About the Glycemic Index And Insulin

>> Friday, October 24, 2008

Size to the values of the GI carbohydrate source is fast or slow carbohydrate is parsed into sugar in the body. The process itself is quite complicated to be explained in simple.
All carbohydrates in the body to receive a response from one organ, which is called: pancreas. pancreas is the organ that produces hormones, insulin function, which depends on 3 things are called:

- The amount of carbohydrates consumed in one meal, the more carbohydrate is consumed, the higher the insulin response. and also vice versa.

- Value of GI carbohydrates consumed. The higher the GI value of a type of carbohydrate also the higher the insulin response

- Frequency of consumption of food each day. The consumption of food every few days, will also increasingly high insulin response, and vice versa

For applications in the Fitness and Body builder, they know the time, the number and type of carbohydrate is consumed affect the growth of muscle. By knowing how carbohydrate consumption that is correct, then we can control the insulin to our needs. There are 2 that the role of insulin you need to know to Maximize muscle and reduce fat:

- Insulin is very influential in the process of distribution of nutrients in the body, including cells to muscle.
- Insulin as the trigger hoarding too many calories and fat food into body fat

If you are able to control insulin through the technique of carbohydrate consumption, this can be used to:

-Maximize muscle growth and recovery
-Restoring the energy lost during exercise
Preventing muscle so-small
-Increasing muscle mien

Maximum-energy exercise with the right


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