exercise factors that support the growth of the occurrence of muscle mass

>> Tuesday, October 21, 2008

To know the cycle of occurrence of muscle growth, we should first recognize some flexibility exercises. The first is to understand what is the growth of muscle mass. The growth of muscle mass or called as Hypertrophy is a condition in which muscle fibers grow big and bold. This is both understand what the recruit muscle fibers that maximum (maximum muscle fiber recruitment). This occurs when the muscle fibers are trained really exhausted all the pressure for movement in the barbels that the muscle to intended it. Recruit muscle fibers MUST happen to be able to get the maximum muscle growth, because without it the potential for the development of muscle only as a small number of muscle fibers that used.So, the maximum muscle fibers are recruited in a training session, the greater the potential for the development of muscle mass (Hypertrophy)

There are some important things that needed to support the occurrence of maximum muscle fiber recruitment in the training session, It is:
1. By using the basic training
2. there is a strong relationship between the brain and muscles
3. High intensity training


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