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What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a type of fat. As we know, the fat is one of the vitamin is needed by our body in addition to other nutritional substances such as carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Cholesterol is divided two kinds, namely LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) and HDL (High Density Lipoprotein). LDL is often referred to as bad cholesterol because it can be embedded into the walls of blood vessels and cause a cumulation of fat, while HDL cholesterol is called as well as able to raise cholesterol from the blood vessel, which then issued as bile acid.

How someone said excess cholesterol? People said if the amount of excess cholesterol LDL cholesterol in the blood exceeds the threshold. As a benchmark, the rate of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) is the ideal <100> 40mg/dL. As is known, the rate of LDL cholesterol in the morbid blood circulation can bring long-term problems, such as the risk of occurrence of blood vessel constriction (aterosklerosis). This condition is the embryo occurrence of heart disease and stroke.

Eating Pattern

The pattern is the most important aspects in the rate of blood cholesterol. Food contributed 20% of the amount of cholesterol and the remaining 80% comes from lifestyle, obesity, and genetic.

The pattern of eating well to reduce the consumption of saturated fat and increase consumption of vegetable fat will be able to lower the risk of disease, which can arise from blood vessel constriction.
Example Eating Patterns Institute for High Cholesterol

* 2 pieces of whole wheat bread + peanut butter / 1 cup oatmeal
* 1 glass of milk protein (non-fat)
* 1 softgel Omega-3

Morning snack

* 1 apple / orange / pear


* 1 ounce of fish / home / know
* 1-2 cup red rice
* 1 cup vegetables
* 1 softgel Omega-3

Afternoon snack

* 1 piece of bread, whole wheat / ½ cup oatmeal
* 1 cup papaya / orange / apple / strawberry

Before Sports

* 1 serving L-Carnitine


* 1 ounce of fish / white / know / Tempe
* 1 cup vegetables
* 1 softgel Omega-3

Night Snack

* 1 cup red beans
* 1 orange / apple / papaya


* Food should be avoided is the food that contains high cholesterol, such as gorengan, jerohan, seafood, brown, yellow, eggs, fatty meat, butter and others.
* Total portion of the menu above can be adjusted to your body weight.
* Make sure there is distance between mealtime.
* Time to use the menu above is not binding, can be adjusted for the exercise in the morning.


Do not fry food, because it will cause a nutrient important for the body to be damaged, other than the saturated fat is not affected by heat to trigger the formation of free radicals that fried food.
* Limit Feed cholesterol food less than 300 mg per day.
* Perbanyak consumption of fruits rich in the vitamin. Better eat the whole fruit, because it contains more fiber.
* If you stop smoking smoker. Stop smoking increase spending bad cholesterol in the body.


For that you have high cholesterol levels, suplementasi recommended to help reduce bad cholesterol in your body. Suplementasi with L-Carnitine and Omega-3 is able to increase the burning of fat and cholesterol of evil in the body.


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