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When we start learning about diet, first of many that would explain that the dietary pattern is set to eat, not eating or not eating once a day. Then next is the knowledge base that I lose weight, the only way is to create conditions that the incoming calories more than a small number of calories out. Is it like? In fact, the answer is not certain and can even weight!

Weight down if out more calories than the calories that enter? Try we see another example. Feather as 1 ounce and also the stone as 1 ounce, at the same time as a vacuum in the air. Which will reach the bottom first? Surely they reached land at the same time as weighing the same. But we try to do the same experiment but this time not in a vacuum but is one of the buildings in New york. With the same weight, which will reach the ground first? Of course, stones, right?

now back problems calories, that if tested in the laboratory, all calories are still calories and calories when the exit is greater than the calories that enter the result is a decrease in body weight. This is the same as the pilot that we do in the vacuum in the air overnight. No other factors in the experiment in the laboratory. But when the calories in the form of food that we appeal in our body, our metabolism is influenced by many factors, which are not visible to the eye as the air in the case of feather and the stone was.

Our body burn calories consistently continuously at any time, even when we sleep even. Therefore, the calories quickly in the body in a short time will make the number of calories the body jumped excessive and will be used as necessary, the excess will be stored fat. For example, we drink soda with a total 100 calories, will provide a quick injection of calories into the body because the soda contains simple carbohydrates that are easily absorbed by the body. But we compare with the sweet potatoes consumed with the same number of calories is 100 calories, but it is a complex carbohydrate, which requires a longer process of absorption, the body will absorb the calories from sweet potatoes are slowly so that there are no hikes in the body of excess calories and no changed into fat.

So the conclusion from this, that the most important in the diet is not the number of calories but the type of calories. Not all calories created equal. In the laboratory, calories are calories, but the body is our machine with a different construction and will process the calories from a different type of food differently, too.
Therefore TYPE see that your calorie consumption.


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