Exercise to get The Six pack

>> Thursday, October 30, 2008

In the program of six pack, you need to consider three types of exercises are: abdominal exercises (abdominal muscles), lift the burden of training and cardio exercise.

Cardio exercise there are various, such as Jogging, run, cycling or swimming. Whatever you choose not to be a problem, but in the original routine. is how do with the intensity variations. For example when you choose cardio Jogging, walk for 1 minute and then fled for 5 minutes. Repeat the above intensity 5-7 times as many as 1 in practice.

Training barbel become important because additional muscle mass also means extra calories burned each day, even when you just sit even. The addition of muscle mass to be important because the muscles to activate the body's metabolism. Always include training foster barbel in your exercise sessions.

Sample exercises:

MONDAY (Exercise 1)


* Center Crunch x 4 set repetition 20-25
* Side Crunch (left & right) 4 sets of 20-25 x repetition

Hanging Raise x 4 set repetition 20-25


* Bench Press Barbell x 3 set repetition 12-15
* Incline Press Dumbbell x 3 set repetition 12-15
* Dumbbell Pull Over 3 set x 12-15 repetition

PEC Dec 3 sets x 12-15 repetition


* Tricep Push Down 12-15 x 3 set rehearsal
* One-handed Tricep x 3 set repetition 12-15

Skull crusher x 3 set repetition 12-15

Training cardio 30 - 60 minutes

TUESDAY (Exercise 2)


* Center Crunch x 4 set repetition 20-25
* Side Crunch (left & right) 4 sets of 20-25 x repetition

Hanging Raise x 4 set repetition 20-25


* Lat Pull Down (Behind) 3 sets x 12-15 repetition
* Lat Pull Down (Front) 3 sets x 12-15 repetition
* Seated Row 3 set x 12-15 repetition

Hyper Extension 3 set x 12-15 repetition


* Preacher curl with Barbell 3 set x 12-15 repetition
* Concentration Dumbbell x 3 set repetition 12-15

Hammer curl 12-15 x 3 set rehearsal

Cardio exercise30 - 60 minutes


THURSDAY (Exercise 3)


* Center Crunch x 4 set repetition 20-25
* Side Crunch (left & right) 4 sets of 20-25 x repetition

Hanging Raise x 4 set repetition 20-25


* Dumbbell Press 3 set x 12-15 repetition
* Side Raise lateral x 3 set repetition 12-15
* Rear lateral Raise x 3 set repetition 12-15

Dumbbell Shrug x 3 set repetition 12-15

Cardio exercise 30 - 60 minutes

FRIDAY (off / holiday)

SATURDAY (Exercise 4)


* Center Crunch x 4 set repetition 20-25
* Side Crunch (left & right) 4 sets of 20-25 x repetition

Hanging Raise x 4 set repetition 20-25


* Incline Press Dumbbell x 3 set repetition 12-15

PEC Dec 3 sets x 12-15 repetition


* Lat Pull Down (Behind) 3 sets x 12-15 repetition

Seated Row 3 set x 12-15 repetition


* Leg Press x 3 set repetition 12-15
* Leg Extension x 3 set repetition 12-15
* Leg curl 12-15 x 3 set rehearsal

Seated Calf Raise x 3 set repetition 12-15

Cardio Exercise 30 - 60 minutes

WEEK (off)


Ø day training schedule and can adjust with the time available

Ø The contents of the training can be changed in accordance with the desire, always consult with your instructor to obtain maximum results.

Ø Try to exercise 3-5x a week

Ø last rehearsal is the maximum capacity of your body, adjust the weight with the ability

Ø variations to the intensity kardio preferable to optimize the burning of fat.

TRAINING abdominal

Variations movement abdominal exercises are diverse, whether or not to use the equipment. Use a variety of variations to change the pattern of abdominal exercises that are above the results for the six pack optimal.

Variations-variation abdominal exercises that use both devices include:

* Cable Crunch
* Decline Bench Crunch
* Hanging Knee Raise
* Hanging Leg Raise
* Standing Oblique Cable Crunch
* Ab Wheel
* Rope Crunch
* Swiss-Ball Roll Out

Variations-good abdominal exercise variations that do not use the equipment, among others:

* Reverse Crunch
* Scissor Kick
* Curl Up
* Side Jackknife
* Straight-Leg Crunch
* Hip Thrust
* Crossover Crunch
* Leg Raise
* Twisting Crunch
* Seated Knee-Up

Tips and tricks:

If your body is basically thin, the focus of the program is a six pack your stomach muscle training and the formation of muscle. Ration meals can be still.


Supplement to get the Six pack

Supplements are needed to bolster the program six pack, so you functionality digestion and metabolism to be smooth. By increasing the level of metabolism and burning fat, the amount will be increased and the definition of abdominal muscles will also increase.

The main supplements is needed for get a six pack program is milk whey protein (has Whey / Iso Cool / Iso sensation 93) to help you build muscle and needs adequate protein daily. In addition, protein can be used as an alternative energy source by the body. Protein digested more slowly by the body's digestive channel, so you will still be active.

Supplements that is required Ultra Ripped New & Improved Formula as a fat burner, and alternative energy as a supplement trigger the body's metabolism. To make a more definitive abdominal muscles, combine Ultra Ripped New & Improved Formula supplement with L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine works by making energy as fat. L-Carnitine also helps to scrape fat and make the body become more dry (Lean) and improve muscle definition. Consumption 1000mg-2000mg L-Carnitine regularly during the 30-45 days for the results of the maximum.

The best supplement are you can to optimize the consumption of the body's metabolism is the Daily Complete Formula, as a source of vitamins and minerals that help the digestive system and optimizing the function of vital organs of the body. Digestive system that works with the optimal digested food to prevent cumulation of fat.

supplements are the other main Carb Fat Bloc and the Bloc. Carb Bloc contains white kidney bean extract, which works to prevent the absorption of the excess carbohydrate that comes from white rice, potatoes, bread and other not so in the form of fat stored by the body. While Fat Bloc, which comes from the skin shells (chitosan) works as a fiber that binds fat, so fat from food is not absorbed by the body part and removed through Feces.

Eating patterns and sports remain a significant part in the six pack your program. Supplements work to help you build muscle and speed up the fat is maximum.

* Note: not all supplements should be used in the example above eating patterns. Select the best combination for you


Get The Six Pack

You want a six pack without a belly fat? For many people, get a six pack stomach is a difficult process that requires dedication and because of the high motivation. But the six pack stomach is not not possible. Below is the complete guide to get a six pack stomach. for beginners.

Is the six pack stomach?

Is a six pack stomach muscles that form the structure of six-pack box on the stomach or abdominal. Six pack that looks good is considered that have the sharpness or definition of clear and symmetrical.

How to get six pack?

The process to get a six pack stomach is actually easy. First, the strengthened your abdominal muscles and lose body fat. The concept easy, but it is not easy to run. This process requires dedication, intention, time and patience enough to get a six pack stomach. But the results will be commensurate with your struggle.

Eating Pattern

Nutrition plays an important role in the program six pack. You can only have one set of abdominal muscles strong and big, but if the muscle is closed by a layer of fat, you will not see. For the portion you eat a small portion of every 5-6 days to jack up the body's metabolism. Stop eating food that hamper the development of muscle six pack, such as white rice, pasta, white bread, candy, ice cream, dessert, fast foods, terhidrogenasi oil, sugar and corn syrup fruktosa high.

Consumption of foods that help you achieve the objectives of the program, such as: oatmeal, olive oil, whole wheat bread (whole Wheat Bread), fruits, vegetables, nuts, egg white, natural peanut butter, chicken breasts, fish, protein, tea and green water.

Be realistic, you may not get the ideal body in 1-2 days. Make a pattern of reform gradually and eat regularly. In the program to get a six pack stomach, you want healthy food is enough. If you eat too little, the muscles will shrink. While eating too much when the stomach will be closed by the layer of fat six pack stomach, so you will not be visible.

Examples of eating patterns:


1 Omelet boiled egg or eggs

1 piece of bread, whole wheat / ½ cup oatmeal

3 eggs Daily Complete Formula

2 eggs Ultra Ripped New and Improved Formula

Morning snack

Whey has scoop 1 / IsoCool / Iso sensation 93 L-Carnitine 1000mg

1 apple / orange / pear


1 ounce chicken breast / fish / meat, whole

1 cup rice red rice (brown rice)

1 cup vegetables

Afternoon snack

1 piece of bread, whole wheat / ½ cup oatmeal

1 piece of fish / roast

Before Training

2 eggs Ultra Ripped New and Improved Formula L-Carnitine 1000mg

After Training

Whey has scoop 1 / IsoCool / Iso sensation 93


1 ounce chicken breast / fish / meat, whole

1 cup vegetable.


Ø Food should be reduced, which is all the fried foods and sugar. Foods that contain high sugar is white rice, potatoes, certain fruits (Mangoes, bananas and other fruit that is too sweet), chocolate, candy, ice cream, and others.

Ø The processing of meat can be cooked with boiled, burned, but not baked or fried with oil, using ingredients that many of fat, sugar or use. Salt can, but the amount is very small. (more salt diet is recommended).

Ø portion above the menu can be adapted to the size of your body.

Ø Time to use the menu above is not binding, can be adjusted for the exercise in the morning.

Ø Make sure there is a distance of time between meals.

Ø On the day off (no exercise) combine the supplements before and after exercise.

Ø is not permissible to consume milk whey protein, but keep your protein needs to keep enough to consume with 9-15 amino eggs every day and consuming a high protein food.



When we start learning about diet, first of many that would explain that the dietary pattern is set to eat, not eating or not eating once a day. Then next is the knowledge base that I lose weight, the only way is to create conditions that the incoming calories more than a small number of calories out. Is it like? In fact, the answer is not certain and can even weight!

Weight down if out more calories than the calories that enter? Try we see another example. Feather as 1 ounce and also the stone as 1 ounce, at the same time as a vacuum in the air. Which will reach the bottom first? Surely they reached land at the same time as weighing the same. But we try to do the same experiment but this time not in a vacuum but is one of the buildings in New york. With the same weight, which will reach the ground first? Of course, stones, right?

now back problems calories, that if tested in the laboratory, all calories are still calories and calories when the exit is greater than the calories that enter the result is a decrease in body weight. This is the same as the pilot that we do in the vacuum in the air overnight. No other factors in the experiment in the laboratory. But when the calories in the form of food that we appeal in our body, our metabolism is influenced by many factors, which are not visible to the eye as the air in the case of feather and the stone was.

Our body burn calories consistently continuously at any time, even when we sleep even. Therefore, the calories quickly in the body in a short time will make the number of calories the body jumped excessive and will be used as necessary, the excess will be stored fat. For example, we drink soda with a total 100 calories, will provide a quick injection of calories into the body because the soda contains simple carbohydrates that are easily absorbed by the body. But we compare with the sweet potatoes consumed with the same number of calories is 100 calories, but it is a complex carbohydrate, which requires a longer process of absorption, the body will absorb the calories from sweet potatoes are slowly so that there are no hikes in the body of excess calories and no changed into fat.

So the conclusion from this, that the most important in the diet is not the number of calories but the type of calories. Not all calories created equal. In the laboratory, calories are calories, but the body is our machine with a different construction and will process the calories from a different type of food differently, too.
Therefore TYPE see that your calorie consumption.


Fat, Cholesterol and Triglyceride

We often hear questions about cholesterol and Triglyceride. What is the difference? What is the meaning of the rate Triglyceride levels or different from what LDL, HDL, or VLDL?

The Basics

In the blood only 3 basic types of fat, cholesterol, namely, Triglyceride and fosfolipid. Because of the nature of fat that can not be soluble in water (while the blood of our water as a main component), the 3 forms of fat should be mixed with a solvent for substances can circulate in the blood. Substance is a type of protein called Apoprotein. Fat compound (a combination of 3 types of fat above), which joined with the apo form lipoprotein (LP). So LP is a cholesterol Triglyceride fosfolipid Apoprotein.

Lipoprotein (LP) differ in size, density, composition and fat composition Apoprotein. These differences make some types of LP, namely HDL, LDL, IDL, VLDL, and kilomikron L p (a). So the term should be understood that the HDL or LDL, etc. is a form of a combination of cholesterol, trigliserid, fosfolipid and protein.

What is different from each Lipoprotein ?

So that not too confusing, here, I will only discuss HDL, LDL, VLDL (leave your doctor is thinking about other).

HDL (high density lipoprotein) is a form of LP, which has a component of cholesterol, at least. Formed in the intestine and liver, HDL cholesterol is absorbed from the free blood vessel, or other parts of the body such as cell makrofag, and then bring them to heart, which make good HDL cholesterol dijuluki (even though the term is not appropriate after we understand what the LP) .

VLDL (very low density LP) LP, which is formed in the liver, which then changed in the blood vessels become LDL (low density LP). LP is a form of cholesterol components at the most and will carry cholesterol into the network, such as blood vessel walls.

What it means and what the risks?

When the rate of cholesterol in the blood vessels is high, this will make the diameter of blood vessels become narrow, (analogy with the water hose inside the walls closed by the mildew, so water will not flow smoothly). In circumstances where there is heavy sumbatan total of the blood vessels will be damaged organs, such as when a coronary vessel is closed, then the heart attack occurred, or when a blood vessel of brain stroke occurs will be closed.

HDL cholesterol will bring free from blood vessels to the heart so that the diameter pipe will widen, while the rate of VLDL and LDL levels there will be things that will make the blood vessel constriction.

How to Triglyceride?

As already explained, that Triglyceride (TG) is one form of 3 basic human fat. Unlike cholesterol, which are stored in the network or heart blood vessel walls, MH will be stored in the fat cells under the skin (which made the six pack abs is very difficult to obtain). What does it mean when a high rate of TG? Whether dangerous. The high rate of TG metabolism will change into a form of VLDL large VLDL. L-form of VLDL This will be the LDL that is easy to oxidise and damage to HDL, which in turn will aggravate cholesterol content of blood vessels.

How good rate, according to inspection in the laboratory?

Total cholesterol:

<200: optimal

200-239: normal

> 240: high


<100: optimal

100-129: nearly optimal

> 130: high


> 40 /> 50: optimal (men / women)


<150: optimal

150-200: nearly optimal

> 200: high


10 tips for a successful Fitness

Can not be finished when most of us can not enjoy a fitness or training. Also a truth that every person in this world can benefit from fitness and nutrition program is appropriate. The following 10 tips to get you started training routine today.

1. Design and actual objective Realistic

Designing a simple goal as you want to reduce the weight is not effective. Create more specific. For example, 'I want to reduce the 10 kg to 5 September.

2. Improving your Measure

Measure each improvement and do routinely. You can not measure how much weight your body is reduced when you do not measure at the beginning.

3. Create Data For Each Training

Each and every training session should be in the data. Preserve the size of your training and journals and create your own success.

4. Pair your Cardio

Create cardio sessions in a variety of intensity and length. Try cardio new content and remain fresh.

5. Training Hard Not Only For Men

Each person can practice with the firm. Training hard to build muscle and increase bone density. Practice all the major muscle groups every 1-3 times per week.

6. Rest

Enough sleep for 7 to 9 hours each night. Similarly, rest your muscles with no exercise for 1 to 2 days each week.

7. Warming Up

Make warming for 5 to 10 minutes before you exercise the core. You must be initiated with the international body temperature first.

8. Cooling down

Cooling do with the overall weakness in the body. This will help improve flesibelitas and reduce pain in the muscles in the next day.

9. Nutrition Represents Half Of Battle

Consumption of food with a reasonable balance of your exercise routine. Eat healthy foods and leave a strict diet in your life forever.

10. Please continue Motivation

Bring a friend to practice or perform exercises with a personal trainer. Do anything to make you committed. If you start lax, lose a sense of guilt and do the exercise routine you back as soon as possible.

However 10 tips for building a foundation of fitness programs that are safe and effective. Anyone can reduce the fat in fat-tbuh with a realistic exercise and nutrition blend enough. If you have health problems, better contact your doctor before you start a fitness. Do exercises regularly and you will be healthier and happier from day to day.


Soy Protein

>> Monday, October 27, 2008

Soy Protein is a protein powder derived from soybean. Why should soybean, and not other sources of vegetable? Because soybean protein content have a very high if compared with other vegetable sources, and also because of soybean available once more (easily obtained) and has several other benefits
In the form of powder, protein, soybean, which has a very pure protein content of 92%. it is also a source of BCAA (branch-chained amino acids) that many glutamine and isoflavone.
Isoflavone is a substance that genistein and daidzein in soybean and has a chemical structure similar to estrogen. In the menopause women, irrespective of calcium from bones and the absorption of calcium from food, and will raise the risk of osteoporosis. Scientific research found: Women who menopause is consumted isoflavone from soybean can make the absorption of calcium from food, and so better to keep calcium from the bone is not lost. Results of this research to make soy protein supplements is preferred by women athletes and male athletes can also consumption.


Fitness lifestyle Motivation

>> Saturday, October 25, 2008

Running a fitness lifestyle is a reaction to all people, who are still new and already tens of years to do so. For the new lifestyle with fitness, the challenge is that most adapt to a new lifestyle, and for the long-run fitness lifestyle has become a case where every individual to be their own biggest challenge. Motivation is a mental dimension that is very broad expression hearts, so that each person would have their own version about what and how it can be motivated. Activities to improve mental concentration and performance, while this is a trend among the world's elite athletes. This also affects the fitness mania to use techniques such as visualization and demands achieve the target that has proved very effective in helping improve the quality of performance in various aspects of physical activity. This aspect can be important for the athletes and fitnessmania because of mental concentration affect two basic required in the growth of muscle: the skill and intensity in practice exercises


About the Glycemic Index And Insulin

>> Friday, October 24, 2008

Size to the values of the GI carbohydrate source is fast or slow carbohydrate is parsed into sugar in the body. The process itself is quite complicated to be explained in simple.
All carbohydrates in the body to receive a response from one organ, which is called: pancreas. pancreas is the organ that produces hormones, insulin function, which depends on 3 things are called:

- The amount of carbohydrates consumed in one meal, the more carbohydrate is consumed, the higher the insulin response. and also vice versa.

- Value of GI carbohydrates consumed. The higher the GI value of a type of carbohydrate also the higher the insulin response

- Frequency of consumption of food each day. The consumption of food every few days, will also increasingly high insulin response, and vice versa

For applications in the Fitness and Body builder, they know the time, the number and type of carbohydrate is consumed affect the growth of muscle. By knowing how carbohydrate consumption that is correct, then we can control the insulin to our needs. There are 2 that the role of insulin you need to know to Maximize muscle and reduce fat:

- Insulin is very influential in the process of distribution of nutrients in the body, including cells to muscle.
- Insulin as the trigger hoarding too many calories and fat food into body fat

If you are able to control insulin through the technique of carbohydrate consumption, this can be used to:

-Maximize muscle growth and recovery
-Restoring the energy lost during exercise
Preventing muscle so-small
-Increasing muscle mien

Maximum-energy exercise with the right


The Low Carb Diet Trend For Fitness

Low-carbohydrate diet trend started from the end of 1990 and the increasingly popular early 2000. Many companies from the drinks industry to Biscuit, beer, sugar suplemendan race to introduce the effectiveness of low-carbohydrate diet for weight-loss.
Based on scientific research, low-calorie diet with low carbohydrate orientation, the efektiv to reduce weight.
carbohydrate consumed will dirobah so glikogen or in the lives thews. Logically carbohydrate consumption is a little glikogen will provide a few also. Suply glikogen low body will make it easy to use fat as a source of energy during a fitness activity.

The type of low-carbohydrate diet is quite popular because it is supported by scientific research. In the two types of diet that has a number of Feed the same calories, the low-carbohydrate diet showed the rate of decrease in body weight and fat that is more significant than a conventional diet of high-carbohydrate and low fat.

When carbohydrate parsed with the slower, the hormone the body produces less insulin. Insulin is a chemical was the trigger appetite the most powerful. When the production of insulin little appetite then we will go down because of the signal that the body we still satisfied, or get enough food. Meanwhile, the production of insulin, which many will deceive us with a brain signal that the body is still hungry, even though many foods that we eat.

Glikemiks index carbohydrate with a lower we do not make more fat than other carbohydrates, even if the calories consumed the same. For example, if you eat 400g carbohydrate per day, every day for 6 months, it is a warranty that the strong consumption of 400g of white rice will make you more fat than grain consumption 400gr. The same amount of calories, and the amount of carbohydrates that are as much the result but the difference. the answer back to the hormone insulin. Glikemic index carbohydrate with a low, making the body produce more insulin slightly. The rate of insulin that is more restrained this allows the burning of fat in the body will be running optimally, particularly if the practice is fitness. And carbohydrate with a high index glikemic, efficient in the number of international insulin this'll make your body store more fat. But for the athletes body builder low carbohydrate diet is not done throughout the year when you want to international muscle mass because the athletes have been described as, glicogen is the main source for training expenses. Consumption of low-carbohydrate glicogen provide only limited to muscle in the high-intensity exercise. This will cause a risk katabolic for our body. Katabolic is a situation where we take the body from the amino acid muscle to be changed because the body glicogen less . With the suggestion that carbohydrate consumption is the risk katabolic will not be there.


Complex Carbohydrate

Carbohydrate complex chemical structure has a longer and is the unity of several simple sugar. Because the shape of the complex, then there are several types that can not be digested by the body. Complex carbohydrates that can be digested by the body are derived from grains such as wheat and rice, tubers, roots and tubers (potato, cassava, sweet potato) and the immature fruit such as mangoes, bananas, tomatoes.
Complex carbohydrates that can not be digested by the body that contain fiber is a lot of fruit such as prunes, Spirulina, psyllium, and some types of vegetables. More complex carbohydrate is recommended to get the proportion of consumption is higher than the simple carbohydrates. The high fiber consumption is also very good for digestive health, launched sewerage body, and maintain the profile of HDL / LDL cholesterol that is also good for heart health


Simple Carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates are divided over 2 types: Monosakarida and oligosakarida. Monosakarida of Glucose, fruktosa, laktosa. Frequently found in nature, especially on some types of fruits such as sweet corn and honey, Fruktosa type is the most sweet of all types of sugar and usually there on the fruit, Laktosa type is a simple carbohydrate derived from milk.
Oligosakarida consists of the consumption of sucrose (sugar), Maltosa, trisakarida and tetrasakarida all this, there are generally on the essence sugar cane or beet root, is Maltosa sugar from the seeds, especially shoot. Trisakarida often found in bits and honey. Tetrasakarida sugar is contained in the legumes and bits. Simple carbohydrates are often used in products such as cakes, chocolate, bread, candy, soft drink, Biscuit, supplements and alternative weight


The Macro Nutrition

The meaning of the simple macro nutrition is nutrition that provides energy in calories. Calories are units of energy that comes from three food groups: Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat. Calorie is a measure for energy.

Understanding of macro nutrient requirement is important to know the main principles to make the weight up or down. Consumption of macro nutrients that will lead to too many is too many calories in the body and will be stored as fat. consumption of too few calories will cause the deficit / less calories, so weight down so


Carbohydrate is a source of energy for the body. Carbohydrate in the body take the form of glucose. As a source of energy, carbohydrates have 4 calories / gram. too much glucose in the blood will be stored as a backup energy (glykogen) in the liver and muscles. When lives and has displaced glycogen muscles to the maximum, the excess will be saved. If there are more advantages glycogen it will be stored for energy for the body in the form of fat .Carbohydrate is the main source of energy for fitness training. The use of glucose in the fitness training generate the remaining metabolism called lactic acid in the muscles trained. Pile of lactic acid is causing a sense of weary to 2 days after the exercise, this is often called Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Energy and carbohydrate is also a top priority for body fat when active move. That's why people are obese will be difficult to hold themselves to not eat food that contains carbohydrates such as high sugar, syrup and rice



start with the back still straight, slightly sloping body and the possibility of knee buckling. As early movement deadlift. In one movement, and keep back straight, and stand up to Hitch burden upwards so that angle is higher than the armlet


Rear Lateral

In this exercise the waist tends to shape the future so that the angle of almost 90 feet. The instrument used is a cable and Cambell. By the way, are given by the Cambell to stray from the side of the body and in the body a little bow. This resembles the movement of the wings of birds flying. Do not make a sliding body movement but still must feel that constant pressure on the deltoid the back way up and down Cambell with a little momentum


Side Lateral Raise

>> Thursday, October 23, 2008

This exercise is to train the side (medial) of the deltoid. This exercise can be done in two ways, namely one arm or two arms at once. Position is the beginning of arms to hang straight down and then Cambell was appointed to the side while the arms remain parallel with the straight to the floor. Training lateral side of this can be done by sitting or standing position. If you want to do this exercise with one arm, the arm, another focus for stabilization, while the arm that holds Dumbell do moving.The tool's for this exercise is Dumbell and cable


Dumbell/ barbell press

To target the muscles are trained all the deltoid muscles of the shoulders, especially the front (anterior) and the side (medial). This exercise can be done with the use or Cambell Berbell with the position of sitting or standing. benefits if done in the standing position of the barbell is lifted more weight and can help the growth areas of spine center, as part of this movement is needed to support the barbell press. Barbell position decreased for the front can be variations (Military press) or neck forth (behind the Neck). Benefits practice with Cambell is a constant pressure on both sides of the side deltoid.



Shoulder showed a picture of the physical illusion of width. Each athlete or a person who has the fitness and shoulder muscles that are formed by the exercise of good will always be plucky. muscles in the shoulder anatomy so divided the two parts, namely:

1. Deltoids: shoulder muscles to the side of their round shape
2. Trapezius: shoulder muscles down the middle of a long neck from the back until the middle of the back.

Training for the shoulder muscles in principle, be divided so that two types of training Raises and Presses. Raises an exercise that isolated muscle in the shoulder. means the movement is the training that is done to provide a total pressure on the shoulder muscles. This exercise can be done with dumbel, barbel or cable.Latihan for the movement presses can be done with a barbell, dumbel, and the machine. This type of exercise presses other than put pressure on the shoulder muscles also put pressure on the muscles Triceps, this is because the movement is a movement that presses involve more than one joint, is the pivot joint shoulder and elbow.

Meanwhile, for the trapezius muscle, the training is often done upright Rows. trapezius muscle growth would help shoulder muscle appearance overall. But growth must be balanced and proportional growth due if the trapezius muscle more quickly from the shoulder muscles will be visible shoulder muscles so that more small


Glucosamine and Chondroitin

>> Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This supplement is a supplement for joint health. As we know with almost all of the body of another network connected by a ligament called pivot, the term is the cartilage between the two bones.

Bland membrane of a protein called collagen often are soft and provide lubricant on the bone to be able to move more freely and charming. concomitant increase in age and the high movement joints on the individuals as active athletes and fitness, the network is so changed kelenturan and lubricant. To help new collagen production in the pivot, and Chondroitin supplements Glucosamin able to provide the results were quite good in clinical trials. Now supplements glucosamine and chondroitin supplements often become a mainstay of the world's athletes to maintain their career to be at risk for a long time and fair competition. This usually supplements available in doses of 500-1500mg glucosamine and chondroitin adajuga producers add vitamin C to improve the network body.


Tribulus Terestris

Tribulus terestris is a kind of herbal found in the first Bulgria and Russia. Content is active in the herbal adalh steroidal saponin, which is called protodioscin. Herbal way of working is to stimulate the production of Luteinizing hormone (LH) from the body. LH is the hormone that gives signal to the organs and the adrenal test to corteks produce more hormone testosteron. So the effect the increase testosteron not occur directly, but with the increased production support testosteron.

Testosteron is a hormone that determines the development and establishment of the muscle. The more testosteron owned someone, the more easy for him to add muscle mass. This is one of the reasons why testosteron such as synthetic anabolic steroid used by many body builder and other sports, but this will be dangerous side effects such as increased hormone estrogen in men, arising ulcer in the entire body up to the stoppage of production testosteron naturally, that means decreasing function normal sexual men.

Tribulus Testeris is one method that naturally react because the corridor is still in production capacity testosteron in the body. The increase testosteron with suplementasi herbal Tribulus can be safe and legal for men but not for women


Gamma Amino Butyric Acid/ GABA

Gaba is a kind of amino acids that affect the hypothalamus system that is under the brain. Hypothalamus is a gland that produces growth hormone (growth hormone / GH) in humans. In some research, found that GABA is able to increase production of natural GH body to 550% higher than usual. even said this discovery is the discovery of GH production of the highest ever recorded with the use of non supplement prescriptions.

GABA is also recommended consumption before sleep because the effects are reported as one of the benefits from the use of these supplements. Recommendation for general consumption is about 2000-5000mg. Should start with a lower dose because at the beginning of summer will be felt on the skin.

Overview of the GH, this is one of the hormone anabolik enough dominandisamping testosteron, one other benefit that is quite popular is the increased effectiveness of the body in burning calories, so often used during the pre-competition in some of the athletes body builder. However, the use of Synthetic versions often give negative effects, such as enlarging the internal organs of human body and excessive water retention.

The use of supplements such as GABA does not cause negative effects such as working with the body's natural system, not with synthetic materials, such as by the cheating athletes.



Melatonin is suplement that is used by many people who suffer from jetlag and sleeping difficult. Sometimes the training is too intensive force the body to work too active causing overtraining. one of the symptoms of overtraining the most popular is difficult to sleep or insomnia. Melatonin supplements in the body to be changed so hormones, serotonin and dopamine, which is a hormone that triggers the onset relaksan feel sleepy. In some sports institutions, this supplement may be prohibited in the fields or enter the category doping from several branches of sports



Ephedrine or ephedra alkaloids from the plant MA Huang is a supplement that has been prohibited. Initially this herbal has been used by traditional medical experts china for thousands of years to treat respiratory disturbances. However, the effect decrease the fat when it merged with cafeine good and safe, but many consumers often occur suplement misusing this so there casualties and the emergence of some side effects that appear as a result of excessive use. objectively, including the use of supplements is safe if used by healthy people and do not exceed the recommended dose. But now both the government and sports institutions have EPHEDRINE prohibit the use of supplements, in the use of the athletes are also prohibited


Cycle and the philosophy of the occurrence of muscle growth

Actually what happens when we practice barbel with high intensity? In this fundamental cause damage to the muscles. High intensity, as has been mentioned as a result of provocation from the maximum muscle fiber. Muscle damage that occurred this is not a big injury, but a small injury can be repaired or restored through the presence of supporting elements that are not less important, such as Protein, Carbohydrate, enough calories, conditions conducive hormone, and adequate rest. This period of recovery can depend on the existence of some of the elements mentioned above, but generally the process of healing muscle shortly after the start of training until 72 or 90 hours later.

In the rest of this process, not only the musculature of the trained experienced the process of healing and recovery, but also the central nervous system (central nervous system) also experienced a recovery, even more than the local muscle. this is because the central nervous system to control many body functions of the body that also affect the level of stress on the body. Matters such as air pollution, the burden of mental work, and the drive will also cause physical and mental pressure on the central nervous system


The Adaptation Character of Skeleton Muscle

The growth of skeleton muscles is a process that is designed not automatically in the body. This means that the human body has a natural mechanism to work efficiently. Adapting is the right word for it because the appropriate body always reaches a situation that is stable and constant or called Homeostatis and the way to achieving this are with the adoption of the changes immediately.

Example: a person who is aware of the new coma for several months would still difficult to see a few days or weeks because he does not use commas eyes. another example in sufferer fracture, which in part is broken should be protected with gibs for 6-8 weeks. After gibs will be seen that the closed gibs small part of that is not gibs.

Two examples of the above explains in our body that our system is a complex and very clever in the way of adaptation to set the efficiency of various operational systems of the body. If there are parts of the body is not used, then the body will try to lower the energy use is not in maintaining the situation. If there are parts of the body are used intensively, the body will adapt to make so large that are ready for intensive tatangan following. in other words, the muscles do not use muscle is the most likely experienced the most rapid depreciation compared with the muscles that are always maintained as the body for life


exercise factors that support the growth of the occurrence of muscle mass

>> Tuesday, October 21, 2008

To know the cycle of occurrence of muscle growth, we should first recognize some flexibility exercises. The first is to understand what is the growth of muscle mass. The growth of muscle mass or called as Hypertrophy is a condition in which muscle fibers grow big and bold. This is both understand what the recruit muscle fibers that maximum (maximum muscle fiber recruitment). This occurs when the muscle fibers are trained really exhausted all the pressure for movement in the barbels that the muscle to intended it. Recruit muscle fibers MUST happen to be able to get the maximum muscle growth, because without it the potential for the development of muscle only as a small number of muscle fibers that used.So, the maximum muscle fibers are recruited in a training session, the greater the potential for the development of muscle mass (Hypertrophy)

There are some important things that needed to support the occurrence of maximum muscle fiber recruitment in the training session, It is:
1. By using the basic training
2. there is a strong relationship between the brain and muscles
3. High intensity training


What is the skeleton muscle?

The skeleton muscle is a component of protein / amino acids that most large in the human body. It consists of tens and hundreds of millions of fine fibers that connect bones in the human skeleton. Function is to muscle contraction and the short length, with the ability of this contraction, muscle allows the body to move according to the command signal from the brain.


The Kind of Muscle's

Actually in the human body there are 3 types of muscle, namely: Smooth muscle, muscle beneath and skeletal muscle. Musculature smooth muscle is a fine and move automatically according to its function as muscle membrane ear, muscle and intestine stomach muscle, heart muscle is the movement of the heart muscle, muscle is the muscle of the practitioners are trained by fitness athletes for performance or strength and size muscle. there are more than 400 types of muscle in the human body but, in general, divided into several main types of muscle:

Shoulder: Deltoids (anterior medial who) trapezius
Chest: Pectoralis major Pectoralis minor serratus anterior
Stomach: Rectus abdominis, Intercostal, obliques
Sleeve: Forearms Flexor, Extensor forearms, biceps, brachialis Triceps
Back: Rhomboids, teres major, minor teress, lattisimus dorsi erector.
Hip: Gluteus Maximus
Thigh: Hamstrings
Gastrocnemius calf, soleus
Home leg: Vastus Letaralis, vastus medialis, sartorius


Fitness and diet life style

>> Monday, October 20, 2008

The role of the pattern of good nutrition is a third of all the patterns better life. Two-thirds are training and rest. masig the same importance as a choir, the three elements that complement each other and bolster. Training without the support of the right pattern, nutrition and adequate rest will not give the optimal results can even cause a decrease in body resistance, so the body so vulnerable to the disease and injury, while good nutrition and exercise without rest will make a balanced lifestyle fitness so lame no progress in the physical meaning, as with the rest without too much exercise and eating patterns that will make regular body fat and so vulnerable to the disease. The idea is balance, one of this page from the third game then it will be problematic, but other important things that need to understand is that in the three is not an additional burden in your life.

For aspects of training needs a commitment of additional activities that are not there to be there and should be done. But when we have a clear priority of life on the health, the commitment to increase training activities will not be a problem for the temporary aspects of food and rest have been running every day, irrespective of the fitness lifestyle is just a different application only. Where is the knowledge we will add what is good and healthy for us to do and apply that knowledge is gained into the life of our own. The term is to make other changes, which means that the pattern of nutrition and rest we become better from the previous


Fresh and Fit

Involve the development of physical fitness and physical ability of all.so body is not only to be formed, but also the health needs lungs, heart and lungs to the body into shape. Only the burden will not give us a comprehensive health care. Similarly, if you want to achieve only by doing aerobic activity, such as run, it will not make our body become stronger, because it needs to balance, and this can be achieved through the Fitness / body builder when we want to have excellent body condition of good form one body The beautiful and strong and physical fitness.

To get the physical fitness so there are 3 things that we need to have, namely:

1.condition of a good aerobic
Aerobic activity is any activity that uses lots of oxygen. all of oxygen carried in the body of the cardiovascular system consists of the heart, lungs and blood circulation in the designs. Aerobic system will be trained well in a sport that is done with very high repetition, such as run, swimming and cycling.

The body does need to be flexible so that not be awkward.accrue age practice and rarely cause our movement so limited

3.Condition of good muscle
To make muscles so strong, how efficient is the training load. When we practice the barbels of muscle contraction and the muscle will adapt to the load, there are also large increases and strong.

With the fitness training we can obtain a physical fit


Body builder and Fitness

Body builder and fitness is a sport that foundation.our body in this life to get a lot of pressure, among other age that continues to grow, stress and pollution. Addition of age and accompanied by a decrease in physical condition can not be avoided. but this sport can help maintain the physical condition that we expect. Fitness with our body will become stronger in time than we let on ourselves and spend the age of silence just without the sport. In the body builder and fitness of our own that we determine the destination. Vision as what we want to get in shape our body. Most sports require that we obey the regulations stipulated in the sport, but this is in the best know certain basic principles that have been offered. By knowing and understanding the basic principles of this sport, we can run in accordance with the conditions we desire and, in determining the schedule, programs and strategies in running the sport because the needs and constraints of each person is different. The major motivation of ourselves is the primary and there are no secret of success to achieve a success. Enjoying what we do, do things gradually, and determine the plan of short-term and long-term realistic is the most important factor in our success. This made the sports section of our life as a habit and not forced. When we enjoy what we do, the factors of discipline, consistency, dedication and commitment to this sport will grow their own. With recognize the positive value of sport in this then we will always motivated to do the best for our health.



>> Sunday, October 19, 2008

ZMA contains 3 components:
Zinc monomethionine aspartate
Magnesium aspartate
Vitamin B6
It is a natural product that has been clinically proven to increase anabolic hormone levels and body muscle strength in athletes. Magnesium and Zinc was easily lost from the body after conducting training activities that heavy burden. Research shows that supplementation ZINC with 30 mg of magnesium and 40mg per day can increase the body's testosterone level reached 30%. Research on ZMA, which is the most frequently discussed research on the NCAA football players. Lorrie Brilla.PhD, sports performance researchers at the University of Western Washington reported that ZMA significantly increase the level of free testosterone and muscle strength in the NCAA football players. the results of this research was indicated by Dr. Brilla at the annual meeting of American College of Sports Medicine in Seatle and publish in journals in the ACSM. In particular Brilla reported that a group of football players use ZMA, which peters every night during the eight-week spring training program to get increased muscle strength as much as 2.5 times higher than the group that did not use, Measuring the strength of leg muscles before and after it is done by using dinamometer Biodex Isokinetic, leg muscle strength of the ZMA increased 11.6% compared with 4.6% of the groups that do not use ZMA. This means that if we can increase our barbel of 10 pounds in the Bench press in 8 weeks without ZMA, then we actually can be international to 25 pounds if we use ZMA. Brilla also explain further "increase in muscle strength resulting from the increase anabolic hormone the body to consume ZMA.

ZMA user groups get 30% increase in the level of free testosterone and the total compared with a decrease in testosterone levels as much as 10%, which is a group that does not use ZMA. groups that use ZMA also experienced increased hormone IGF-1 (insulin growth factor-1) compared with a decrease of 20% in the group that did not use ZMA. This study showed that anabolic hormone and muscle strength can be improved on the athletes who have trained with the preparation of ZMA, another advantage of ZMA is a good night's sleep. ZMA is required by the fitness mania and athlete, who want to improve energy, athletic performance and increase muscle mass. Research also shows most athletes have a rate of ZINC, magnesium and vitamin B6, which is very low. This is not a good thing for athletes because of lack of 3 elements that will lower the performance, muscle endurance, work capacity and muscle. ZMA the correct usage is 3 capsule before bed for men and 2 capsule before bed for women. ZMA safe for consumption because it is a combination of vitamins, minerals, which increase anabolic hormone the body naturally, without the element of synthetic hormones


Essential Amino Acids

>> Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What are the essential things in life? A nice house? A steady paying job? A fitness model with glutes that only Leonardo Da vinci could have conceived hanging by your side? Clearly it’s a though question to answer. But when it comes to what’s essential for you muscle’s anabolic cycle of life, the answer is easy. In fact,it’s so obvious that you’ll give your self a roundhouse kick in frustration. What is it?

The Essential Amino Acids

Gaining muscle has been made easier with the advent of scientific findings. you have at your disposal and assortment of diet and supplement choices that will lead you closer to your physique goals.

Creatine supplementation can increase muscle fiber size and improve strength and power. If you don’t eat enough protein you’d get shrinkage worse than George Constanza emerging from a cold lake. You must, I repeat, You must add another efficacious supplement to your list: Essential Amino Acid

The essential amino acid or EAAs for short, are those amino acids that are not made by your body. Hence you need to get them from your diet, these include Phenylalanine, Valine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Isoleucine, Methionine, Lysine, and Leucine.

A study from Texas looked a how powerful the EAAs truly are. They took research subject and had them perform an exercise training routine that consisted of: 10 sets x 8 repetition of leg press at 80 percent of their maximum and 8 sets x 8 rep of leg extension at 80% of max. The rest interval between sets was 2 minutes and the entire leg workout took about 45 to 50 minutes. Not exactly a typical leg day but it’s better than a fork in the eye.

What did these brainiacs find?

Consuming a mixture of EAAs significantly increased blood levels of amino acids. But more importantly, total net phenylalanine uptake across the leg was 158 percent greater when the EAAs were taken before versus after the training bout.

Interestingly, EAAs seem to exert a positive effect on protein metabolism without the presence of the other non- EAAs for instance a 40 gram solution of EAAs was found to improve net muscle protein balance thus indication a possible anabolic effect.

And for further show the versatility of these amino acids, a study from the University of Nebraska has shown that supplementation with EAAs may have an ergogenic effect.
Scientist studied a group of women who consumed either 18 gram of EAAs or placebo daily for 6 weeks. Each woman performed a split routine, multipleset weight training regimen three times weekly as well as aerobic training three times weekly for 20 minutes per session.

The result of this investigation showed no effect on body weight or body fat levels; how ever, treadmill time to exhaustion improved more in the EAA group and although it was not quite statistically significant, total weight lifted by the EAA group improved more than the placebo group.

So clearly if you want to increase muscle protein gain you may want to ingest EAAs and mixing it with a high glycemic index sugar might help as well. Some might suggest eating whole foods is the same thing. Wrong! There are no whole food’s that contain just the EAAs! In terms of efficiency, you are better off consuming 6 grams of EAAs then consuming whole protein.
Let me repeat. There are reasons why supplements are the better choice. The convenience factor is one of them. Also, there are no single foods thet are purely essentially amino acids. And of course there is the issue of digestibility.

My advice to you: consume the essential amino acids before training. It will stimulate muscle mass gain but for those of you who have sensitive stomachs, make sure you have a post work out meal right after training. Make it roughly 500 calories wiyh roughly equal protein and carbs. Add some glutamine for immune support. Drop in a teaspoon of flax oil or peanut butter, and you’re good to go.


Bench Press

>> Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The flat dumbell bench press is an excellent exercise building up the muscles of the chest. But did you know that
the standard, laying-down-flat body position on the bench is not the most effective for maximal muscle
stimulation? By changing how and where you set yourself on the bench, you can dramatically increase the
muscle fiber stimulation you get from the flat dumbell bench press.
I've also found, with the better leverage I can get on the chest in this position, that I am actually stronger and
can get more reps and use more weight. At the same time, this position reduces the involvement of the
anterior (front) deltoids in the pressing movement while increasing the involvement of the upper pec fibers.
The key to this exercise lies in opening up your rib cage. In the standard flat position, your chest is not
expanded. Your pectoral muscle can fire most effectively when your shoulders are back, your lower back is
arched and your chest is puffed out. While this can be done somewhat in the regular bench position, it does not
feel natural and can actually put stress on the lower back. This exercise is done by placing yourself off the end
of the flat bench, accomplishing the optimal position for the pectoral muscles to fire.
How To Do It:
l The basic position of the exercise is as follows:
your upper back (from just below the shoulder
blades on up) will be resting on the end of the
bench with your upper torso essentially flat.
Your hips will be down below the level of the
bench, and your lower back will be arched so
that your lower abdomen is angled down. Your
knees should be very bent.
l You will look as though you are trying to wrap
your back around the end of the bench. Practice
this position once without any weight to get a
feel for it.
l To get into position with weights, sit on the very
end of the bench with the dumbells on your
upper thighs.
l Quickly move your butt forward off the bench, dropping into a squat, and allow your upper back to rest
against the lead edge of the bench.
l Thrust your hips up and throw your upper body back onto the bench, kicking the dumbells into the
bottom position of a dumbell bench press. Press up to the top position.
l If you are not completely in position with your entire lower back off the bench (the bottom of your rib cage
should be in line with the end of the bench), weasel yourself down somewhat. Note: "Weasel" is the
technical term for shifting back and forth as you slide yourself down the bench a little.
l Do the press from there and really try to expand the chest in the stretch position.
l When the exercise gets hard, fight the urge to lift your hips up. Consciously force them down. This is
good practice for keeping your butt down on the regular flat bench press


Fitness Training Tip

>> Monday, October 6, 2008

We have samed destination are possible namely strengthens stomach muscle and uppermost of six pack although later possible six your pack has not same as owned the models but at least you would more self confidencely when having to opens clothes in the fron of beautiful women in swimming pool periphery. This article to guide you does one of forming practice and strengthens six pack: Incline reverse crunch.

Because which many moving in this practice is feet and stomach muscle's as retainer, hence incline reverse more crunch affected at reinforcement and forming of stomach muscle residing in part of down,and this practice accross the board enough useful to strengthen back part of down,gluteus and external of oblique.

For new first time does Incline reverse crunch usually will feel pain in back bone after practice this thing is fair happened because stomach muscle still have not is strong become when ascending degraded feet is not stomach muscle arrest;detaining body but the impact back pain in bone taste arises in you body backside

That training gives maximum result hence here there are some tip:

Firstly movement of body doesn't patching is plane in bench in extreme this thing is dangerous because diffraction generates injuring in back

Second takes care of movement international to fluctuate feet in order not to untimely more and more slow more and more good this thing will make you stomach muscle to work is maximum formed six pack.

Third ascertains you hand to clutch hold powerfully as one of boom in incline reverse crunch ascertained you hand enough strong to support various movement if your movement are correct hence muscles lat, biceps and shoulder will get benefit from this training

If you was injured in part of back hence doesn't do this training because diffraction adds pain taste wounded, if you has ready to start exercising and next 1-2 months of six your pack has been formed


Fitness Tips

In Gym it doesn't matter your be a member in a moment you will meet with a beginner which as any beginner wish immediately has strength for , doing lift it's excellent bench press and you are sure will see past when you first time comes to Gym you to try lifts burden and fails because a few you burdens capable to lift the failure,makes you to exercise firm week for the shake of week to increase strength lifts you especially bench press.You increases strong of you chest muscle also thus big but you has not got ideal body posture like you are hope,the muscle in your chest not proportional. Your back are rather bows because too much doing bench press, it's indication the strength of easy and unbalanced muscle become wounded. You must have other way to make that thus well-balanced.Fly bench press if it is done truly, hence this is a real movement good to forming part of central,side and in from your chest,the line of which you must pass by when lifting and reducing dumbbell to give a real pressure effect wide.
warning: this practice requires flexibility muscle,control and high concentration must do warm-up and estrangement that is enough before that. in consequence applies just half burden from you capable to lift in practice bench press.


Protein Power Plan

>> Friday, October 3, 2008

Based on the book by Michael and Mary Eades entitled Protein Power Plan,this diet focuses on overall health,rather then weight loss. They believe modern day man is not that much different from our caveman ansestors in dietary needs.People are encouraged to eat animal protein,nuts and certain vegetables carbohydrates,especially those found in processed fod are to be avoided.Because carbohydrate increase yours body's blood sugar and as a result it's insulin production,this increases the amount of fat storage.They encourage those with adult onset diabetes and high blood presure to abstain from excessive carbohydrate intake.Carb such as potato,grain and legumes are avoided.Like the Atkins diet,this is considered a more extreme diet plan and works in phases. The first phase is called the intervention and is the most restrictive.carbs are limited 7 to 10 grams a meal.Snacks are allowed in between meals but are also limited 7 to 10 grams.Your total daily intake of carbohydrates wold be from 20 to 40 grams. Fat is not limited at all as it does not caus ean increase in insulin levels.The intervention phase is continued until you have reached the level of weight loss or health you desire.The next phase is the transition phase.Here you increase your carbs to 50 grams a day.This can last for several weeks until you feel you are ready for the maintenance phase where you can increase your carbs up to 70 to 130 grams a day.

Sample Daily Diet(for Phase One)
Breakfast : Three full eggs,bacon and a half a grapefruit with coffe.
Lunch :chicken caesar salad with parmasagn cheese,a cup of cottage cheese with blueberry and tea
Snack : Pepperoni slices,celery with 2 tbsp peanut butter or a handfull of almond.
Dinner : 8 oz sirloin steak,Brocoli with butter,salad with olive oil dressing and a small glass of dry wine.

Alcohol is permited but only those that are lower in carbohydrates such as such hard liqueur and lite beers,excercise,particulary weight training to increase muscle mass and hence an increase in metabolism is encouraged.


How does the Jenny Craig diet work

>> Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jenny craig has helped millions of woman and men change their live in a positive way by teaching them now to eat more healthfully and add regular excerciseto their busy live styles.Before she could help change the live of others however,Jenny first had to change her own and that change occured more than 35 years ago,after she loss 45 pound gained during a difficult pregnancy.Along with the unwanted weight went her unwanted feeling of depresions anxiety and stress eager to share her experience.Jenny devoted her live to helping others enjoy the same feeling of success self fullfillment that she had achieved.
And now at 64 years young,Jenny is one of the wolrd's most recognaized personality in the area of weight management.She and her husband Sid,are also the devoted parents of five and grand parent of seven yet they still fun time to remain active in the operations of Jenny Craig Inc.
A $400 million public company in five country.


Schwarzbein Principle

Again,the focus is on avoiding processed carbohydrates,but Dr.Diana schwarzbein's diet is less restrictive.The emphasis is on eating a balanced diet containing low carb vegetables,egg,red meat and moderate amounts of unrefined carbohydrates.Alcohol and caffeine are avoided.Healthy fats such as those found in olive oil,eggs,avocados,butter,flaxseed oil and some fish are encouraged.Fried foods and hydrogenated fats are to be avoided.Lean meat,fish,egg and green leafy vegetables that are not high in carbohydrates are encouraged. This diet also includes stress management,exercise and avoidance of stimulant such as caffeine.
Those that are inactive can have up to 15 grams of carbohydrates in each meal.Calories are not restricted.there are two phases,healing (phases one) and the final phases,maintenance.

Sample Daily Diet

Breakfast: Eggs with nitrate-free bacon,2/3 cup oatsmeal with butter and cream.
Snack : 1/4 cup almond
Lunch : Cobb salad (made with chopped chicken,nitrate-free bacon,a hard boiled egg,bleu cheese,salad green and tomatoes and olive oil and vinegar dressing,one small apple.
Snack :String cheese
Dinner : Roast pork loin,1/3 cup brown rice with butter,broccoli with butter and a mixed green salad with tomatoes and cucumber with olive oil and vinegar dressing


The Zone Diet

>> Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Created by Dr Barry Sears,Ph.D., The Zone diet focus on insulin control.Nutrients are consumed at percentage of 40 percent carb,30 percent protein and 30 percent fat each day.There is no induction phase,however you may eventually add more fat once you have reached your target weight to prevent you from losing any more.

Sample Diet Daily

Breakfast: Four eggs with one yolk,a 1/2 grape fruit and a cup of black coffee or tea without sugar
Lunch : Lean chicken breast cooked in olive oil,one cup of broccoli and salad with balsamic vinegar and olive dressing.
Dinner : Salmon,one cup of asparagus and a salad with balsamic vinegar and olive dressing.

You can learn more about these diets by visiting your local book store.You might not want to go all out and jump into one of these low carb diets,but it could not hurt to make your snacks lower
in carb many food companies now make snacks specifically for those looking for low carb option.Just check out some of the companies that make these goodies in the side bar within this article.


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