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>> Monday, October 20, 2008

The role of the pattern of good nutrition is a third of all the patterns better life. Two-thirds are training and rest. masig the same importance as a choir, the three elements that complement each other and bolster. Training without the support of the right pattern, nutrition and adequate rest will not give the optimal results can even cause a decrease in body resistance, so the body so vulnerable to the disease and injury, while good nutrition and exercise without rest will make a balanced lifestyle fitness so lame no progress in the physical meaning, as with the rest without too much exercise and eating patterns that will make regular body fat and so vulnerable to the disease. The idea is balance, one of this page from the third game then it will be problematic, but other important things that need to understand is that in the three is not an additional burden in your life.

For aspects of training needs a commitment of additional activities that are not there to be there and should be done. But when we have a clear priority of life on the health, the commitment to increase training activities will not be a problem for the temporary aspects of food and rest have been running every day, irrespective of the fitness lifestyle is just a different application only. Where is the knowledge we will add what is good and healthy for us to do and apply that knowledge is gained into the life of our own. The term is to make other changes, which means that the pattern of nutrition and rest we become better from the previous


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