Fat Flush Plan

>> Saturday, September 27, 2008

Developed by Anne Louis Gittleman,this diet focus on what she calls the five hidden weight gain factors:liver toxicity,waterlogged tissues,fear of fat,excess insulin levels and stress.the ratio of carbohydrates,protein and fat is 40/30/30.There are three phases; Phases one lasts two weeks and if the fat flush phase.this is the hardest part of the program,but is designed to cleanse the body and lose weight.Phase two continues with fat flushing and on going weight loss,but food selection is increased.Finally,phase three is the one you will continue as your lifestyle eating plan.Dairy,wich has been previously restricted,is added in small amount and some starchier vegetables and nongluten gains are also added.This diet discourages the use of salt,sugar processed foods,caffeine,diet sodas,alcohol,aspartame sugar,yeast related vinegars,all grains and cereals and trans fats.Supplements are encourage and 2 tablespoon of flaxseed oil are taken daily.also taken each day is a teaspoon of psyllium hucks mixed with a watered down unsweeted cranberry juice.


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