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>> Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What is the Detox diet?

Detox diet is the diet or eating patterns to help the process of body detoxification, with cast-toxic poison in the body to prevent allergic reactions. Many researchers and doctors who claim that the detox diet able to reduce allergy, improve health, digestive system, and helps the reduction of body weight. But whether that right?

Professor Alan Boobis OBE, toxicology experts from Imperial College London, stated that the human body has its own system detoxification very good. Organs such as hearts, kidney, lymph and large intestine, mutual cooperation in removing the poison from the body each day. Detox diet can be dangerous for the body because the body a long time just to get Feed from the water, fruits and vegetables, besides that fasting is also recommended to optimize the process of detox. The body requires adequate nutrition form of carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, minerals, no saturated fat and water, to be able to run with optimal metabolic function.

Basic principles


Detox diets recommend to extend drinking water, fruits and vegetables herbal.

Avoid all foods that hamper the working lives of organs such as caffeine and alcohol.

Avoid all foods processed meat and milk.

Fasting is recommended to help the detox process.

Limit the number of calories the entrance to a decrease in body weight.

What is the Detox diet can reduce body weight?

Detox diet is not intended to reduce weight. Detox diet is usually only programmed for several days to a week, but many people apply detox diet in a long time with the reasons for the decrease in body weight want more. Decrease the weight of this drastic happens because the supply of calories is very small. Weight down is a decrease in muscle mass because of a decrease in fat may not be as fast as this, so we made the metabolism also decreased. What is the result of the poor? Weight will rise again higher than the original program to stop when this diet, it is often we call the yoyo effect. There are still many ways a more healthy to lose weight in addition to the detox diet.


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