Cardiovascular tips

>> Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Here are some practical tips of three cardiovascular exercise that is run (the Treadmill or not), use the Stair masters and stationary bicycle.

A. Running

* Use the special shoes and ran a comfortable with the size feet
Do not forget to do pemasasan and adequate peregangan
* At the board ran with the heel, except to flee sprint should tread with finger-toe. To use a rotation movement also toe.
* Minimum vertical movement, do not move as slash or throw the body. Should you limp body movement.

B. Stair Master

* Make warming up and stretching enough
* Use the handle of hand (handrails), only for balance, not to concentrate body
* Try to position the back and head upright parallel vertical
* Step foot distance is about 20 - 25 cm, using about 15% of energy

C. Stationary bicycle

* Make warming up and stretching enough
* Avoid body movement bent to the side of right and left
* Position the upper body slightly toward the future with the head perpendicular to the front (imagine you are paddle the bicycle)
* Adjust the saddle so your feet can be straight (full leg extension) with a foothold in the fitting stroke bike


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