Fat, Cholesterol and Triglyceride

>> Thursday, October 30, 2008

We often hear questions about cholesterol and Triglyceride. What is the difference? What is the meaning of the rate Triglyceride levels or different from what LDL, HDL, or VLDL?

The Basics

In the blood only 3 basic types of fat, cholesterol, namely, Triglyceride and fosfolipid. Because of the nature of fat that can not be soluble in water (while the blood of our water as a main component), the 3 forms of fat should be mixed with a solvent for substances can circulate in the blood. Substance is a type of protein called Apoprotein. Fat compound (a combination of 3 types of fat above), which joined with the apo form lipoprotein (LP). So LP is a cholesterol Triglyceride fosfolipid Apoprotein.

Lipoprotein (LP) differ in size, density, composition and fat composition Apoprotein. These differences make some types of LP, namely HDL, LDL, IDL, VLDL, and kilomikron L p (a). So the term should be understood that the HDL or LDL, etc. is a form of a combination of cholesterol, trigliserid, fosfolipid and protein.

What is different from each Lipoprotein ?

So that not too confusing, here, I will only discuss HDL, LDL, VLDL (leave your doctor is thinking about other).

HDL (high density lipoprotein) is a form of LP, which has a component of cholesterol, at least. Formed in the intestine and liver, HDL cholesterol is absorbed from the free blood vessel, or other parts of the body such as cell makrofag, and then bring them to heart, which make good HDL cholesterol dijuluki (even though the term is not appropriate after we understand what the LP) .

VLDL (very low density LP) LP, which is formed in the liver, which then changed in the blood vessels become LDL (low density LP). LP is a form of cholesterol components at the most and will carry cholesterol into the network, such as blood vessel walls.

What it means and what the risks?

When the rate of cholesterol in the blood vessels is high, this will make the diameter of blood vessels become narrow, (analogy with the water hose inside the walls closed by the mildew, so water will not flow smoothly). In circumstances where there is heavy sumbatan total of the blood vessels will be damaged organs, such as when a coronary vessel is closed, then the heart attack occurred, or when a blood vessel of brain stroke occurs will be closed.

HDL cholesterol will bring free from blood vessels to the heart so that the diameter pipe will widen, while the rate of VLDL and LDL levels there will be things that will make the blood vessel constriction.

How to Triglyceride?

As already explained, that Triglyceride (TG) is one form of 3 basic human fat. Unlike cholesterol, which are stored in the network or heart blood vessel walls, MH will be stored in the fat cells under the skin (which made the six pack abs is very difficult to obtain). What does it mean when a high rate of TG? Whether dangerous. The high rate of TG metabolism will change into a form of VLDL large VLDL. L-form of VLDL This will be the LDL that is easy to oxidise and damage to HDL, which in turn will aggravate cholesterol content of blood vessels.

How good rate, according to inspection in the laboratory?

Total cholesterol:

<200: optimal

200-239: normal

> 240: high


<100: optimal

100-129: nearly optimal

> 130: high


> 40 /> 50: optimal (men / women)


<150: optimal

150-200: nearly optimal

> 200: high


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