The Low Carb Diet Trend For Fitness

>> Friday, October 24, 2008

Low-carbohydrate diet trend started from the end of 1990 and the increasingly popular early 2000. Many companies from the drinks industry to Biscuit, beer, sugar suplemendan race to introduce the effectiveness of low-carbohydrate diet for weight-loss.
Based on scientific research, low-calorie diet with low carbohydrate orientation, the efektiv to reduce weight.
carbohydrate consumed will dirobah so glikogen or in the lives thews. Logically carbohydrate consumption is a little glikogen will provide a few also. Suply glikogen low body will make it easy to use fat as a source of energy during a fitness activity.

The type of low-carbohydrate diet is quite popular because it is supported by scientific research. In the two types of diet that has a number of Feed the same calories, the low-carbohydrate diet showed the rate of decrease in body weight and fat that is more significant than a conventional diet of high-carbohydrate and low fat.

When carbohydrate parsed with the slower, the hormone the body produces less insulin. Insulin is a chemical was the trigger appetite the most powerful. When the production of insulin little appetite then we will go down because of the signal that the body we still satisfied, or get enough food. Meanwhile, the production of insulin, which many will deceive us with a brain signal that the body is still hungry, even though many foods that we eat.

Glikemiks index carbohydrate with a lower we do not make more fat than other carbohydrates, even if the calories consumed the same. For example, if you eat 400g carbohydrate per day, every day for 6 months, it is a warranty that the strong consumption of 400g of white rice will make you more fat than grain consumption 400gr. The same amount of calories, and the amount of carbohydrates that are as much the result but the difference. the answer back to the hormone insulin. Glikemic index carbohydrate with a low, making the body produce more insulin slightly. The rate of insulin that is more restrained this allows the burning of fat in the body will be running optimally, particularly if the practice is fitness. And carbohydrate with a high index glikemic, efficient in the number of international insulin this'll make your body store more fat. But for the athletes body builder low carbohydrate diet is not done throughout the year when you want to international muscle mass because the athletes have been described as, glicogen is the main source for training expenses. Consumption of low-carbohydrate glicogen provide only limited to muscle in the high-intensity exercise. This will cause a risk katabolic for our body. Katabolic is a situation where we take the body from the amino acid muscle to be changed because the body glicogen less . With the suggestion that carbohydrate consumption is the risk katabolic will not be there.


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