Ketogenic Diet

>> Monday, December 1, 2008

What is the Ketogenic diet?

Ketogenic diet is eating pattern that is intended for people with epilepsy and used to decrease body weight. This diet emphasizes eating patterns of high fat (especially MCT), in the amount of protein and balanced enough, Feed and limit the amount of carbohydrate in the low or not at all. This will create a body in the condition of ketosis, a condition that the body fat as ketone, which replaces carbohydrate as the main source of energy. Many body builder who use this diet in the process of cutting fat to burn their bodies more.

Basic principles.

High-fat diet (especially the Medium Chain Triglyseride and no saturated fat) around 60% of total calories / day, the consumption of protein, 30% of total calories / day, and in the amount of carbohydrate consumption is very low, namely 5% of total calories / day. Medium Chain Triglyseride can be obtained from coconut oil, avocado, Butter.


Reduce the rate of body fat without reducing muscle mass, because the body is adapting to the conditions that make the fat ketosis as the main energy source, other than the consumption of protein in the number of balanced enough and avoid the decline of muscle mass.

What is the cetogenic diet is safe?

For some people, says the diet is suitable, but not all people can apply this diet. Carbohydrate needed to support the heart and kidney organs to function properly, low-carbohydrate diet in the long period of time will cause low blood sugar, which culminate in the fatique (tired), the body will adapt new energy sources, namely ketone. Stop if in a few days experiencing dizziness and fatigue. Diet is also not good for people who experience problems with the system of fat metabolism in the body


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