Simple Carbohydrates

>> Friday, October 24, 2008

Simple carbohydrates are divided over 2 types: Monosakarida and oligosakarida. Monosakarida of Glucose, fruktosa, laktosa. Frequently found in nature, especially on some types of fruits such as sweet corn and honey, Fruktosa type is the most sweet of all types of sugar and usually there on the fruit, Laktosa type is a simple carbohydrate derived from milk.
Oligosakarida consists of the consumption of sucrose (sugar), Maltosa, trisakarida and tetrasakarida all this, there are generally on the essence sugar cane or beet root, is Maltosa sugar from the seeds, especially shoot. Trisakarida often found in bits and honey. Tetrasakarida sugar is contained in the legumes and bits. Simple carbohydrates are often used in products such as cakes, chocolate, bread, candy, soft drink, Biscuit, supplements and alternative weight


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