The Kind of Muscle's

>> Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Actually in the human body there are 3 types of muscle, namely: Smooth muscle, muscle beneath and skeletal muscle. Musculature smooth muscle is a fine and move automatically according to its function as muscle membrane ear, muscle and intestine stomach muscle, heart muscle is the movement of the heart muscle, muscle is the muscle of the practitioners are trained by fitness athletes for performance or strength and size muscle. there are more than 400 types of muscle in the human body but, in general, divided into several main types of muscle:

Shoulder: Deltoids (anterior medial who) trapezius
Chest: Pectoralis major Pectoralis minor serratus anterior
Stomach: Rectus abdominis, Intercostal, obliques
Sleeve: Forearms Flexor, Extensor forearms, biceps, brachialis Triceps
Back: Rhomboids, teres major, minor teress, lattisimus dorsi erector.
Hip: Gluteus Maximus
Thigh: Hamstrings
Gastrocnemius calf, soleus
Home leg: Vastus Letaralis, vastus medialis, sartorius


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