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>> Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You can't get exercise because of busy? Maybe you want to try to follow the schedule "sport" daily that you can do in during your busy following:

Take a pedometer when walking. A physiology professor in the United States to see that the numbers can be a strong incentive to trigger people walk through a distance of more prev. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity showed that walking 9,000 steps or more per day reduced the risk of suffering heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Try to walk to work or other places. If you drive, parkirlah car in a remote place. If you take bus or train, alight quite far from the stop. Try to walk as far as 1 km, about 15 to 20 minutes. Running with the speed of three to four km per hour is the speed necessary to get heart health and blood vessel needed to prevent heart disease.

Another way to reduce the risk of heart disease and burn more calories is walking in the office. Go to the canteen at the bottom to drink coffee. Use the fax machine is three floors above. Rather than send an e-mail to a friend your work, walk to the office. Use a printer located farthest from your desk.

Place a few barbel in the light table for when you lift the rest are working. Alternatively, fasten ballast (for example 1kg) on the TV remote control. You can do sports with small hands to manipulate muscles up and down each time changing the channel for about 5-10 minutes. Studies show that exercise and lift the burden of holding such as this reduces the risk of affected many diseases, including osteoporosis and heart disease.

Take advantage of your time waiting. Wander around the office building at the time of rest, or around the room when the doctor to continue the service. Drag musculature body while sitting or standing in a row. Pull up to the stomach and spinal resistance in the five count.

Rather than spend the sports routine, better cut time and increase intensity to improve the quality of your training. For example, you can reduce cycle time in the fitness, but selingi with two or three times faster cycling for a minute.

Once a plan once-date with sports activities together. Cycling or playing tennis can help evaporate with nervous energy. Moreover, the exercise cheaper than going dating in restaurants or cinemas, right?


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