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>> Thursday, October 30, 2008

Supplements are needed to bolster the program six pack, so you functionality digestion and metabolism to be smooth. By increasing the level of metabolism and burning fat, the amount will be increased and the definition of abdominal muscles will also increase.

The main supplements is needed for get a six pack program is milk whey protein (has Whey / Iso Cool / Iso sensation 93) to help you build muscle and needs adequate protein daily. In addition, protein can be used as an alternative energy source by the body. Protein digested more slowly by the body's digestive channel, so you will still be active.

Supplements that is required Ultra Ripped New & Improved Formula as a fat burner, and alternative energy as a supplement trigger the body's metabolism. To make a more definitive abdominal muscles, combine Ultra Ripped New & Improved Formula supplement with L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine works by making energy as fat. L-Carnitine also helps to scrape fat and make the body become more dry (Lean) and improve muscle definition. Consumption 1000mg-2000mg L-Carnitine regularly during the 30-45 days for the results of the maximum.

The best supplement are you can to optimize the consumption of the body's metabolism is the Daily Complete Formula, as a source of vitamins and minerals that help the digestive system and optimizing the function of vital organs of the body. Digestive system that works with the optimal digested food to prevent cumulation of fat.

supplements are the other main Carb Fat Bloc and the Bloc. Carb Bloc contains white kidney bean extract, which works to prevent the absorption of the excess carbohydrate that comes from white rice, potatoes, bread and other not so in the form of fat stored by the body. While Fat Bloc, which comes from the skin shells (chitosan) works as a fiber that binds fat, so fat from food is not absorbed by the body part and removed through Feces.

Eating patterns and sports remain a significant part in the six pack your program. Supplements work to help you build muscle and speed up the fat is maximum.

* Note: not all supplements should be used in the example above eating patterns. Select the best combination for you


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