Stone Age Diet

>> Monday, September 29, 2008

This diet splits people into two type,those who are naturally lean and maintain their weight consistenly and those who gain weight easily.For the later group,this is due to an inability to break down carbohydrates completely.It is the contention of this diet that obesity emerged as a problem when people began planting grains and cereals,something our bodies were not truly set up to digest and utilize well. According to this diet,people should be getting back to consuming a diet similar to that of stone age man. Refined and processed foods are to be avoided. Refined white flour and sugar are the worst thing to consume.

Carbohydrates are kept under 60 grams a day and below 50 grams to those who have a particulary difficult time losing weight.Protein and fat are high,with a ratio 3:1

Sample Daily Diet
Breakfast: 8 oz fresh squeezed orange juice,scrambled egg with butter,fatty bacon and kippers.Drink tea or coffee cream but no sugar
Lunch: Beef stew with vegetable,wedge of cheese,brocoli with butter,fish barries with cream and coffee or tea with cream but no sugar
Dinner: 1/2 pound of fatty beef or pork,spinach,a wedge of cheese and pineapple.Drink tea or coffee with cream but no sugar
Before bed: Two hard- boiled eggs.


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