The Perfect breath for perfect beat

>> Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some body builder and the lifter must hold winded to add strength in the load during a heavy set or when the peak tense heaviest. However, breath holding techniques should not be excessive and indiscriminate because it can result in increased blood pressure and so dangerous. The heart pumps blood will be difficulties and reduce the flow of blood to the brain that result in dizziness, chest thump or the heart grow stronger, feeling of bellyful and even fainting during and after exercise because of the sense of light (less blood).

* There should do the normal breathing rhythm the barbell as much as possible, although very heavy.
Do not hold excessive breath because it can reduce the amount of blood flow to the muscles that you want to be trained to reduce the number of signs on the network anabolic natural muscle.
* Breathing calmly and smoothly although at the most weight


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