The Myth About Fitness

>> Sunday, December 14, 2008

You think you know it, but you have no idea. You already know a lot of thought concerning fitness? Do not you know it is only myth? Or the fact that you do not know? First check the truth-myth of myth that you often hear this.

Myth 1: No pain, no gain
Exercise does not hurt to be successful. Fact, even painful exercise if the body, there may be a wrong with your training methods. Pain and pain in the beginners are reasonable, but if sustained it means you practice too hard. Pain in the muscles that occurred more than 48 hours after practice is the inflammation and damage to the network of elastic muscle fibers. Give muscles time to adapt and do not practice too much in too short a time, or you will be more at risk of muscle injury. Train smarter not Harder!

Myth 2: Too much perspiration when practice does not mean healthy
Sweat out when practice is a sign that the body has been adapting quickly to release the heat from the body. At the same time, increase the number of sweat glands in the body perspiration. Those who actively produce sweat in a larger number than those who rarely exercise passive and active because they have a natural body cooling system that is more efficient.

Myth 3: If the practice stopped, the muscle will be changed into fat
Fat and muscle are two different networks. Fat will not be changed to muscle and vice versa. Fact is, muscles will shrink when you do not practice, while you continue to eat portions, such as during exercise, although you do not practice. The result is that the calories you eat more than the required body, so the body will store them as fat.

Myth 4: If exercise can eat whatever
If you want to create a pattern of eating poorly, with practice, you will be disappointed. Although it is still better than the free food and never exercise, sports, but without setting a pattern of eating well means you will not get maximum results from sports or exercise that you run.

Myth 5: If you do not practice hard and often, the only waste time
This is not true. Even the intensity of activity is such as walking, cycling or Jogging several times a week will give you the benefit of a very large. Running around 30 minutes each day will be very healthy your heart.

Myth 6: Exercise can cure all diseases
Although the practice can improve health and quality of your life, but it does not mean that practice will cure all your diseases. Instead of each person who will be recommended practice first consult with experts to a minimum the risk of injury. Physical sports regularly can help improve health and reduce the risk to prevent various diseases start the heart, diabetes, joint disease, and others. Better to prevent than treat not?

Myth 7: Weight training will create a large body of women and muscular
Many women avoid weight training with reason. In real, weight training is precisely the best and fastest way to help the process of fat loss and solid muscle. The amount of hormone content of men and women are also very different. Women have only a small amount of hormone testosterone so will not be easy, such as muscular men.

Myth 8: Too much practice, the better
Too much practice will only lead to one thing sure, that is over training. Conditions over training can cause injury, depression, and bring the disease (high release free radicals). You should be able balance between exercise and rest because at the time had muscle mass Take a break you will grow.


Robert Devero March 29, 2009 at 12:03 AM  

Thank you for speaking the truth!! Great Article.

Healty Diet Menus April 9, 2009 at 2:55 AM  

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