whether Food supplement is safe?

>> Sunday, November 30, 2008

Overall, the experts stated that the health food supplements safe for consumption. Of course, the reason for the use of substances and substance-natural ingredients in the food supplements. Moreover, some supplement manufacturers have been conducting intensive research on various supplements their product.

However, keep in mind, although food supplement proven safe and that does not mean you can avoid conventional medicine and rely on regular food supplements. Always consult your doctor first to the condition if you consume supplements before the doctor or if you intend to combine food supplements along with medicines for your health care. For example, the suggestion is very important for pregnant and breastfeeding women.


Benefit of Food Supplement

The People's consume food supplement in some health conditions. Consumption, and multymineral useful as a dietary supplement and treatment of disease. For example, Vitamin C believed to be able to prevent and mitigate fever. Some research on natural supplements products from plants and animals show the same efficacy with conventional medicines. But of course there is also considered less effective or even dangerous.

According to history, humans have been utilizing the traditional treatment to prevent disease, cure the infection, ease fever, and wound healing. Medicines from natural plants could also prevent constipation, ease pain (painkiller), or working as an ingredient back stop stress and stimulation. Some research indicates that natural materials have proved useful. For example, glucosamine, which proved useful in the treatment or cure osteoarthritis (joint inflammation).


What is the Food Supplement

In the United States, food supplements as a substance or food that you consume. Substance or food can be vitamins, minerals, herbs or medicinal plants, amino acids (protein building elements), or parts of the substance or food is. Form of food supplements can be a pill, capsule, tablet, powder, liquid or softgell.

Food supplements is a companion or alternative program of diet, nutrition or condition of the body and is not a substitute for food. Food supplements in general, including vitamins (such as vitamin C) and minerals, Botanical (such as herbal medicine and plant products), and the materials or substances derived from natural sources (such as milk whey and glucosamine).

The producers of food supplements is officially prohibited to give a statement that supplement can diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. However, the producers of food supplements that can supplement can contribute to maintain or increase the level of health.

Association of Food and Drugs United States (FDA) regulations that are not on the same food supplements and for the medicines. Among the regulations state that food supplements can be sold freely without the need of research the efficacious level. Like with other drugs that must be reliability.


How is your ideal weight

how is my ideal weight? I hear that question every day when providing consultation about the management of body weight. I am attending high, about my weight, is ideal or not? How much weight should I? Or my fitness training, but why my weight when I want to ride it down? Meanwhile, other people say, I do fitness but my weight down, not up? In fact, the problem is simple polemic in the segregated world of fitness.

Actually in the fitness world, NO ideal body weight. If we follow the old rule of thumb that the body be reduced 110, for example, so we 170cm height, weight 60kg us, it will become too skinny? Weight is not made to find a benchmark that the ideal weight. The majority of our body consists of fat and muscle. Two things that determine our weight. Muscle increases or decreases, we will be heavily affected, as well as increased or reduced fat, weight, we would also be affected. The difference is fat is not healthy and fat can not give what we form the body assume the 'beautiful'.

To find out the ideal body weight, the benchmark is the recommended form of a body that we see through a mirror. That early stage that we should do. We arrive satisfaction of our body? Is my stomach is still too much fat? Is my arm is too fat?

Many people still can not accept the view like this, and still compel asked how Weight MY IDEAL? I had experienced with the high I still like this, I was 61kg heavier, with very little fat, and my body enough plasticity ideal, but I also had my weight 61kg as well, with the fat that is very much my pants so hard buttons. High same, the same weight, namely 61kg, but two different conditions. The one ideal and one that does not. There is still called the ideal weight? The answer is NO.

In addition to considering the mirror, we can also calculate the amount of fat in our body by using various tools. As an example is to use fat monitor. The normal rate of fat for men is 15-20%, while women 20-25%. The rate of fat that can be said that can make a good body shape is more than 10-15% for man and 15-20% for the woman.

Fitness to practice body is to establish two things: reduce the amount of fat, and increase the amount of muscle. Will increase muscle weight increases, our body shape more. Fat reduced body weight will be down we will be shaped. If for example, increases muscle 1kg, while 1kg of fat decreased, the size of our pants will be reduced, although at the top of the scale, weight, we have not changed. So for that we want to have the ideal body, do not know the numbers on the scale because of many factors that can make the weight change.


Muscle cramps

Muscle cramps or contraction of one or a group of muscles is one of the conditions that often accompany the condition of some muscle pain or injuries. Trying to prevent muscle strain is very important to prevent a more chronic illness.

If physical therapy is not enough to cure muscle cramps, there are some treatments that are able to help muscle relaxation. However, you need to note is the somnolent side effects. So, after using the drug relaksan this, you should not drive, operate machinery, or other activities that require mental alertness until you know how the body's reaction to the drug relaksan. Relaksan muscle drugs should be consumed before sleep because of how the drug works as a tranquilizer had a side can improve the quality of sleep.

Ehlers Danlos syndrome and several other conditions attached to the flexible muscles are things that happened during the treatment. It makes some people worry relaxation of drugs will aggravate the condition of the disease. In fact, this is normal. Medicine for muscle relaxation thus help joint mobility to work better and improve the stability of the joints.

Several types of drugs relaksan which is often used metaxalone (Skelaxin ®), cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril ®), orphenadrine (Norflex ®), carisoprodol (Soma ®) and baclofen (Lioresal ®). However, the response each of the different types of medicines such relaxation. You should consult with their doctor or specialist to determine the nervous relaxation of drugs which are suitable for you.



Start walking now, know the reason for the importance of 5 walk:

1. Walking is a good cardiovascular activity for heart health, because walking is aerobic activity, and aerobic activity good for heart health.
2. Walk form muscle and bone strength, because we walk with the burden of carrying the form of our body. Walk form muscle and bone strength of the bottom of the body, which helps prevent osteoporosis risk (of course, must be balanced with adequate calcium Feed).
3. Walk to help burn excess calories that help reduce weight or maintain a balance of body weight.
4. Walk is free, does not require any cost.
5. Walking beneficial for all people at all ages. Walking is the sport's most secure, effective and fun.

So, walking regularly, every day from now!


Why your Diet is failure

All the people feel that excess body weight, I would have been what the name with diet. However, if you understand the definition of diet is? And how do the diet correctly? Read this article for further explanation and find the solution to reduce weight easily. The definition of diet is "eating pattern" set the pattern for us to be more healthy. But often that we see is, as a diet to reduce the quota and keep the hungry will often be lower body weight. But the reality is that there is, if you reduce your food to only 1 or 2 times a day with a very small portion, that your weight will be reduced within 1 -3 weeks, but you know what actually happens in your body?

If you eat in a very small amount, your body, will automatically get a warning and will protect you from feeling hungry. Therefore, your body will burn fewer calories and body metabolism will be slow from the normal. And when you have to diet, you will eat, and eat more than the previous. Not because you are greedy or gluttonous, but because your body needs more food to restore what is lost in your diet. But that happens is, your weight is reduced, but after you stop your diet, weight, you rise even more than before your diet. Experienced things like this? Read more ...

You also need to know that when you "strict diet" to reduce the excess eating and holding hunger, weight loss from your body fat is 50% and 50% muscle. This is because fat is the body's food reserves will be stored by the body to survive, our body When hungry, our body is the option to burn fat or muscle. Because fat is the most energy reserves to the main living, then that is burned muscle and fat. But when you stop the diet and get your weight back, that you get is 100% fat! Where your muscles? Of course, lost, and must be obtained with the hard training. So this is our disadvantage.

Furthermore, if you do not have breakfast, but do not want to do sports breakfast the morning, making sure you will reduce your weight. Is that so? Not necessarily. When you do not have breakfast and exercise, your body's hunger while you exercise. Consequently, you tend to eat too satisfied when the food arrived. To optimize health, we need to share the quota breakfast we eat in a day. But do not eat 2-3 hours before bedtime. This is clearly because in the time we sleep, our bodies grow, develop, improve and save energy. Metabolism and slowed the body when we are sleeping, and food that has not absorb into the body will be saved for future needs. Saved, which means to be fat, of course, this is not desired. If you avoid eating 2 - 3 hours before sleeping, your body will give you enough time to digested food. That way, when you sleep, you will not save calories, which can be stored fat.

Written above discusses one of the dietary habits. But you yearn for that change only with how they can reduce the amount of food the more you should not eat? Yes correct. You need to eat in a significant number of, not less and not more. Excessive eating less or make you fat. But how to know the amount of food that enough? Is that enough for the amount you eat is a portion of your regular meals a day-to-day? Not necessarily so.

To know the portion that you eat, try to eat slowly. Mean you eat slow process. If you are able to spend 1 portion of fried rice or noodles within 5 minutes to 20 minutes create or even more if you can. Why? Did you know that the body needs time to 20 minutes to tell the brain when we are satisfied? With the slow food, we can prevent the glut feed or overloaded, with only slow time eating.

When you think of a healthy diet, I know what is in your mind. Sure many of you are thinking about food that is not good, no taste, can not be fried, should be boiled and so forth. Let us change your perception. I have not said that you can not eat rice or fat at all. If you do not consume fat, then your body will be sick, because it dissolves fat functions to vitamin A, D, E, K, which is useful for the body. However, the consumption of fat that you need a healthy fat. How fat is healthy?, Called monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat.

Where we get healthy fat? The healthy fats found in extra virgin olive oil, hazelnut, almond, avocado, bean, and others. If you change your oil with extra virgin olive oil, then you cook with healthy oils. Worries taste will not change into comfortable? Calm only. Olive oil with exactly the same oil with other oil palm, but is more healthy.

Then, how food should you eat? I gave a simple tips for this. Eat a similar nature in the form of the original. Do not eat processed foods, especially, avoid or reduce the food that has a label or canned food. Why? Because in food cans, there are many artificial sweeteners, and substance-substances that are useful to make long endurance of a product. Only if in writing, there are food cans fat free, you would think that the food is healthy, but in the list of ingredients or contents of the note, there are high fructose Corn syrup, the material is dangerous and makes you fat, high fructose Corn syrup is sugar super, which can make your blood sugar up very quickly and if not used will increase the amount of fat you. Ironically, not invisible? Fat free writing clearly decided not to guarantee that a product is healthy. There are many hidden composition is not clear that the impact to our body. Origin you know, sugar has many names, such as fructosa, glucose, maltosa, and the consumption of sucrose.

So how should you diet? Number following points can help you lose weight without hunger.

Do not averse the breakfast and eat every 3 - 4 hours at a time to balance sugar in the blood
* Avoid eating 2-3 hours before bed
* Eat slowly and enjoy your every spoon food
* Moves after eating, walking or doing an activity after meals to avoid food into stored fat
* Eat healthy foods, the fat in the number of healthy enough, not less, and not overloaded
* Eat foods native, is not processed food or food packaging


What and how obesity

Healthy and slim is the "dream" of all people. To be able to be slender often happens people do not really want to try to diet or habits of healthy eating patterns. Like a completely instant. Should start, first understand the problem obesity. We must understand that our bodies are from the bone, muscle, fat and water. Target obesity is handling the belly fat because most diseases. We must be careful, especially in the therapy is instant. Do not be removed until the fat is fat under the skin that actually important to skin health and energy needs. Avoid diet of gratuitous, because it can cause a decrease in the amount of muscle, the lack of oxygen-oxygen important for the body, the lack of fluid, even liquid electrolyte. As a result, someone could even fall ill. It must be understood that the handling of obesity that is both lower weight and maintain results.

There are 4 main things to decrease the weight of the positive thinking patterns, the food (diet) low-fat low-calorie, physical activity and treatment. Create the environment that supports you to be able to consume a low-fat foods and high fiber, and take advantage of the facilities available to perform physical activity. Do dietary therapy, the number of calories that enter the food arranged in accordance with needs. In addition, the activity also increased. Also do behavior therapy, farmacoteraphy, and others. That, in consultation with doctors who are experts.

"Walk 30 minutes. Wherever you are. In addition, healthy living habits do with the way: Eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grain. Less fatty and sweet food. But the most important is to always have the spirit to change behavior patterns and eat you. Put extra effort must be healthy and if you want to be spared from obesity.

Handling of obesity that is not only lose weight, but also with the set weight and keep the results. Many people misunderstand that the program to burn fat diet. Most of the fat is not lost, but lost body fluids. This will boomerang because it will cause dehydration, increased cholesterol and acid nerves, and interference in the kidney. Do not make vain diet, especially for people with obesity. Usually these groups of people tend to be radical in their diet programs. Make a healthy diet.

Needs of the calories in the daily life of every person not on the same, because it depends on the age, sex, weight, body and health conditions. In general, someone needs calories ranged between 1800-2500 calories per day. Feed to reduce excess calories, do the following tips:

1. Stop eating before satiety.
2. Do not consume more snack.
3. If hungry, the consumption of healthy snack such as fruit and vegetables.
4. Choose cooking methods that are not fried, change the way the steamed, boiled or stir-fry.
5. Less fatty food, because each gram of fat calories that generate greater than the carbohydrate and protein.
6. Reduce eating sweet foods.


You are what you eat

The increase in energy consumption of foods that contain lots of fat and carbohydrate, and less sporting activities is a major cause of obesity. "You are what you eat."

From research in 1994 found a hormone in fat cells called leptin. Found that the more leptine, the more fat a person. Leptine is a hormone that plays a role in the occurrence of obesity and type 2 diabetes. It is clearly known that the failure occurred because resistant of insulin leptine failure to function as a barrier to improved fat, so there will of the fatty acid in the liver, muscle, pancreas, and heart. As a consequence the occurrence of type 2 diabetes. Improved fatty acid in the heart also has a distinctive impact on both the structure and function of the heart. So the obvious relationship between obesity and mellitius diabetic type 2 and cardiovascular disease.


Obesity is a Disease

Many people do not understand the term "obesity". Even those who may be only the original meaning equates obesity with a body fat and they do not care. Even in the countries of Europe and the United States, obesity has become a very serious problem. And careful attention from the age of the children until school age to adults. Generally, the handling in the developed countries focus more on prevention than treatment or care.

Obesity is a disease that multy factor occur as a result of the accumulation of excessive fat tissue and can disrupt health. Obesity occurs when the size and number of fat cells increases. One big problem if people think obesity is only due to lack of self control in the appetite. Obesity has now become the most urgent health problems, both in the developed countries and developing countries. Moreover, many recognize that obesity is a problem of health problems that are difficult to overcome.

"Obesity affects our lives. No matter the age, gender, social status, economic, and ethnic," "During most of this has been wastage of time to deal with the consequences of obesity, should be directed to the cause. At this time, it was apparent that most of the doctors does not deal effectively with obesity, and many patients do not get adequate treatment to reduce weight. Then the patient must be handled following the diet is unrealistic and too strict to make the changes that may not be maintained in a long time


The secret of weight loss with 2 times training method a day

You must do is practice 2 times a day for 2 days, then rest for 2 days. do regularly for a month and you will get satisfactory results.

Exercise your will consist of 2 types of exercises:

* Training in the morning, a variety of cardiovascular exercises such as the energetic 45-60 minute walk in the Treadmill with speed up to speed with how the intense breathing, but do not forget to make heating and cooling session on your training.
* Training at the afternoon, do cardiovascular exercise sessions with a more relaxing, such as 25-45 minutes with running speed, is relaxed, but not too slow, enjoy the exercise in the afternoon.

Do it the exercise for 2 days, then take the third and fourth days to relax and feel the benefits in a month.


The Tips for Running

Want to run with full speed? Do not smoke and neglect your business, see the tips below for maximum performance in your run or Jogging

1. Choose the right shoes, do not use old shoes or shoes to run the ball, look at the special shoes to run and use it to a maximum of 600 kilometers, do not use the same shoes to run continuously, because under the sole of shoes will be quickly broken, buy a spare shoes to run and use alternates
2. Adequate rest is very important. do not impose your body to run hard every day, day interval training flee with your day of rest, so that your body has time to recover again.
3. Breathing well on the run. Breath is needed in the long run so that oxygen can meet the air cavity that you have the maximum.
4. Eat a few hours before the run, choose the slow food absorption so will your body with energy for the next several hours, before and during exercise, drink supplements such as carbo Booster that can help give you energy, but did not give the sensation of satiety excess.
5. Heating before exercise is important, do not directly run a vengeance when the exercise began, starting with the feet relax, the road quickly, trot and then run faster.
6. Do not forget the process of cooling down to prevent cramps or injury at the time after training.
7. Prepare your mental, fled need stamina, a strong and mentally strong, focus on your final destination and efforts to obtain the final results.


Warming up and Stretching

The heating and stretching is very important to be done before exercise or sport in general. Both can be useful to improve performance, prevent the risk of injury, body flex muscles, and even the prevention of diseases associated with bone (orthopedic).

Actually, there are basic differences between dab warm-up stretching. Although warming is not the same as stretching, but it can increase the mutual benefits of each. The following is an explanation warming and, according to Dr. Nicholas DiNubile, MD, an orthopedic surgeon sports medicine specialist. Dr. Nick has a degree one of the "Best Doctors in America" and "America's Top Surgeons." He train movement muscle injury and treat the athletes and trainers of professional athletes to the Olympic classes in private practice. He also became the Orthopedic Consultants in the Philadelphia 76ers basketball club and the Pennsylvania Ballet. Dr. Nick also teach the doctor and surgeon youth at the University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Warming up is done as preparation before exercise, sports and activities. Warming up becomes more important when your age increases, especially if you suffer injury or other orthopedic disease. The heating is usually resolved with the condition the body a little sweaty. These conditions will increase body temperature, so the network musculature your body will become more elastic and flexible and consequently can reduce the risk of injury, sprain or muscle cramps. Muscle-tendon and muscle (muscle-tendon) has viscoelasticity. Purpose is muscle and tendon you will react in different conditions of temperature, the body also different. The physical nature of muscle and tendon is very different. When the cold conditions, they easily become stiff and tense. Conversely, if the warm condition the muscle and tendon becomes more elastic rope like bungee jumping. Based on the nature, the warming up before sports or exercise is very important. The cold conditions muscle injury will be easy.

Warming up is very easy to do, so the body can become hot and sweaty. warming up can usually be done with cardiovascular or aerobic activity, such as ran in place, stationary Bike, or by jumping jacks. Once you can sweat because warming up, then your body is more ready to practice, exercise or move.

Meanwhile, stretching is very different. If that condition was mentioned that the cold muscle injury will be easier (and therefore warming up is very important), the condition of muscles or muscle groups are tense and rigid will also be easily sprained. Here the role of stretching to become important. Stretching requires maneuvers or movement that can extend or elongate with and languorous caution on the part of muscle and tendon. A very good time to do stretching after warming up is enough. You can also tense muscles of the cold conditions, but you must be careful not to sprain occurs, peregangan excessive, or even your muscle injury.

Stretching can be done safely each day and must involve all major muscle groups (main). Generally, adults have a four-point tense muscles, which can be estimated previously. Four point is the front shoulder, back the bottom, musculature knee, and calf. If you do have muscles that are interested or part of the muscle injury, it is also likely to have occurred in the muscle tension around the four-point night. One good way to improve flexibility or kelenturan, and stretching to make a movement that is fun to follow yoga class.

You need to remember that the combination between warming up and stretching is required before many sporting events. Moreover, for sports or activities that should make a sudden movement and the movement jump or throw. For example, if you will play tennis, basketball, or for which you often do sports weekend Warrior, then warming up and stretching you should do. Do not forget, is also important stretching after exercise or done after the weight of your activities. Even, for example, when you arrive at home after a tiring day move.

Depending on the type of sport or activity you, then there are some specific muscle groups that need more time stretching. For example, if you will play tennis, then you can do in the movement fled the place, or shadow Boxing jumping jacks for several minutes until you sweat a little. Then you can start simple stretching movements that focus on the muscles or muscle groups are important in tennis games such as the calf, knee, lower back, elbow, forearm and shoulder. Examples of other sports for Jogging or run. Once you make a motion to warming up a little sweat, then do the movement of stretching focus on the parts of muscles that become tense when the usual run as the calf, knee, ankle and even back down. After warming up and stretching enough, then you are ready to Jogging or run. Select the type of movement stretching can make the most of slack musculature is.


Jump Rope

>> Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jump rope activities are aerobic, which many benefits to strengthen the heart and lungs. When we see, the movement jump ropes, especially in the many foot and leg muscles, assisted by the musculature of the hands and arms.

Let's see the jump rope exercise mechanism in the body of one of one. The main movement is "only" cavort in rhythm or repeated, for a jump rope held hands. This rope swing by hand. Each time a rope to the rotating direction under foot then we should not immediately jump to the rope caught. Movement is done by a bolt calf muscles (muscules gastroenemius), which function to tiptoe, so the jump rope is a tiptoe movement jump with a regular rhythm.

Not only the calf muscle, thigh muscle it active. In the jump rope exercise thigh muscle will hold the position of a knee slightly bent at the feet landed. In addition, there are still a number of other muscles involved, namely the pelvic musculature. Duty musculature must hold a position to remain neutral pelvis and legs also remain upright. To enforce the body properly, the pelvic musculature work under arrest vertebrae, repeated by the musculature stomach (abdominal), which concentrate in order to maintain vertical the chest and stomach.

Not only involve the muscles of the lower body, the top of it moving. As we know, the body that plays a hand strap, so the top is the dominant hand. Active hand in the rope holding the rotating movement in the wrist. In addition, there is also the arm muscles to work in the up-and-down movement of arms.

So, the actual jump rope is an activity that is quite efficient because many muscles that move the body. So, it can be said that the sport has a value of jump rope aerobic good enough.

To start a training jump rope, how to do the same when other sports activities. First of course, must do the warming, stretched, jump rope exercise cooling, and hug again.

warming-up exercise is usually the form in which all members of the body moved from the head, neck, shoulder, chest and stomach, arms, pelvis, and leg and foot. Make about five minutes or every movement made eight times.

After that gap to do all the body muscles, with a focus on the calf muscles. Gap is done with the old static about 10 seconds each one a stretched muscle.

Then make a jump rope with a slow. Beginning slowly and can be quite quick leg or slightly higher. When will end, do with the slow movement, do not immediately stop. Then do it again last stretching in the same way with the initial stretching.

Difficulties often found is that not all people can do the movement plays with the same rope movement jump. Thus, coordination of the hands and feet should be good enough.

Old man can only practice jump rope, with the requirement that he do so is normal. However, the old man who has not, it is not advisable to do so, because the ability of muscle coordination have been reduced, so that will likely drop because of a rope. People with over weight practice is not recommended to jump rope, because concussion in the foot can lead to injury.


All of thecarbohydrates cause the body so fat?

>> Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oops, not always! Carbohydrate is the main source of energy. And energy = fat= calories that are stored in the body? Not always.

You need to know that carbohydrates are divided in 2 categories, namely complex carbohydrates and simple.

The simple carbohydrates that it is feels sweet in the mouth, and it absorbed the body such as sugar, flour, bread, instant noodles, sweet drinks and soft white rice. Easily absorbed easily stored means to be fat in the body, making body limp and easy to make us feel hungry faster.

The complex carbohydrate that is less sweet, and not easily absorbed body. Examples of the type of carbohydrate in this category are red rice, wheat bread and pasta. Because slowly digested by the body, not a lot of calories that can be stored as fat, making the energy we always are. The result is not fast limp body and waist circumference also remain stable in the long term.

To create a small waist circumference, try changing carbohydrates into simple as a complex carbohydrate foods daily. Although the simple carbohydrate is' not tasteful, with the s creativity in cooking, the food can still taste good. Complex carbohydrate that is easily obtained: cassava, maize, rice, pasta, wheat bread and oatmeal


Another Tips Besides Diet for Weight loss

Tips and tricks for weight loss in addition to diet:
1. Drinking the warm of water
Changing body temperature, with drastic way drink warm water can speed up metabolism and burn more calories.

2. Consumption of Aloe vera
Aloevera has the special property to reduce weight. Aloevera consume approximately 25-50 cc per day, 30 minutes before eating, can help restore blood sugar. Aloevera can also reduce the absorption of fat to the body by way hamper the enzyme lipase, substances in the body, the duty to construe the fat cells into the alimentary tract.

3. Many drinking water
Water can make the body burn fat so smoothly. Each chemical reactions in the body, such as the decomposition of body fat, always require water. You should drink 8-10 glasses of water per day to support this process. Rather, the amount of water that is needed is 0.66 ounce of weight. Example: body weight by 75 kilograms require water 50 oz = 5 L of water (10 oz = 1 Liter). Water can also make a full stomach, so ease of appetite.

4. The form of muscle to comment Calories
Although not easy to increase metabolism, but we can burn calories by forming a network muscle. The process is the establishment of the muscle is a sport for fat burning. Plus the network of muscles that need more calories to function.

5. looking for opportunities Sports
Outside the sports routine, we can burn more calories with the initiative to move more. Such as using the stairs from the hoist, do some homework themselves as tidy rooms or more car parking.


The Ultimate Weight Solution

Phil McGraw, Ph.D., writing about The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom. By following these steps, he believes the opportunity you lose weight (and remain slim in the circumstances) is 80 percent, while if you use prescription diet normal scope only by 5 percent.

Seven key is effective:
1. The reasoning is correct (Self-control). Change your mind bad until you feel better only in the liver.
2. Controlling the cure (emotional-control). Understand and complete your emotional problems are still associated with the food.
3. No environmental foil (External-control). Create an atmosphere of home and work that supports your progress.
4. Fun food and eating habits of impulsive (Habit-control). Discover the habits that destroy yourself in and learn to eat because they need, not because they want to.
5. Response high, high nutrition (food-control). Reduce weight without count calories, measure body, or keep in mind the list of foods.
6. sports (Body-control). Burn calories with exercise-training simple.
7. Support around (the Social-control). Located between people with the same thoughts with you can increase motivation.

The Ultimate Weight Solution is recommend consumption of protein, carbohydrate and fat intake in the ideal.

The prescription is 3 dish of protein and 2 dish low-fat milk and manifestation fillet, poultry, fish and shellfish, vegetables, eggs, cheese, low-fat, and skimmed milk. For your daily carbohydrate, 3 serve food made from flour, 2 dish of fruit, and 4 vegetables. You are allowed to eat a fatty food daily - vegetable oils made from olive or canola, oil is also made from fish or nuts.

Rather than count the grams, points, calories ... According to Dr. Phil, better for your plate into four sections and add the appropriate portion of each part: on the one part protein, flour in the next section, and the remaining half filled with low-calorie foods, fruits rich in fiber and vegetables .

Do not forget 8-10 glasses of water each day for the metabolic process more smoothly.


Start The Diet

Start a program of diet, like as start marathon fled. Without a plan and proper preparation, finish line will be difficult to achieve.
So what should be prepared when starting a diet? The most important is the mental readiness and willingness strong. Planning a diet or a diet drug the most powerful will not give results if you INTENTION to change not exist. All the people who start a diet, certainly has the desire to change, to get the body more healthy and beautiful. But whether you are ready to PATIENCE? Are you ready for DISCIPLINE?
If you have not yet feel ready mentally, strong motivation to encourage the body to move. To look slim in the wedding day, to ensure a longer life, to enhance self-confidence, is a bit of motivation to diet. The idea is to search for the right reasons to be able to run the program and diet can give your spirit when you are lost motivation and discipline.


Metabolisme And Waist circumference

You may know that the body's metabolism associated with small or large waist circumference. Many believe that fat people have lower metabolism and the people who have a slim metabolic rate. Actually, there is a waistline Circle balanced relationship of total calories consumed by the total calories out. So, if the total calories that enter more of total calories out, Circle will be the width of your waist. Metabolism
only an "engine" that is burning calories.

Metabolism: Change the food into energy
During the process of biochemistry, calories derived from carbohydrate, fat and protein, combined with oxygen to the results of the energy that the body needed.

How many calories are burned each day is called the total energy expenditure. The following three factors determine your total energy expenditure are:

• Basic Needs. when the body is resting, you still need the basic energy to breathing, blood circulation, adjust the level of hormones, also fix the cells. Calories needed for basic matters, this is called basalt Metabolic Rate (BMR). Energy is used for basic needs are usually consistent.
• process food. absorb, distribution, and store the food that you also need a calorie consumption. This activity requires approximately 10% of the total calories you need each day. For this, the calories used also tend to be stable.
• Physical Activity. Calories needed for various physical activities such as exercise, walking to the store, the bus, and other activities is not the same every day depending on how many and how heavy activity that you do.

Metabolism and your waist circumference
It sounds logical, to think that no body fat or high-influenced low metabolism on a person or even by special conditions such as hypothyroidism (under active gland tyroid). Nonetheless, increasing the size of waist circumference is caused by the imbalance of energy in the body (the incoming calories than the calories out). To minimize the waist circumference, you should eat low-calorie foods and increase the activity can burn the remaining calories your body.

Factors that affect your calorie needs
• The size and composition of the body. that can function properly, a large body mass requires energy (calories) more than a small body mass. Please note also that the muscles burn more calories than fat. So the more muscle, the higher your BMR.
• Age. When you age increases, the amount of muscle that tends to decrease fat and thus more and more. Metabolism also weak. The decrease of performance such as this will reduce your calorie needs.
• Sex. Men typically have lower fat and more muscle than women with weight and the same age. This is the reason why men generally have a higher BMR and the trend of burning more calories than women.

Burn more calories.
The ability to change your metabolism has a limit of basalt. However, you can increase daily activity to build muscle and burn more calories.

Regular aerobic exercise such as walking 30 minutes or more, is a very good way to burn calories. Training is more like lifting heavy loads is also important because these activities can prevent muscle loss in old age. And because muscles burn more calories, muscle mass so important factor in reducing the size of waist circumference.

Avoid dietary supplements that can burn calories. Better be careful the food and physical activity is balanced to get the ideal waist circumference


Over Training

Now there appears a new problem from the people who make too many sports! With a long period of intense exercise could cause negative effects and lost the benefit of exercise. we see the problem over training syndrome or burnout exercised a phenomenon that is where you make too many sports that cause injury and disease. This syndrome often is on the athletes or body Builders. However, of late, but also found among ordinary people. It usually starts with the obsession to achieve a particular physical target that is not realistic.

The symptoms of over training
Obsession is causing people trying to overfishing, because you want to reduce weight and aerobic classes to join five times a day, compelling body, or feel guilty if they do not practice and added training sessions in the future, and others. over training is a typical lost appetite, muscle pain too, so performance down, in the field of sports and productivity at school or work, experienced injury, depression, difficulty sleeping despite exhaustion, and even easier to hospital.

When experiencing symptoms, there is a good idea if you reduce the frequency of sessions of sport or exercise to reduce the burden barbel election as a lightweight, period sports a shorter, and so forth. When the rest need to do to restore the total body. Re-evaluation of the target to be achieved, consider what you want to achieve, plan how you will do with considerations of time, and when the need to consult a professional trainer or doctor.

The type of workout that can be done:
Our suggestion some type of workout that most important for the health body. The first is Cardiovascular Activity. This is the sport that most improve the performance of your heart. Do this type of activity three times per week, 20 minutes, for example, is swimming, cycling, fast walking, running, and skipping. Try variations in the choice of activity, other than to make the exercise more interesting and not bored, so you will not over training in a certain zone. Even if you want to do every day cardio vascular choose the activity with lower intensity and varied to rest your muscles.

Resistance Training is next. Lift barbel will help increase muscle strength, which will also increase metabolism to burn calories. Exercise also helps increase bone strength. Once again, do not do it too often, a maximum of two times a day. Large muscles such as chest and leg require 72 hours for interaction, small muscle, bicep-triceps, requires 48 hours. The third is stretching to prevent injury, help relaxation and coordination body. Make stretching before and after the workout. The last is the rest! Recovery time is very important that you body stronger and healthier.

Define the target!
Remember, you must specify the target you first. What is required of each person is different: an amateur, of course start with the tempo slow and more easily than people who are professional. Everything that is in the advanced level, starting with the count-level shape and start to make a good exercise schedule. Bottom line it is the purpose of doing exercise for physical fitness is fun!


Sports are not expensive

>> Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When we think, living conditions now make it increasingly busy with many activities. Even with the growing activities and the energy out, the more we need to also maintain the body's stamina. Because we rush, we often forget the circumstances of our own body. In addition to consuming food and beverages, healthy and nutritious, and adequate rest, of course sport is required to maintain the body's health.

A specialist knowledge of physical health and sports from the University of Arizona, Professor Daniel M. Landers said that only by mobilizing the body for 10 minutes every day many benefits that we can, for example:
- Increasing power reactions, concentration, and mental health
When we exercise, the body of pipe will be more blood, so the amount of oxygen in the blood circulation also increased, which is able to accelerate suplay blood to the brain. When the brain suplay get enough blood, the physical and mental reaction will be increased.
- Helps reduce tension or stress.
The mind will not focus on the work of affairs when we exercise. Exercise helps us to reduce nervous, so uptight feeling so lost.
- Get naturally happy feeling.
Professor Landers explained that the sports proven effective in increasing the hormone releaser feel happy in our brain, such as adrenalin, serotonin, dophamine, and endorphin, which is an anti-heart disease.

Factors, such as the cost of expensive sports and where sports is limited, often a reason that is causing us more lazy sports. Good news; if we see more, the fact there are many types of sports that do not require a lot of time, place, or the cost. Men, women, old, young; can all do this sport.

Jogging or runing
According to Professor Landers, with only light exercise such as running, (Jogging), even just walking can help prevent a decrease in body brain power working on the old woman. The long and often this activity is done, then the thought acuity will also be increasing significantly.

Jump rope
Price rope (Rope skipping) that is used is not expensive. Home or road in front of the house can be a place to jump rope.

Sports in the room
Sports simple, such as Sit-ups or push-ups during the ten to twenty times it can be a choice of sport when we do not want to leave home.

Calisthenics program that displayed several television stations in the morning we can take as a guide. Training is usually not difficult to follow immediately.

Please note, however easy sport, but if we do not have the desire, we will still feel lazy. When we have started it, we need to be diligent to exercise regularly so that the health body remained intact.

The intensity of sporting activities do not need too high, it is important that we increase the heart pacemaker. Professor Landers said that the best results will be obtained with a given body regularly for nine weeks.
So, there is no excuse not to exercise, is not it? so let's go exercise!


Four of the secreet food for Muscular

>> Friday, November 21, 2008

You want more muscular body, increases virility and fat lost from the body? following a secret that food can help you realize expectations.
1. The beans, beans the content of zinc is more than other types of vegetables. This is known as the mineral elements up rate testosteron effective, even oxygen content of zinc in the bean into rival red meat.
2. Wheat, contains components called Avena sativa, which stimulate hormone testosteron to go through the flow of blood in your body.
3. Cheese, according to research Journal of Applied Physiology, men who consume the saturated fat found in animal and saturated fat not have a high rate of testosteron in the body.
4. Spinach, spinach leaves are rich in vitamin E content of the work testosterin maintain the supply of hormones in the body. but remember if you consume salads every day that the portion of spinach, too much can increase your blood pressure.


Weight Revealed

Who says weight can not be revealed? In principle, weight would be reduced, once it is a genetic factor. Genetic factors that influence obesity, has only a portion of 40 percent. As more influenced by the environment, eating patterns, lifestyle and Feed and calorie expenditure in the body.

This was off. John Casay Chandrawinata, MND SpGK. from the hospital. St. Borromeus when found on the workshop, titled 'The Fat Block Shape Your Life', on Tuesday (8 / 5). "No person can not lose weight, if it happens that there is a pattern of eating and exercise are doing," he said.

According to him, if we can reduce weight or prevent obesity, the risk will decrease disease large. About 50 percent of the disease can be decreased if we reduce the weight. Because generally someone over the age of 30 years experienced a decrease in body burning, it automatically increase the risk of obesity. While the age of 23 years to increase the weight that recommended no more than 5 kg of weight before.

John added by doctors, some of the characteristics of food that needs to be fixed so that the weight of them intact; diets that low-fat, low calorie and high fiber. Feed calories per day earn between 1,300 to 1,500 calories. "Eating breakfast regularly, not because the busy breakfast and then left. Do not forget to do sports regularly, and balanced weight periodically," he said.

In order not to upset calculate calories per day in, you can follow the example of the ideal pattern, which is recommended by doctors following John. However, this is only an example, basically we can consume any origin we know whether the food consumed adequate nutrition needs Feed or not.

For example ...

Morning: It is recommended eating porridge chicken without skin with a little cracker. Or two pieces of bread with jam and fruit thin boiled egg. And if you can also complete the milk is low in calories.

To morning snack: One-size fruit is a stew or sweet potatoes or bananas.

Lunch: white Rice mugs starfruit, plus a one-piece pepes chicken breast without the skin and a small cup vegetable acids.

Afternoon snack: chocolate banana bread content.

Night: white Rice mugs one plus one share of starfruit are rawon beef without the fat with one extra bean sprouts and fruit grilled shrimp crackers.

Night snack: a fruit or a glass of milk.


Diet without Fitness is effective to weight loss?

Diet and Fitness during this as the most effective way to reduce weight. However, recent research report had mentioned only if diet more effective than diet plus sports.

"To reduce weight, which is needed considering the amount of calories consumed and the amount of calories burned through metabolism and physical activity. However, the results of our research proves that that is important to reduce calories, either through diet food or sport every day," said Dr. Leanne Redman of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Louisana, USA.

In the research, Redman and his team includes 35 respondents consisting of 16 men and 19 women. After 6 months, 12 people in the group capable of reducing dietary calories Feed them as much as 25 percent. 12 people in the diet and sports groups, the share calorie decreased 12.5 percent, but the frequency of exercise increased 12.5 percent. While the remaining are in a group that does not diet and fitness.

Groups that are only just diet weight decreased, the same groups that make diet and sports. Their body weight decreased 10 percent, reduced fat mass and 24 percent fat in the abdomen decreased 27 percent.

If the objective is only to reduce weight, dietary or sports are effective. But if you want to avoid the disease, experts recommend doing Fitness regularly, especially aerobic, to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer risk affected.

As reported in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, this research also shows that with the fat of regular sports will be reduced in all parts of the body and not in only certain parts of the body.


6 way to Weight Loss

For most people, reduce the weight problem is not easy. There are various ways that offered various parties. We need to understand that the most fundamental in the weight-loss program combines a fixed income between energy or food or energy expenditure with the sport.

You need to make permanent changes in behavior and determine how the changes that must be made permanent. For that, follow the following:

1. Make Commitment

Decreasing weight permanently takes time and effort. This need the focus and commitment throughout life. Make sure that Ana is ready to make changes and make sure that your self is correct.

No one can lose weight. In fact, it is pressure from outside, although it from the nearest person you had to make everything worse.

When you start to change this, try to settle the other issues. To focus on programs clearly need energy. So, make sure that if you do not switch the focus.

2. Look for emotional support

You are only able to help with the success of this program on responsible behavior is expected. However, it does not mean everything must be their own. seek moral support from a spouse, family and friends.

Look for people who really put the attention on you and can provide support. They are expected to you consistent with all the changes that would be run.

3. Make goals realistic

When you start considering what you expect from planning meals and exercise, which would be run, try to realistic. Weight decreased slowly but surely. Set a goal to decrease half the weight of up to one kilogram per week. For that, you need to burn 500 to 1000 calories more than the consumption that you enter.

Reduce weight quickly, you also remove the water network and the muscle, not fat. Set process goals, such as sports as a regular set of results as a destination (for example, down to 25 kg).

Change-process-habit is the key to the decreasing weight. And make sure that goal is really realistic, specific, measurable. For example, you will walk 30 minutes each day, five times a week.

4. Enjoy Healthy Food

Adapting to this new program means that you are aware Feed reduce the total calories. This does not mean lower taste, satisfaction eat.

You can start with the food-filling but healthful food, berakalori low as fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

5. Active and staying move

Not just a diet change your weight. While exploring the calories of food per week eat up to 3,500 calories (half a kilogram), you need to walk for thirty minutes every day for five times in a week. This will increase the weight decrease.

Basically, the purpose of sports on burning calories, although there are other benefits that are also good. And how many calories you burn depends on the frequency, duration and intensity of activity.

One of the best ways to remove fat is to keep doing aerobic exercises such as running more than 30 minutes. If possible each day.

Although regular aerobic schedule is the best way reduce weight, the extra activity will help burn calories. Daily lifestyle you can to take advantage of that, for example by trying to choose the stairs from the hoist. Or when the bicycle home office, rather than use the car.

6. Change lifestyle

Is not enough only with healthy eating and exercise for several weeks or months. You must enter the program changes behavior. Start by considering matters such as the type of food consumed, rest, work, and other habits that do not support. Discard all that and start with the new program.


Cardiovascular Problem and Memories

Cardiovascular problems become the key causes progressive loss of memories in the information age. Once the results of the research expressed Fred B. Chernow, a lecturer at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Long Island, U.S., in his book The Sharper Mind.

He added, the flow of blood to the brain in people aged between 33 to 62 years old on average down 23 percent. Even as other organs, the brain also relies on as a supplier of blood oxygen and nutrition.

In the brain, blood also remove carbon dioxide products and other waste. Thus, the less the smoothness of blood flow to the brain, also means the lack of flow of oxygen and nutrients to the brain. That means, lack of brain energy to burn.

"Sports are spur cardiovascular system will give good results for our minds," write Chernow. Instead of sports games, "The benefits of aerobic sports, such as walking and swimming, more meaningful for our cardiovascular system," he added.


New Tips For Sexy Belly

>> Monday, November 17, 2008

What should be done to perfect the body formed by a sexy belly? Ask a fitness trainer Bobby Storm, which successfully established body of a diva such as Britney Spears toured the world for the past year. Bobby Kennedy with his wife Nancy serve personal training for top celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Julia Roberts. He always recommend exercise ab-smoothing and light diet consisting of five meals with small portions in the day, a lot of water and avoid carbohydrate in the form of a solid. The most soda is forbidden. Soda will only accumulate fat and sugar. The program is the establishment of the stomach Bobby consists of three sets of exercises that should be done overall. Bobby asserts, the only exercise done consistently every day that will get results, not how many you do.

Start with body recumbent position on the floor. fold your knees with the feet parallel floor, and hands below the head. Lift your shoulder about 10 inches while breath exhale. Hold back and neck in the straight position. You will feel tension in your stomach. Do not use the hands to sustain the head.

Body remains recumbent position on the floor, arms on the left and right side, knees together and lift the leg 90 degrees with the feet pointing to the floor. Lift your buttocks from the floor a few inch, hold your leg straight back and make sure the bottom up and not take the floor. You must feel the pressure at the bottom of your stomach. Hold the position for one or two seconds, then slowly put back on the floor of your buttocks.

Take the initial position with the same movement crunches. Let your leg open to the outside, to the outside knee touched floor. Lift the shoulder from the floor at less than one foot. Hold the neck and back still straight. Move the leg to the opposite side and repeat again.


Vitamin B6(Pridoxine) and Magnesium

When Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) gained very little, the important amino acids from the protein - tryptophane - is not used to normal. Instead, he changed into a substance known as Xanthurenic acid

When the body's lack of Vitamin B6, then the acid, Xanthurenic be increased and damage the pancreas, which then international blood sugar.

Magnesium will reduce the body needs vitamin B6 in the diet, when added, acid Xanthurenic will be reduced.

Saturated fat will increase the demand Magnesium. High protein, high-calorie diets increase the body's needs on Vitamin B6 and accelerate the destruction of the pancreas, when the lack of vitamins.
Excessive consumption of sugar will generally increase the demand on the body of both insulin and Vitamin B6.

People who less vitamin B6 little to sour long before the Xanthurenic various signs of the lack of visible. All diabetes is seen removing a large amount of acid Xanthurenic indicates that the damage increases in the pancreas. All Vitamin B is soluble in water and easily out through urine. The more of urine, the greater the slackening.

Less of a number of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, is also likely add chromium and zinc, can not aggravate Unbridled carbohydrate.

In literature, literature recommends that someone with diabetes or family history so it is advisable to use 10 mg Vitamin B6 and Magnesium 500 mg per day.

In general, we need to find fruit that is not pure and whole, not only because the food was pure micro-nutrient loss, but also a danger-being of the additional substances or processes used, for example - and the bleaching of rice flour, corn syrup with high fruktosa, monosodium glutamate (MSG) - with divers due to obesity, the insulin, hyperglycemia and glycosuria. There is no reason to recommend that people with diabetes avoid fruktosa in fruits, vegetables and other food, but adding fruktosa as a sweetener is not recommended.

Foods that contain carbohydrates from grains, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat milk rate should be included in a healthy diet.

In connection with the effects on glycemic carbohydrates, the total amount of carbohydrate in food or hawker is more important than origin and type.

Low-fat diet when kept in the long term will contribute to the reduction of weight in the right dyslypidemia.


Diet programs that are safe

>> Sunday, November 16, 2008

Do you feel the excess weight? Various ways to lose weight quickly and offered many practical to you, both on television ads, mass media and on leaflets distributed in the streets. Bids are very them to arouse the dream ideal body weight. You promised to decrease the weight very much, even can reach 5-10 kg or more in one week. To find out if your excess weight or not, can be calculated with the formula Ideal Body Weight (BBI): 90% (Height-100), the formula is applicable to have high body> 150cm for women and> 160cm for men. If your body <150cm for women and <160cm for men, the formula is BBInya: TB-100. The normal weight ranges between 10% above the BBI and 10% below BBI. If your weight is over 10% of BBI, including the overweight category or excess weight. Be careful with the ad program, which is not guaranteed. Purpose liver weight loss, if without considering the effects that may be caused not you will experience a fatal disruption of health. If you lost weight rapidly without reducing calories Feed and do not exercise or sports such as offered around you need to be studied further. What reduced the fat in the body or liquids that indeed there are approximately 60% of our entire body. Reduction in body fluids will had a very bad for health, can cause dehydration that in severe degrees can lead to death. The main source of energy for our body is carbohydrate. Carbohydrate in the body will be described in a simple form, one is in the form of glucose. Glucose is used for energy metabolism and body activity. Brain, we also need energy and energy sources that can be used by the brain is glucose. If the body does not get enough glucose suplay, there will be splitting fat. Results rupture of fat is used for alternative energy for the body. But the brain can not use the energy that comes from the splitting of body fat. So, if we lack of glucose, the brain does not automatically get supply energy, and of course this will hamper the work function of the brain. According to the advice of health, decrease the weight of a secure order not to cause bad effects for the body is 0.5 kg in a week or about 2 kg in a month. Decrease west body little by little more secure, not damage the function of the body work organs, and more can be maintained. Decreased too much in a short time, the network will damage the body and tend to yoyo syndrome. Yoyo syndrome, namely increased weight after the decline of the so fast, can increase more than the weight back. Lost weight of 0.5 kg in the week this can be obtained by reducing the energy of 500 Feed KCal a day in total energy needs from you. So if in a day reduced for 500 KCal, the week will occur in the reduction of energy as much as 3,500 KCal. This amount, if converted, equivalent to 0.5 kg of body fat, because fat provides energy for the body of 7 grams per KCal. In principle, you should consider the balance of good food Feed carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and water, and improve consumption vegetables and fruits. So that you can do with the diet should be safe to consult experts on nutrition. Nutrition experts will help you to calculate the calorie needs and determine the right type of diet that you can achieve ideal body weight.



Obesity is excess weight as a result of hoarding excess body fat.

Everyone needs some body fat to save energy, as heat insulator, absorbent shocks and other functions. The average woman has more body fat than many men. Comparison between normal body fat by weight is about 25% -30% in women and 18-23% in men. Women with more body fat from 30% and men with body fat of more than 25% are considered to obesity.

Someone who has a weight of 20% higher than the value of the middle range of normal weight is considered to obesity. Obesity is classified into 3 groups; 1) Obesity light: the excess weight of 20-40%, 2) Obesity is: excess weight 41-100%, and 3) Obesity weight: excess weight> 100%. Obesity was found weight as much as 5% of those obese.

Attention not only to the amount of fat is dumped, but also to the landfill body fat .. Patterns of distribution of body fat in men and women tend to be different. Women tend to store fat at hip and buttocks, so that gives an overview of fruits such as pear. Meanwhile, the men usually store fat around the stomach, so that gives an overview of fruits such as apples. But this is not something that is absolute, sometimes in the few men appear as pear fruit and some women appear as the fruit of apples, especially after the time off.

A fat lot buried in the stomach may be more easily experience a variety of health problems associated with obesity. They have a higher risk. Overview pear fruit is better than the picture of apple fruit.

To distinguish the second picture, have found a way to determine whether someone shaped like fruits such as apple or pear fruit, namely by calculating the ratio of waist with hip. Waist measured at the point that tight, while the waist measured at the point that largest, and waist size divided by the size hip. A woman with a waist size of 87.5 cm and 115 cm in hip size, have hip-waist ratio at 0.76. Women with a ratio of waist: hip more than 0.8 or men with a waist ratio: Hip more than 1, said apple-shaped.


Heart Rate Reserve

>> Friday, November 14, 2008

Heart Rate Reserve is the difference between the MHR with RHR. Heart Rate Reserve's role as a base value calculation, when multiplied by the presentation intensity exercise. The higher the value of HRR the higher the results of last multiplication exercises with the presentation. The lower value of HRR the lower results also ahir multiplication exercises with the presentation. If the value of high HRR means that there RHR indication / infinite capacity of the body are high, and otherwise


Heart Rate Reserve

Heart Rate Reserve is the difference between the MHR with RHR. Heart Rate Reserve's role as a base value calculation, when multiplied by the presentation intensity exercise. The higher the value of HRR the higher the results of last multiplication exercises with the presentation. The lower value of HRR the lower results also ahir multiplication exercises with the presentation. If the value of high HRR means that there RHR indication / infinite capacity of the body are high, and vice versa


Maximum Heart Rate

Maximum Heart Rate is the number of definitions for the throbbing pulse / heart rate maximum per minute. MHR representation as 100% capacity of the heart and rattle calculated based on the reduction of the number 220 (for men) of age, and 226 (for women) of age. The formula is so:

- MHR = 220 (men) - age
- MHR = 226 (women) - age


Resting Heart Rate

Resting Heart Rate is an indicator of physical condition that simple but accurate. If the lower RHR means that the physical condition and heart health, the better also. The higher the RHR means less than prime physical condition, which may be caused by overtraining or underrecovering.

Chek RHR
a. Count the sum of throbbing pulse per minute after is a riser.
b. Doing it 3 days in succession.
c. Sum of results from 3 days, then for 3 to get the RHR average.
d. If RHR in the day to 4 more of RHR average (more than 5 beat / sec), mean body condition in the less fit, so that the portion of the exercise should be adjusted.
e. If RHR in the day 4 is stable, the share of cardiovascular exercise can be done as usual, without the need to be adjusted


Types of Cardiovascular exercise

Cardiovascular exercise can be done in some classifications. But to understand and become more easy and simple, so cardiovascular exercise is divided into 2 categories, namely: indoor and outdoor. Aerobic activity is the elaboration of indoor outdoor. Rapid development of a metropolitan city that come with the increased air pollution, making it difficult place to do aerobic in the field.
While the outdoor aerobic activity is one of the most aerobic activities classic. Is the most popular sports games like basketball, football voley, badminton, and others. Another form of outdoor aerobic is Jogging, cycling and swimming.


Cardio exercise and Fitnes lifestyle

fitness lifestyle is a lifestyle that is less complete when, not supplied with cardiovascular exercise. This activity will help burn fat in the body and create a healthy heart. Another benefit of cardiovascular activity is the VO2 Max, as you know that this activity is an activity that requires a lot of oxygen, and lungs are the main organs of the body that will accommodate oxygen. VO2 max is the indicator lung capacity, the more lung capacity to accommodate the more oxygen is also good aerobic condition us. Benefit from the activities of both cardiovascular the blood circulation is better. cardio activities that create a healthy heart and burn fat, the results of this activity is the smooth circulation of blood because the blood vessels into the net from fat. we need to know that the blood is the means to carry oxygen and nutrients to feed the entire body. For the fitness application, the flow of blood that help is very smooth recovery after exercise and body shaping muscles more quickly. Smooth the flow of blood that will quickly bring the amino acid to recover musculature trained and carry oxygen to the brain and central nerve system faster so that the body recovered


Aerobic Activity

Aerobic comes from the Greek: Aero means the air, and the BIOS meaning of life. Cardiovascular exercise is the type of exercise that aims to improve cardiovascular ability. Cardiovascular exercise or activity is very different with the weight training activities. if the weight training activities, take the body from the main source of carbohydrate energy, then the exercise activity kardiovascular take power source from the carbohydrate and fat. In weight training, the body does not take a lot of oxygen, so that weight training is often referred to as Anaerobic exercise. In the aerobic exercise, the body will take oxygen to form energy for our body



Calf muscles do not separate into different parts. So do exercises that will also take effect for the calves. Body builder beginners usually give less attention to the growth of calves. Even in a rivalry calf is important to get the victory. Calf are usually not too good response to the training that we do. although there are some people that he has a genetic large calves, but calves can be called good, if large and also have a good defenisi. Difficulties in forming calves occur as naturally have great pressure in the activities of each day. Because they often get pressure calves to be strong, if the calves do not get that strong pressure and intensity not often, the calves do not give a response as you like. So training for the calves will be effective if done very many and very serious and must be diligent



In the bodybuilder and fitness activities, hamstring exercises will help the body to support other exercises, such as deadlift, shrug, and calf raises. For the body builder and fitness mania, hamstring exercises to be important because this will help build muscles in the back.
In other sports,its training is also important for clean and Snatch, clean and jerk and deadlift. In addition, the branch also in athletic sports, gymnastic and wrestling,this muscle will be used. Training for the hamstring muscle will also influence to muscle waist shape and become more powerful. This of course will be very helpful for women who want to have a beautiful body and sexy


Leg Press

>> Thursday, November 13, 2008

Leg Press is a very good training to build muscle mass leg, thigh muscles can cause isolated that there are no other muscles that are involved. Position with feet wide, or slightly more than the width of the shoulders and down barbel to limit your ability. Stop the pressure barbel waist when you become too oppressive or picked up from the bench. Barbel to return the initial position.
To get the maximum effect from this exercise, use barbel to press your thigh muscles for a full range of motion.



Squats are a very good exercise, and can be done in two ways, namely to do with the smith machine or with free weight. Smith machine is very helpful for beginners to balance the load, so it can concentrate on the target muscle. Should position the foot slightly more than the width of the shoulders. folding the knees and lower body until pararel on the floor and return to the position early


Simple method for draft calorie needs

>> Friday, November 7, 2008

The method is quite simple to design calorie needs is to Multiply numbers with a specific weight of each individual. Because of this simple method is created and developed countries in the west, the way the calculations with the size (PON) / lbs 1 pound = 454 grams. In methematic simple calculation, then we will be that 1Kg = 2.2 lbs
For the body is not active sports or not, multiply body weight with the 10
For example, with a weight of 60kg. Calculate will be such as: body weight in pounds = 60kg x 2.2 lbs = 13lbs.
so, the number of calories needed in one day is: 132lbs x 10 = 1,320 calories.

For the body, which is quite active sports or light, multiply body weight in pounds by the number 13
For example, with a weight of 50kg so the countdown
weight in pounds = 50kg x 2.2 lbs = 110lbs
so the number of calories a day is needed: 110lbs x 13 = 1430.

For the body, which is very active sports or weight, multiply weight in pounds by the number 16.
For example, with a weight of 70kg will be calculated,
Weight in pounds = 70kg x 2.2 lbs = 154lbs
So the number of calories in one day is needed: 154lbs x 16 = 2,464 calories

This method is quite easy to application, but is limited, which is limited to the weight body only, while the size of primary metabolism, the amount of muscle in the body can not be calculated with this method.


Good Fats VS Bad Fats

There are good fats for consumption and there is also the fat is not good, and not for consumption. The type of fat consumed is good for is not a monounsaturated fat, and saturated fat is not a double. Fat is not good for the consumption of fat is saturated fat.

The types of fat is not saturated single and double (good Fats), namely:
Sunflower oil
Canola oil
Olive oil
soy bean oil
Peanut oil
flax seed oil
Fish oil

The type is not only not saturated in the blood, but also contain essential fatty acid (Essential fatty acids): linoleat acid (Omega-6), acid alpha linoleat (Omega-3) and acid Arakhidonat (Arachidonid Acid) that much. Found that the essential fatty acid appeared to have some important benefits, namely: to help the body burn fat, decreased LDL cholesterol, help the lubricant joints, prevent stroke, try to keep the blood pressure, optimal brain health.

The types of saturated fats (bad Fats), which should not be consumed:
- Fat is visible on the source of animals other than fish.
- Coconut oil, margarine.
- Hydrogenated oil contains free radicals
- Trans fat, which is often used in fast foods

The type of fat in this many problems brought on the human body, such as the stoppage of blood vessel and also the heart and liver. When viewed in Writing above, then for good or bad kind of fat is not easy to be fat that the plant is better than fat of animal.Done be proven type of fat that some plants do not have a requirement to put in the diet and fitness of all people who want healthy. also vice versa animal fat is not all bad for the health, for example, fish oil containing omega3 and fat in the red meat that is low rate of fat, is good for health and weight decrease. Fat is called Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)


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