Emiticated body does not mean fatless

>> Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The emaciated body does not mean you are not fed, " said. Jimmy Bell, a professor in the field of molecular representation Imperial College, London. Since 1994, Dr. Bell and his team had to scan more than 800 people with MRI machines to find the" mapping fat " that shows the location where people store fat in the body.

According to the data found that, of those who maintain an ideal body weight with a diet food but without the sport, tend to have a big fat in the body, even though they consider to be slim though. "The concept of the overall understanding of fat need to describe back," said Dr. Bell who studio funded by Britain's Medical Research Council (Council of Medical Research UK).

Without a clear warning, the physician fears appear incorrect assumptions from those skinny body, which they feel healthy not only because of excess body weight. The situation could reverse.

"Only because of their emaciated body does not mean they are immune from the disease or diabetes risk factors, heart disease," said Dr. Louis Teichholz, head of cardiology field Hackensack Hospital in New Jersey, USA, which does not participate in the research Dr. Bell.

Even people who have a BMI score (Body Mass Index) can show the normal fat is fat in the body. In the women in the scan by Dr. Bell and his team, as much as 45 percent with a BMI score that appeared to have normal levels of excess fat in the body. While for men, a percentage reached 60 percent.

In connection with the term called Dr. Bell as a "thin outside, fat inside (TOFI)", the results are really surprising. "The skinny people had the unique result," he said, related to the discovery of TOFI on the model of the respondents consider to be very professional and skinny slim.

According to Dr. Bell, people who fed the organs in the body can potentially become obese. They consume too much fat, high sugar food alloy and rarely exercise. But they do not eat too much. Scientists believe we naturally store fat in the abdomen, but on certain conditions, the body starts to store fat in anywhere. Most people also believe that the body's normal weight is a good indicator of health. Moreover, BMI scores were considered as a reference for reliable measurement.

"BMI will not indicate the exact location of fat, but more of a tool to measure body of clinical," he said. Toni Steer, nutrition experts from the Medical Research Council of Britain.

The doctors are not sure exactly will be in danger of fat in the body's organs, but they suspect some of these conditions can be associated with the danger of diabetes and heart disease. Theory they are fat in the body organs can disrupt the system overall body of work. Fat that the internal organs can send the wrong signal to the chemical stockpile fat in organs such as in the lives or pancreas. This condition is ultimately at risk of disruption will be insulin, type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

Experts already know that people have a body fat, which is known more active than their healthy well-slim, but less active. "They are normal weight, but less active and fit a greater risk of the disease than fat, but they are still active and fit," he said. Steven Blair, an obesity expert from the University of South Carolina, USA.

"For example, a Sumo wrestler the fat metabolism have a record better than the spectators and only a slim sit silent watch," added Dr. Blair. This is because fat in the wrestler is generally buried under the skin and does not disguise the vital organs and their musculature.

However, good news is the fat in the body organs can be burned to the sport or how to improve your diet. "Although not directly visible, but the sports and physical settings calories can be affected on the internal fat," he said. Bob Ross, an obesity expert from Queen's University in Canada.

However, because of the many factors that affect the risk of heart disease, Dr. Teichholz stated very difficult to ensure the accurate will be the danger of internal fat. "Obesity is one risk factor, but it is still quite low," added that while out on the family history of disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are more factors that determine the fat from internal and external.

Conclusion, if you want to fit and healthy, Dr. Bell suggests, "If you want to look skinny and slim, the only adequate diet. But if you want really healthy, the sport must become an important part of your lifestyle."


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