5 Myth of Fat burned

>> Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fitness centers have become a new trend recently for both teens and adults, both men and women in the effort to get the body of a better, more ideal. There who want to add weight, that want to establish a more muscular body, and many also want to reduce weight. But because of too much information circulating, making the emergence of myths about exercise to burn fat.

These myths include:

1. Come to the gym, cardio directly, and after 30-45 minutes through the weight training.

What's important is the cardio to burn fat, then do the most important advance, so come directly during cardio is still strong, approximately 30 to 45 minutes, then rest briefly, and then lift that can be a bonus body that is more established. I think that Is thought of 99% people who want to reduce weight. Cardio in the initial training is not burning fat as we expect. We like what we think would, in fact, is not it happens. Cardio training in the early burn blood sugar when we made up for 30-45 minutes. While cardio training load after the next even require only blood sugar. It will make us feel weak, and less energy. Weight training requires sugar, while sugar is we spend through cardio. What will happen? Protein, the body will take to be a new sugar for energy supply. And the problem of protein taken from the muscle. You want to build muscle while taking protein from muscles? That same damage to your own body. Do cardio after training load for optimal combustion. You will feel hungry after the first 10-15 minutes cardio, do continue because it marks you start burning your fat.

2. Run in Treadmill is burning the fat

If cardio is burning fat, the more hard we try, the more fat we are burned. Fleeing the same does not burn fat. The more quickly we fled, the body of energy that we need quickly, too, the blood sugar. Change of body fat into energy requires a long process, while the energy needs flee quickly, so ignore the body burn fat and even blood sugar. If blood sugar out and we are still running, then the body will be taken from the muscle protein to energy. To burn fat in your Treadmill roads fast enough alone, with a target heart rate around 65%. Do for 45 minutes every day, then your weight will drop slowly.

3. The more we sweat then the more fat is burned

Myth of the inherent strong in the minds of each of those who want to burn fat. Out that sports and sports burn fat, which is usually very hard to make them sweat so swift. This resulted in many people 'find sweat' to burn fat. When that happens how easily burn fat, we simply sleeping in the car park the car in our office, on a hot day. I'm sure once in the 10 minutes we will sweat very much. Produced by the sweat glands under our skin, sweat and its function is to maintain our body temperature. Perspiration is not a benchmark of fat burned, because when we exercise in a very cold place, of course, we will not sweat, and if that means we do not burn fat at all? Fitness is good to sweat, but do not make the benchmarks that burn fat when we perspire.

4. Weight training for muscle and the only important not to lose weight

People also ignore the exercise muscle and less concerned about the training barbel when you want to reduce weight. This occurred mainly among women. Burning fat, actually occur in our muscle cells. The more muscle we trained, the sooner we lose weight. If you want to lose weight, both men and women, should you begin to train yourself to use dumbell. Dumbell training also need energy in the muscle cells called ATP. ATP will be exhausted when we practice and the effect is we feel tired. After weight training, and we have a rest, ATP will again be produced by the body, and in fact, the making of ATP for energy is also using the fat as fuel production process. With these conditions, the weight training it can burn more fat is not at the time of exercise, but after we finished training.

5. Sit ups can make a slight stomach (Unfortunately, I can not Sit up so that my stomach is still bloated)

I often hear people say, I have doing for100x Sit up every day, but why I have not been so slim. Sit up is a pointless exercise is to practice abdominal muscles, there is no relation at all with fat in the abdomen. Muscle and fat are two different things, Sit-up does not burn fat in the abdomen. Imagine that fat people are successful and thin, and his cheek, which took a slight fat. Are these people train him cheek?


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