How does the Jenny Craig diet work

>> Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jenny craig has helped millions of woman and men change their live in a positive way by teaching them now to eat more healthfully and add regular excerciseto their busy live styles.Before she could help change the live of others however,Jenny first had to change her own and that change occured more than 35 years ago,after she loss 45 pound gained during a difficult pregnancy.Along with the unwanted weight went her unwanted feeling of depresions anxiety and stress eager to share her experience.Jenny devoted her live to helping others enjoy the same feeling of success self fullfillment that she had achieved.
And now at 64 years young,Jenny is one of the wolrd's most recognaized personality in the area of weight management.She and her husband Sid,are also the devoted parents of five and grand parent of seven yet they still fun time to remain active in the operations of Jenny Craig Inc.
A $400 million public company in five country.


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