10 Tips for Ideal body weight

>> Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Many of us are experiencing problems in raising the ideal body weight. Ideal body weight can be added to increase muscle mass, not body fat. Many are often wrong meaning by raising the weight means to increase the amount of fat. In addition to the way it is the wrong way, the way it is not very healthy because it means the fat increases the energy we consume more than we need for our activities.

Usually, after trying for months, eating as much as possible, a fitness training 'he' is heavy but still not produce results at all, we have started to despair and say that we are the body's lymphatic or have genetic fate. If in 2-3 weeks there has been no result, there is a past wrong.

Please check tips below to make the muscles for 2-3 weeks is not so large:
1. whether we eat 5-6x a day, the share is, and reducing junk food? Eating junk food not only increase the fat is not healthy but can also slow the body's metabolism makes the body can not work in a healthy.

2. Eating carbohydrate and protein INDIRECT after exercise. This is necessary to replace the glycogen or sugar in the muscles that out when we exercise. And protein needed by the muscles that we just 'broken' with the weight training.

3. Eat real food (not supplements) Max 1 hour after exercise

4. Consumption the multivitamins (for which this requirement would add weight, because the B vitamins, especially, is very helpful to absorb the nutrition that we eat.'ll eat a lot of free food, but our bodies can not handle it well).

5. Training expenses do not exceed 1 hour. And reduce your cardio. Training more than 1 hour you will burn calories. You still need the calories to build your musculature.

6. No train the same muscle more than 2x in a week

7. Is the set of 9-12 per muscle per session. Chest muscles do not train with all the tools at the gym with the assumption that the more complete the better. Use only 3-4 tool each about 3-4 sets and use the basic compound movement only. No Isolation Movement.

8. Reps 6-8 is a must, must not be to 12 Reps. 6-8 Reps did have failure.

9. Use negative Reps. After the failure, assisted by a friend / spotter to lift, and we hold to the decrease. Reps vary this negative for 2-3 weeks.

10. Already using High Intensity Training for training expenses. Which means that, short break between sets, approximately 1.5 - 2 minutes. And lift the burden as possible. Example: create a high around 160-165, when I left BENCH press 10kg weight is right. As it will not be able to increase the muscle you. Pursue the target at least 25-30kg left and right. If you have not been able, up slowly each week until you are able, if necessary, ask for help a friend.


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