Cycle and the philosophy of the occurrence of muscle growth

>> Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Actually what happens when we practice barbel with high intensity? In this fundamental cause damage to the muscles. High intensity, as has been mentioned as a result of provocation from the maximum muscle fiber. Muscle damage that occurred this is not a big injury, but a small injury can be repaired or restored through the presence of supporting elements that are not less important, such as Protein, Carbohydrate, enough calories, conditions conducive hormone, and adequate rest. This period of recovery can depend on the existence of some of the elements mentioned above, but generally the process of healing muscle shortly after the start of training until 72 or 90 hours later.

In the rest of this process, not only the musculature of the trained experienced the process of healing and recovery, but also the central nervous system (central nervous system) also experienced a recovery, even more than the local muscle. this is because the central nervous system to control many body functions of the body that also affect the level of stress on the body. Matters such as air pollution, the burden of mental work, and the drive will also cause physical and mental pressure on the central nervous system


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