Stone Age Diet

>> Monday, September 29, 2008

This diet splits people into two type,those who are naturally lean and maintain their weight consistenly and those who gain weight easily.For the later group,this is due to an inability to break down carbohydrates completely.It is the contention of this diet that obesity emerged as a problem when people began planting grains and cereals,something our bodies were not truly set up to digest and utilize well. According to this diet,people should be getting back to consuming a diet similar to that of stone age man. Refined and processed foods are to be avoided. Refined white flour and sugar are the worst thing to consume.

Carbohydrates are kept under 60 grams a day and below 50 grams to those who have a particulary difficult time losing weight.Protein and fat are high,with a ratio 3:1

Sample Daily Diet
Breakfast: 8 oz fresh squeezed orange juice,scrambled egg with butter,fatty bacon and kippers.Drink tea or coffee cream but no sugar
Lunch: Beef stew with vegetable,wedge of cheese,brocoli with butter,fish barries with cream and coffee or tea with cream but no sugar
Dinner: 1/2 pound of fatty beef or pork,spinach,a wedge of cheese and pineapple.Drink tea or coffee with cream but no sugar
Before bed: Two hard- boiled eggs.


The Insulin Resistance Diet

>> Sunday, September 28, 2008

According to Cheryle.R.Hart.MD and Mary Kay Grossman.R.D,excess carbohydrate consumption and a lack of protein are responsible for weight gain.The recommended ratio of protein to carb is: 7 grams of protein to 15 gramsof carbs. No more than 30 grmas of carbs should be consumed at the same time.Whhile meals should be consumed at least two hours apart,protein can be consumed any time.Low fat protein such as chicken,fish and low fat diary products are encourage as are vegetables.Red meat is to be eaten only two to three times a weeek.Foods high in starch(such a corn and potatoes) and those high in fat (such as avocados and olives) are limited. The ratio of this diet is 40 to 60 % carbohydrates 20 to 30 % protein and 20 to 30 % fat.This is an easier to diet to stick to as no foods are truly banned,just eaten in can even treat yourself to some thing sugary two to three times a week,but they caution againts going over board with this,especialy for those addicted to sugar.

Sample Daily Diet
Breakfast: One egg on dry low carb toast,ypgurt and a cup black coffee or tea .
Lunch: Grilled chicken salad and a backed potato.
Snack: Canned tuna packed in water-mixed with 1 tbsp olive oi,celery and pearsly on two carb
Dinner: Lean chicken with a potato,brocoli and a green salad with low fat dressing.


The Go-Diet

>> Saturday, September 27, 2008

Created by clinicians jack goldberg Ph.D & Karen O'Mara D.O.,the go-diet focus on keeping the monounsaturated fats,protein and fiber high while carbohydrates are kept low(50 gr a day-with no more than 12 to 15 gr at each meal).the plan has three stages:the induction phases last one to three days and carb are cut to 50 gr a day and food selection is limited. The second phase lats four days and ads in more food varieties.By the third phase,wich yuo would maintain for the rest of your live ,fiber is increased to up to 25 gr a day.

Sample Daily Diet
Breakfast:Two eggs scrambled in a butter and olive oil mixture and topped with 1 oz of cheese; 1
cup of kefir sweetened with a no carb sweetener such as equal.

Snack: An 80 z yogurt smoothie

Lunch:Tuna salad made with mayonnaise and pickle relish a green salad with olive oil vinaigrette
Snack: Chicken wings dipped in a low carb sauce
Dinner" Pork roast,acorn squash with butter and garlic creamed spinach and a slide of melon


Fat Flush Plan

Developed by Anne Louis Gittleman,this diet focus on what she calls the five hidden weight gain factors:liver toxicity,waterlogged tissues,fear of fat,excess insulin levels and stress.the ratio of carbohydrates,protein and fat is 40/30/30.There are three phases; Phases one lasts two weeks and if the fat flush phase.this is the hardest part of the program,but is designed to cleanse the body and lose weight.Phase two continues with fat flushing and on going weight loss,but food selection is increased.Finally,phase three is the one you will continue as your lifestyle eating plan.Dairy,wich has been previously restricted,is added in small amount and some starchier vegetables and nongluten gains are also added.This diet discourages the use of salt,sugar processed foods,caffeine,diet sodas,alcohol,aspartame sugar,yeast related vinegars,all grains and cereals and trans fats.Supplements are encourage and 2 tablespoon of flaxseed oil are taken daily.also taken each day is a teaspoon of psyllium hucks mixed with a watered down unsweeted cranberry juice.


Carbohydrate addict's Diet

>> Friday, September 26, 2008

Creator's Dr 's Richard F and Rachel F Heller contends that many addicted to carbohydrates produce an excess of insulin which results in an increase in hunger.The fat storage that follows this excessive eating ca be controlled by manipulating your insulin levels. This diet contains two low carb meals a day and third meal will contain moderate carbohydrates.Before the higher carbohydrate meal you will eat a salad to reduce cravings and fill you. You are even allowed to consume desert after you higher carbohydrate meal.However you must do all of this within one hour's time as this should not be used as and excuse to eat into the evening,hence binging.
There is no induction period and you do not need to measure foods or count carbohydrate you do,however follow a list of foods that help reduce your cravings.

Sample daily diet

Breakfast:Four eggs,bacon and black Coffee or tea
Snack: One cup of almond
Lunch: Chick caesar salad
Dinner: FIrst eat your salad then a meal of your choice


The Atkins diet

Around since the 70's, this diet has four phases to promote successful weight loss. phases one lasts for 14 days and phases the body into ketosis (monitored by using ketostix).it is during the period that the body produces a fat mobilizing subtance that encourage it to burn fat for energy.During this stage all fruits and vegetables are avoided and the carbohydrate intake is limited to 20 grams a phases two the diet becomes less restrictive.Carb are increased to 40 grams a day and vegetables are added.During this phases you establish how many carb you can get away with eating before you gain weight back.Phases three is known as the pre-maintenance phases and begins when you are 5 to 10 pounds from target weight.carbohydrate intake is maintained at the highest level your body will allow and wight loss will be slower.The final maintenance phases is where you will remain for the rest of your live.
Food to avoid are sugar and processed food such as bread,pasta and starchy vegetables.Dieters are encouraged to eat unprocessed foods such as meat,chicken and fish along with nutrient-rich supplement to obtain vitamins their diet does not provide.Alcohol is discouraged due to the carbs in it.

Sample Daily Diet (For phase one)

Breafast:Sugarless sausage or bacon and eggs with black decaf coffee or tea
Lunch: Cheeseburger without the bun,salad with just letuce a low carb dressing.seltser water to
Dinner: Salmon or chicken and a lettuce salad.seltzer water to drink.


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