean Nidetch, a company that offers various kinds of diet products and services to help a person lose weight and maintain. Weight wacther diet of the group began discussions about how best to reduce weight.

The program is based on the Weight Watchers point system, where each food has a certain amount of points based on the content of fat, fiber and calories. Each person is determined boundary points are made with the intention to make weight-loss program. Weight Watchers did not include a list of foods that can not or can be eaten. The main focus is to provide information, knowledge, means and the motivation you need to build your own success in maintaining ideal body weight in the long term.

There are two types of plans in the weight watcher methods, namely the plan and the plan Flex Core, Core plan mentions that there are some type or types of food to the core that can be consumed with the normal portion. Food is a core list of healthy foods from all food groups, such as fruit, vegetables, meat and others. Flex plan is a plan where someone must determine the number of points that their consumption based on their weight. Points that they can be consumed if they do sports.

Reliability of this method is more than 40 years of success in weight loss. And that is not less important, Weight Watchers, not only promises a reduction in body weight alone, but also instill healthy eating habits. You will not be bothered by the type of food that may or may not be eaten, because all the food you can taste. Weight Watchers also offers a variety of food products ready for use.

That can make you fail
You have difficulties to calculate the points and replace the food you order in accordance with the points mentioned in the weight watcher, and you will find difficulties in the group that together dieters to run this program.


Detox Diet

What is the Detox diet?

Detox diet is the diet or eating patterns to help the process of body detoxification, with cast-toxic poison in the body to prevent allergic reactions. Many researchers and doctors who claim that the detox diet able to reduce allergy, improve health, digestive system, and helps the reduction of body weight. But whether that right?

Professor Alan Boobis OBE, toxicology experts from Imperial College London, stated that the human body has its own system detoxification very good. Organs such as hearts, kidney, lymph and large intestine, mutual cooperation in removing the poison from the body each day. Detox diet can be dangerous for the body because the body a long time just to get Feed from the water, fruits and vegetables, besides that fasting is also recommended to optimize the process of detox. The body requires adequate nutrition form of carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, minerals, no saturated fat and water, to be able to run with optimal metabolic function.

Basic principles


Detox diets recommend to extend drinking water, fruits and vegetables herbal.

Avoid all foods that hamper the working lives of organs such as caffeine and alcohol.

Avoid all foods processed meat and milk.

Fasting is recommended to help the detox process.

Limit the number of calories the entrance to a decrease in body weight.

What is the Detox diet can reduce body weight?

Detox diet is not intended to reduce weight. Detox diet is usually only programmed for several days to a week, but many people apply detox diet in a long time with the reasons for the decrease in body weight want more. Decrease the weight of this drastic happens because the supply of calories is very small. Weight down is a decrease in muscle mass because of a decrease in fat may not be as fast as this, so we made the metabolism also decreased. What is the result of the poor? Weight will rise again higher than the original program to stop when this diet, it is often we call the yoyo effect. There are still many ways a more healthy to lose weight in addition to the detox diet.


Ketogenic Diet

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What is the Ketogenic diet?

Ketogenic diet is eating pattern that is intended for people with epilepsy and used to decrease body weight. This diet emphasizes eating patterns of high fat (especially MCT), in the amount of protein and balanced enough, Feed and limit the amount of carbohydrate in the low or not at all. This will create a body in the condition of ketosis, a condition that the body fat as ketone, which replaces carbohydrate as the main source of energy. Many body builder who use this diet in the process of cutting fat to burn their bodies more.

Basic principles.

High-fat diet (especially the Medium Chain Triglyseride and no saturated fat) around 60% of total calories / day, the consumption of protein, 30% of total calories / day, and in the amount of carbohydrate consumption is very low, namely 5% of total calories / day. Medium Chain Triglyseride can be obtained from coconut oil, avocado, Butter.


Reduce the rate of body fat without reducing muscle mass, because the body is adapting to the conditions that make the fat ketosis as the main energy source, other than the consumption of protein in the number of balanced enough and avoid the decline of muscle mass.

What is the cetogenic diet is safe?

For some people, says the diet is suitable, but not all people can apply this diet. Carbohydrate needed to support the heart and kidney organs to function properly, low-carbohydrate diet in the long period of time will cause low blood sugar, which culminate in the fatique (tired), the body will adapt new energy sources, namely ketone. Stop if in a few days experiencing dizziness and fatigue. Diet is also not good for people who experience problems with the system of fat metabolism in the body


Shangri-La diet

What is the Shangri-La diet?

Shangri-La diet is a diet introduced by Zeth Roberts, a professor in the Psychology field. The results, based on a new understanding about how our bodies manage hunger. Seth Roberts believes that the taste of food affect the control of appetite, as an example of food that tastes good will make the appetite increases, vice versa. Initially, Zeth Roberts use his body as a laboratory experiment, initially tried to drink soft drink, which many feel is not normal to drink, try a flat raw food, fresh water to drink as much as 3-5 liters per day, all the favors he did not make sense anymore food The usual eaten every day so that the influence of the decrease in weight. However, Seth Roberts is still not satisfied with the result that food was found to have a sense that more nauseated from raw food.

Basic principles

Shangri-La diet principles Paste is a low-calorie foods that taste of the extreme before the main meal, so that a reduced appetite and body gain in the number of calories Feed no more.


Consumption of healthy oil (olive oil), 1-2 per tablespoon, 1 tablespoon contains 120 calories, while consumption before lunch and before dinner

Consumption of sugar consumption of sucrose or fruktosa as much as 75 grams (6 tablespoons) in 1 liter of water.


This diet does not have excess body torment us with food, such as reducing conventional diet, but more emphasized calorie reduction through the 'Taste breakdown' before the main food eaten.

That can make you fail

This research study is subjective, the results can vary, depending on the condition of each person applying this diet. Boredom to taste the food that is not good will to your taste before damaged partake of the main food you could not enjoy the foods you normally enjoy, patience key to this diet does not fail. Diet is very significant decrease in body weight, but feared that a decrease in body weight is muscle mass decrease the possibility of a decline, other than body fat.


Food Combining

Food combining is one of the dietary pattern that many corrections are used by doctors natural for healing. However, now there is debate about the benefits of this diet.

This diet are introduced by Dr. William Howard Hay, who has the following basic principles:

1. Foods that contain high protein, example: meat, fish, eggs and cheese
2. Food maker basa, eg fruits and vegetables
3. Foods that contain high-carbohydrate, eg wheat, rice, bread, pasta and sugar

Merging food from the list with a list of c-level acidity will make the body become increasingly high, so Dr. Hay suggested the separation of food by the combination.

This diet is controversial because some people think this diet is not useful or sheer poppycock, while there are some people who recognize the real benefits of this diet.


Zig Zag Diet

What is the zig zag diet?

Is the type of diet program that controls portions of food consumption and take turns between the low-calorie foods (high protein) and high-calorie, not stressed, to avoid food-food program in the regular promising a conventional diet. While the basic idea is to outsmart the body's metabolism to burn fat for energy and muscle that is not burned to the needs of the body.

Basic principles


Zig-zag pattern diet apply cycle zig-zag (take turns) between the low-calorie foods and high calorie. For example, to apply the pattern of 5 days and low carbohydrate followed by 2 days of high carbohydrate (5 and 2). Or can be modified to 6-day low carbohydrate and 1 day high carbohydrate (6 and 1) or can also 3 and 2. Try your own search and the ratio of low carbohydrate and high carbohydrate the most suitable for your body.

At the low carbohydrate day select low-carbohydrate foods to increase your protein consumption. In the days of high carbohydrate choose high-carbohydrate foods, reduce the consumption of protein, less than the low carbohydrate day.

Zig-zag pattern diet did not apply eat three meals a day, but replace them with 6-7 times a day, eat smaller portions for the same period.

In a short period of time, 2-3 hours after the main meal, the amount of carbohydrate should be more than fat so the body continues to make the save as the metabolism of fat. The body also tend to burn more fat than muscle.

benefit zig-zag diet

Zig-zag diet able to maintain a balance between the target burn fat (with attention Feed calories) and the desire to gain muscle mass (with the consumption of various types of high-calorie foods). Several other dietary fats, which aims to burn off in the process must also be forced to burn muscle. However, zig-zag diet claim will not burn muscle because the changes or shifting calories applied. In addition, blood sugar levels stable due to the frequency of eating frequently, will avoid the excessive appetite.

That can make you fail

If you not patient will make this diet is fails, the need for a relatively long period of time. Decrease the weight significantly may not occur as a conventional diet, because diet has a focus other than discard the fat avoid a decrease in muscle mass.


Whey Protein

When you sleep at night, your body is actually fasting for 7-9 hours. Therefore, when up to sleep in the morning, the body starts breaking the protein for muscle power or be called by the katabolic. To obstruct this process required 40 grams of whey protein. Whey protein, including a fast and easily absorbed by the body, especially if you choose whey protein isolate or whey protein powder hydrolityc. Amino acids from whey permeate quickly in your blood to form energy, muscle protein as a substitute. Amino is not used as energy, but to build muscle body.

Whey protein consists of peptides which help accelerate blood circulation to the muscle to increase in haulage amino whey and also increase the hormone testosterone. This is very important when you wake up the morning, because in the morning when you wake hormone testosterone are on the highest level. The type of whey protein, plus the rapid absorption if the hormone testosterone level that high would make a good muscle growth.

Feed needs will be for the muscle protein in the morning is very high and consumption of amino fast absorption is one of the best solutions. Amino guarantee the needs of protein and amino acid supply for the cells, tissues and organs in the body to better health. The type of amino fast absorption is derived from the protein isolate, a high content of BCAAs, have a certain amino acid full (essential and non-essential) and contains a natural digestive enzyme that is able to assist the absorption of protein and assimilated into the body to become faster and better.

When you chew less suitable amino pills, the consumption of amino only in the form of liquid concentrate (liquid amino) from whey protein isolate that certainly react more quickly absorbed another body. Consumption of the recommended dose is 40 grams protein, whey or 50 ml of liquid amino.


Carbohydrate quickly absorbed

In the evening, your heart manage the glycogen (muscle sugar) to provide energy in the body when not activity. Glycogen when a backup will be on the low point and at the heart we will take action to muscle protein to provide energy in our body. Therefore, you wake up every morning would feel thirsty and want to drink something that can immediately refresh the body and drink that is needed is fast carbohydrate absorption. Carbohydrate absorption will be quick to give our hearts glycogen quickly and will stop the activity of protein in the liver using muscle power as we. Consumption will also change the phase katabolic (muscle rupture) to phase anabolic (the formation of muscle).
Carbohydrate is quickly absorbed through the stomach will go to the intestine where it is absorbed and carbohydrates into the blood stream and go to the heart. This will help reduce levels of cortisol (a hormone katabolic or to decrease muscle). Dose of carbohydrate consumption of fast absorption is the recommended 40-60 grams, or can be mixed into the whey protein.



L-Carnitine is a supplement of amino acids that we have the ability to change into fat cells Mitochondrial that burned to generate energy for the body. So L-Carnitine plays an important role in the metabolism of fat into energy. Science has stated that L-Carnitine can increase the number of recipients in the muscles androgen that can increase your level of testosterone.

Because testosterone level is the highest when you wake up the morning, the developed L-carnitine can improve testosterone to boost muscle growth. Research also proved that consumption of L-Carnitine can improve blood flow to the muscles that are more useful to procure testosterone in place that are needed. Eat L-Carnitine with whey protein and carbohydrate absorption is quick steps appropriate because the increase in the number of insulin caused by the carbohydrate and protein will help incorporate L-carnitine to your muscles. Consumption of the recommended dose is 1-3 grams of L-Carnitine


Bulking without the excess of fat

Bulking phase is increased until the reaches of body weight over ideal body weight desired. Consumption many carbohydrates but not to reduce the Feed protein. Percentage less than 40% carbohydrate, 40% and 20% protein, healthy fat. Bulking is the addition of muscle mass that many (massive), but not followed by the addition of too much fat. The following tips bulking without excess fat:

1. The process of bulking does not mean the wishes, so they still set the pattern for you to add calories. Choose no saturated fat, complex carbohydrate, fibrous food, and high-protein diet to keep your body in the process anabolic (build muscle).

2. Keep the menu, which contains saturated fat and trans fat because it will disturb the balance of metabolism and muscle growth. Trans fat found in the fried, biscuit, cake and pastry. The high saturated fat found in meat pigs.

3. Consumption of fish because the sea laden with the contents of Omega-3 fat that is both needed by the body.

4. Arrange training with adequate rest. Training should use repetition 6-8 with a failure (not able to raise more) in the last repetition. Adjust the burden you with the ability to maximize your maximum muscle growth.

5. Drink lots of water. Water is able to accelerate the body's metabolism so that helps to carry fat in the body, not dumped.

6. Enough vitamins and minerals daily. Vitamins and minerals will help the body absorb food properly so that food consumed will be the maximum. Energizer is also useful to improve endurance and body to run the normal function of the body.

7. If you are aged 30 years and above, the rate of increase testosterone your muscles for growth with the maximum raise the testosterone natural supplements such as TestostroGrow 2 HP from Ultimate Nutrition.

To accelerate the process of bulking you, consumption supplements weight gainer as IsoMass Xtreme Gainer, muscle Juice in 2544, or Massive Whey Gainer which is formulated specifically for bulking with the content of complex carbohydrate and high protein but low fat.


The example of supplement used

Strengthen the immune system, Vitamin A supplements are used, Vitamin C, Herbal Echinaceha, and Shiitake mushrooms. To treat a specific infection, used goldenseal (bacterial infection), licorice (viral infection) and tea tree oil (fungus infection of the skin).

* Eliminate toxic body (detoksifikasi) betacarotene used supplements, vitamin C, vitamin E, and chlorophyll. To overcome the intestinal poisoning lactobasylus given supplements. To detoksification normal hearts used garlic supplements or garlic, sylibum marianum, among Brassica vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprout), and glutathione.

* To inflammation used vitamin E supplements and vitamin C in high doses to function normal body against inflammation response. To reduce the effect of inflammation used quercetin supplements, flax seed oil, evening primrose oil and fish oil (Omega 3).

* Optimizing metabolic function mainly to improve the digestive system used herbal supplements worlds, and betaine hydrochlorida enzyme pepsin.

* Balancing hormone system, such as:

1. Improving tiroid with hormone supplements of copper mineral, selenium, zinc, and the gland extracts tiroid.
2. Increasing the rate of hormone supplements can be used Dhea Siberian ginseng, and panax Dhea supplements.
3. Improve the balance of female hormones can be used mineral supplements zinc, and vitamin A.
4. Improve the function of male hormones can consume mineral supplements Zinc, Siberian ginseng, and panax Tribulus that can work well when combined with the supplement ZMA and ivan.

* To prevent early aging (Aging antia) needed suplementation Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, Coenzym Q10, glucosamine sulphate, glutathione, chromium, magnesium, selenium and flax seed oil. The group recommended that herbal supplements are the Siberian panax ginseng, gingco biloba and crateagus oxycanthe.


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