Carbohydrate addict's Diet

>> Friday, September 26, 2008

Creator's Dr 's Richard F and Rachel F Heller contends that many addicted to carbohydrates produce an excess of insulin which results in an increase in hunger.The fat storage that follows this excessive eating ca be controlled by manipulating your insulin levels. This diet contains two low carb meals a day and third meal will contain moderate carbohydrates.Before the higher carbohydrate meal you will eat a salad to reduce cravings and fill you. You are even allowed to consume desert after you higher carbohydrate meal.However you must do all of this within one hour's time as this should not be used as and excuse to eat into the evening,hence binging.
There is no induction period and you do not need to measure foods or count carbohydrate you do,however follow a list of foods that help reduce your cravings.

Sample daily diet

Breakfast:Four eggs,bacon and black Coffee or tea
Snack: One cup of almond
Lunch: Chick caesar salad
Dinner: FIrst eat your salad then a meal of your choice


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