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ZMA contains 3 components:
Zinc monomethionine aspartate
Magnesium aspartate
Vitamin B6
It is a natural product that has been clinically proven to increase anabolic hormone levels and body muscle strength in athletes. Magnesium and Zinc was easily lost from the body after conducting training activities that heavy burden. Research shows that supplementation ZINC with 30 mg of magnesium and 40mg per day can increase the body's testosterone level reached 30%. Research on ZMA, which is the most frequently discussed research on the NCAA football players. Lorrie Brilla.PhD, sports performance researchers at the University of Western Washington reported that ZMA significantly increase the level of free testosterone and muscle strength in the NCAA football players. the results of this research was indicated by Dr. Brilla at the annual meeting of American College of Sports Medicine in Seatle and publish in journals in the ACSM. In particular Brilla reported that a group of football players use ZMA, which peters every night during the eight-week spring training program to get increased muscle strength as much as 2.5 times higher than the group that did not use, Measuring the strength of leg muscles before and after it is done by using dinamometer Biodex Isokinetic, leg muscle strength of the ZMA increased 11.6% compared with 4.6% of the groups that do not use ZMA. This means that if we can increase our barbel of 10 pounds in the Bench press in 8 weeks without ZMA, then we actually can be international to 25 pounds if we use ZMA. Brilla also explain further "increase in muscle strength resulting from the increase anabolic hormone the body to consume ZMA.

ZMA user groups get 30% increase in the level of free testosterone and the total compared with a decrease in testosterone levels as much as 10%, which is a group that does not use ZMA. groups that use ZMA also experienced increased hormone IGF-1 (insulin growth factor-1) compared with a decrease of 20% in the group that did not use ZMA. This study showed that anabolic hormone and muscle strength can be improved on the athletes who have trained with the preparation of ZMA, another advantage of ZMA is a good night's sleep. ZMA is required by the fitness mania and athlete, who want to improve energy, athletic performance and increase muscle mass. Research also shows most athletes have a rate of ZINC, magnesium and vitamin B6, which is very low. This is not a good thing for athletes because of lack of 3 elements that will lower the performance, muscle endurance, work capacity and muscle. ZMA the correct usage is 3 capsule before bed for men and 2 capsule before bed for women. ZMA safe for consumption because it is a combination of vitamins, minerals, which increase anabolic hormone the body naturally, without the element of synthetic hormones


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