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>> Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Weight Watcher diet introduced in 1960 by Jean Nidetch, a company that offers various kinds of diet products and services to help a person lose weight and maintain. Weight wacther diet of the group began discussions about how best to reduce weight.

The program is based on the Weight Watchers point system, where each food has a certain amount of points based on the content of fat, fiber and calories. Each person is determined boundary points are made with the intention to make weight-loss program. Weight Watchers did not include a list of foods that can not or can be eaten. The main focus is to provide information, knowledge, means and the motivation you need to build your own success in maintaining ideal body weight in the long term.

There are two types of plans in the weight watcher methods, namely the plan and the plan Flex Core, Core plan mentions that there are some type or types of food to the core that can be consumed with the normal portion. Food is a core list of healthy foods from all food groups, such as fruit, vegetables, meat and others. Flex plan is a plan where someone must determine the number of points that their consumption based on their weight. Points that they can be consumed if they do sports.

Reliability of this method is more than 40 years of success in weight loss. And that is not less important, Weight Watchers, not only promises a reduction in body weight alone, but also instill healthy eating habits. You will not be bothered by the type of food that may or may not be eaten, because all the food you can taste. Weight Watchers also offers a variety of food products ready for use.

That can make you fail
You have difficulties to calculate the points and replace the food you order in accordance with the points mentioned in the weight watcher, and you will find difficulties in the group that together dieters to run this program.


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