The Adaptation Character of Skeleton Muscle

>> Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The growth of skeleton muscles is a process that is designed not automatically in the body. This means that the human body has a natural mechanism to work efficiently. Adapting is the right word for it because the appropriate body always reaches a situation that is stable and constant or called Homeostatis and the way to achieving this are with the adoption of the changes immediately.

Example: a person who is aware of the new coma for several months would still difficult to see a few days or weeks because he does not use commas eyes. another example in sufferer fracture, which in part is broken should be protected with gibs for 6-8 weeks. After gibs will be seen that the closed gibs small part of that is not gibs.

Two examples of the above explains in our body that our system is a complex and very clever in the way of adaptation to set the efficiency of various operational systems of the body. If there are parts of the body is not used, then the body will try to lower the energy use is not in maintaining the situation. If there are parts of the body are used intensively, the body will adapt to make so large that are ready for intensive tatangan following. in other words, the muscles do not use muscle is the most likely experienced the most rapid depreciation compared with the muscles that are always maintained as the body for life


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