Soy Protein

>> Monday, October 27, 2008

Soy Protein is a protein powder derived from soybean. Why should soybean, and not other sources of vegetable? Because soybean protein content have a very high if compared with other vegetable sources, and also because of soybean available once more (easily obtained) and has several other benefits
In the form of powder, protein, soybean, which has a very pure protein content of 92%. it is also a source of BCAA (branch-chained amino acids) that many glutamine and isoflavone.
Isoflavone is a substance that genistein and daidzein in soybean and has a chemical structure similar to estrogen. In the menopause women, irrespective of calcium from bones and the absorption of calcium from food, and will raise the risk of osteoporosis. Scientific research found: Women who menopause is consumted isoflavone from soybean can make the absorption of calcium from food, and so better to keep calcium from the bone is not lost. Results of this research to make soy protein supplements is preferred by women athletes and male athletes can also consumption.


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