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>> Monday, October 20, 2008

Body builder and fitness is a sport that foundation.our body in this life to get a lot of pressure, among other age that continues to grow, stress and pollution. Addition of age and accompanied by a decrease in physical condition can not be avoided. but this sport can help maintain the physical condition that we expect. Fitness with our body will become stronger in time than we let on ourselves and spend the age of silence just without the sport. In the body builder and fitness of our own that we determine the destination. Vision as what we want to get in shape our body. Most sports require that we obey the regulations stipulated in the sport, but this is in the best know certain basic principles that have been offered. By knowing and understanding the basic principles of this sport, we can run in accordance with the conditions we desire and, in determining the schedule, programs and strategies in running the sport because the needs and constraints of each person is different. The major motivation of ourselves is the primary and there are no secret of success to achieve a success. Enjoying what we do, do things gradually, and determine the plan of short-term and long-term realistic is the most important factor in our success. This made the sports section of our life as a habit and not forced. When we enjoy what we do, the factors of discipline, consistency, dedication and commitment to this sport will grow their own. With recognize the positive value of sport in this then we will always motivated to do the best for our health.


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