Carbohydrate quickly absorbed

>> Monday, December 1, 2008

In the evening, your heart manage the glycogen (muscle sugar) to provide energy in the body when not activity. Glycogen when a backup will be on the low point and at the heart we will take action to muscle protein to provide energy in our body. Therefore, you wake up every morning would feel thirsty and want to drink something that can immediately refresh the body and drink that is needed is fast carbohydrate absorption. Carbohydrate absorption will be quick to give our hearts glycogen quickly and will stop the activity of protein in the liver using muscle power as we. Consumption will also change the phase katabolic (muscle rupture) to phase anabolic (the formation of muscle).
Carbohydrate is quickly absorbed through the stomach will go to the intestine where it is absorbed and carbohydrates into the blood stream and go to the heart. This will help reduce levels of cortisol (a hormone katabolic or to decrease muscle). Dose of carbohydrate consumption of fast absorption is the recommended 40-60 grams, or can be mixed into the whey protein.


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