The Insulin Resistance Diet

>> Sunday, September 28, 2008

According to Cheryle.R.Hart.MD and Mary Kay Grossman.R.D,excess carbohydrate consumption and a lack of protein are responsible for weight gain.The recommended ratio of protein to carb is: 7 grams of protein to 15 gramsof carbs. No more than 30 grmas of carbs should be consumed at the same time.Whhile meals should be consumed at least two hours apart,protein can be consumed any time.Low fat protein such as chicken,fish and low fat diary products are encourage as are vegetables.Red meat is to be eaten only two to three times a weeek.Foods high in starch(such a corn and potatoes) and those high in fat (such as avocados and olives) are limited. The ratio of this diet is 40 to 60 % carbohydrates 20 to 30 % protein and 20 to 30 % fat.This is an easier to diet to stick to as no foods are truly banned,just eaten in can even treat yourself to some thing sugary two to three times a week,but they caution againts going over board with this,especialy for those addicted to sugar.

Sample Daily Diet
Breakfast: One egg on dry low carb toast,ypgurt and a cup black coffee or tea .
Lunch: Grilled chicken salad and a backed potato.
Snack: Canned tuna packed in water-mixed with 1 tbsp olive oi,celery and pearsly on two carb
Dinner: Lean chicken with a potato,brocoli and a green salad with low fat dressing.


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