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Shoulder showed a picture of the physical illusion of width. Each athlete or a person who has the fitness and shoulder muscles that are formed by the exercise of good will always be plucky. muscles in the shoulder anatomy so divided the two parts, namely:

1. Deltoids: shoulder muscles to the side of their round shape
2. Trapezius: shoulder muscles down the middle of a long neck from the back until the middle of the back.

Training for the shoulder muscles in principle, be divided so that two types of training Raises and Presses. Raises an exercise that isolated muscle in the shoulder. means the movement is the training that is done to provide a total pressure on the shoulder muscles. This exercise can be done with dumbel, barbel or cable.Latihan for the movement presses can be done with a barbell, dumbel, and the machine. This type of exercise presses other than put pressure on the shoulder muscles also put pressure on the muscles Triceps, this is because the movement is a movement that presses involve more than one joint, is the pivot joint shoulder and elbow.

Meanwhile, for the trapezius muscle, the training is often done upright Rows. trapezius muscle growth would help shoulder muscle appearance overall. But growth must be balanced and proportional growth due if the trapezius muscle more quickly from the shoulder muscles will be visible shoulder muscles so that more small


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