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>> Monday, December 1, 2008

When you sleep at night, your body is actually fasting for 7-9 hours. Therefore, when up to sleep in the morning, the body starts breaking the protein for muscle power or be called by the katabolic. To obstruct this process required 40 grams of whey protein. Whey protein, including a fast and easily absorbed by the body, especially if you choose whey protein isolate or whey protein powder hydrolityc. Amino acids from whey permeate quickly in your blood to form energy, muscle protein as a substitute. Amino is not used as energy, but to build muscle body.

Whey protein consists of peptides which help accelerate blood circulation to the muscle to increase in haulage amino whey and also increase the hormone testosterone. This is very important when you wake up the morning, because in the morning when you wake hormone testosterone are on the highest level. The type of whey protein, plus the rapid absorption if the hormone testosterone level that high would make a good muscle growth.

Feed needs will be for the muscle protein in the morning is very high and consumption of amino fast absorption is one of the best solutions. Amino guarantee the needs of protein and amino acid supply for the cells, tissues and organs in the body to better health. The type of amino fast absorption is derived from the protein isolate, a high content of BCAAs, have a certain amino acid full (essential and non-essential) and contains a natural digestive enzyme that is able to assist the absorption of protein and assimilated into the body to become faster and better.

When you chew less suitable amino pills, the consumption of amino only in the form of liquid concentrate (liquid amino) from whey protein isolate that certainly react more quickly absorbed another body. Consumption of the recommended dose is 40 grams protein, whey or 50 ml of liquid amino.


Chris December 1, 2008 at 4:43 PM  

I have such a hard time digesting whey though! I heard about a dairy free supplement called Nutribody -- it's made of pea and brown rice protein. Have you ever tried it?

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