Mistake of Fat loss Diet Program and Muscle Building

>> Thursday, December 4, 2008

Many of you who want more body Lean and muscular, but even make some fundamental errors in consuming nutrients.

Errors in the Nutrition Program Fat Loss
Because you want to erase the body fat, you tend to make drastic action that impedes the program you fat loss. Or, more precisely again fatal muscle that you lost and not fat. Here are some basic errors in fat loss programs that are often done by beginners:

1. Cut calorie consumption aggressively.
When someone start a diet program, many of the food ration in the extreme. Someone such as eating only 1 meal a day or ¼ of the share portion of the normal weight and hope to be ideal in a few weeks only.

Method is the big mistake. Not only because this method is not very healthy, but also the body will not follow your wishes. In reality, this method will backfire. The causes, the body's metabolism and the strike will reduce the burning is done in line with the reduction of calories that you do.

The better method is to reduce the share of food and a little slow. 15-20% reduction in calories will prevent the body's metabolism slowed and lower body weight efficiently. But this method will only survive until the body adapting. Therefore, after a few days to reduce the number of calories, increase calorie Feed back for 1-2 days so that the body's metabolism remains high.

2. Do not consume fat.
Do not consume fat at all mean that you endanger your own body. Without consume only food will damage the balance of fat metabolism and body. Fat is one of the sources of hormone testosterone, which help the formation of muscle and metabolism.

Keeping the consumption of fat, especially healthy fat to help balance the body's metabolism. Fat fish such as salmon and tuna will help because it contains the Omega 3 can help reduce inflammation and as the components that make utilize body fat better.

3. Leaving carbohydrate.
Although low-carbohydrate diet is helpful to scrape fat, but you should not remove the carbohydrate in the diet at all. Better select the type of carbohydrate that it is. Any type of diet that forbade the consumption of carbohydrate diet is the same one that is not healthy.

Error In Program Building muscle
For the beginner in the program are the establishment of any muscle, can not be separated from some of the fundamental errors. Here are a few of them:

1. Consume too many calories.
You have to understand that form muscle will be needed adequate nutrition. But consume as much food is not the right way to start a muscle-building your program. Except if you want to accumulate fat, not muscle.

Although high-calorie diet will help development, but will be more effective methods to share time with the food you eat to 6 portion of each day. Frequency of eating 6 times a day will help the absorption of nutrients and hormones cortisol, which push the development of muscle.

In addition, if the amount of protein you consume each day is enough? How do you define enough? Protein needed to repair the damaged muscle network, the protein is very important for you who want to build muscle. Enter the protein in the 30-45% of the calories you consume.

Anti katabolic agents such as muscle leucine, vitamins C and E you also need to note. In addition to forming muscle, you also need to stop the process katabolic.

2. Underestimate the nutrition you need to practice before consumption.
Discipline practice must also be balanced discipline name high consumed food before practice. What you eat before practice play an important role in the growth of muscle. Consumption of food that you practice for 1-2 hours before the hormone can stimulate muscle when training protector. Start with the food consumed in small portions 1-2 hours before practice and adjust with the development of your body.

3. Eat protein in the number of fixed.
How much consumption of protein you need? Measurement 1-1,5 g protein / kg body weight are the parameters that good, but you need protein, the number of different programs on the muscle-building. Training requires a heavy amount of protein than when you practice light.

And the high weight of a larger number of proteins also require more to develop. So, when you have an additional muscle after a hard practice for 3 months, you should increase the consumption of protein if you want to grow better.

In conclusion, after applying the method of consumption that correct nutrition, exercise the discipline, and adequate rest, do not forget also that supplement help you more quickly and optimal in achieving the target program of your choice.


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