Gamma Amino Butyric Acid/ GABA

>> Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gaba is a kind of amino acids that affect the hypothalamus system that is under the brain. Hypothalamus is a gland that produces growth hormone (growth hormone / GH) in humans. In some research, found that GABA is able to increase production of natural GH body to 550% higher than usual. even said this discovery is the discovery of GH production of the highest ever recorded with the use of non supplement prescriptions.

GABA is also recommended consumption before sleep because the effects are reported as one of the benefits from the use of these supplements. Recommendation for general consumption is about 2000-5000mg. Should start with a lower dose because at the beginning of summer will be felt on the skin.

Overview of the GH, this is one of the hormone anabolik enough dominandisamping testosteron, one other benefit that is quite popular is the increased effectiveness of the body in burning calories, so often used during the pre-competition in some of the athletes body builder. However, the use of Synthetic versions often give negative effects, such as enlarging the internal organs of human body and excessive water retention.

The use of supplements such as GABA does not cause negative effects such as working with the body's natural system, not with synthetic materials, such as by the cheating athletes.


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