Bulking without the excess of fat

>> Monday, December 1, 2008

Bulking phase is increased until the reaches of body weight over ideal body weight desired. Consumption many carbohydrates but not to reduce the Feed protein. Percentage less than 40% carbohydrate, 40% and 20% protein, healthy fat. Bulking is the addition of muscle mass that many (massive), but not followed by the addition of too much fat. The following tips bulking without excess fat:

1. The process of bulking does not mean the wishes, so they still set the pattern for you to add calories. Choose no saturated fat, complex carbohydrate, fibrous food, and high-protein diet to keep your body in the process anabolic (build muscle).

2. Keep the menu, which contains saturated fat and trans fat because it will disturb the balance of metabolism and muscle growth. Trans fat found in the fried, biscuit, cake and pastry. The high saturated fat found in meat pigs.

3. Consumption of fish because the sea laden with the contents of Omega-3 fat that is both needed by the body.

4. Arrange training with adequate rest. Training should use repetition 6-8 with a failure (not able to raise more) in the last repetition. Adjust the burden you with the ability to maximize your maximum muscle growth.

5. Drink lots of water. Water is able to accelerate the body's metabolism so that helps to carry fat in the body, not dumped.

6. Enough vitamins and minerals daily. Vitamins and minerals will help the body absorb food properly so that food consumed will be the maximum. Energizer is also useful to improve endurance and body to run the normal function of the body.

7. If you are aged 30 years and above, the rate of increase testosterone your muscles for growth with the maximum raise the testosterone natural supplements such as TestostroGrow 2 HP from Ultimate Nutrition.

To accelerate the process of bulking you, consumption supplements weight gainer as IsoMass Xtreme Gainer, muscle Juice in 2544, or Massive Whey Gainer which is formulated specifically for bulking with the content of complex carbohydrate and high protein but low fat.


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