Metabolisme And Waist circumference

>> Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You may know that the body's metabolism associated with small or large waist circumference. Many believe that fat people have lower metabolism and the people who have a slim metabolic rate. Actually, there is a waistline Circle balanced relationship of total calories consumed by the total calories out. So, if the total calories that enter more of total calories out, Circle will be the width of your waist. Metabolism
only an "engine" that is burning calories.

Metabolism: Change the food into energy
During the process of biochemistry, calories derived from carbohydrate, fat and protein, combined with oxygen to the results of the energy that the body needed.

How many calories are burned each day is called the total energy expenditure. The following three factors determine your total energy expenditure are:

• Basic Needs. when the body is resting, you still need the basic energy to breathing, blood circulation, adjust the level of hormones, also fix the cells. Calories needed for basic matters, this is called basalt Metabolic Rate (BMR). Energy is used for basic needs are usually consistent.
• process food. absorb, distribution, and store the food that you also need a calorie consumption. This activity requires approximately 10% of the total calories you need each day. For this, the calories used also tend to be stable.
• Physical Activity. Calories needed for various physical activities such as exercise, walking to the store, the bus, and other activities is not the same every day depending on how many and how heavy activity that you do.

Metabolism and your waist circumference
It sounds logical, to think that no body fat or high-influenced low metabolism on a person or even by special conditions such as hypothyroidism (under active gland tyroid). Nonetheless, increasing the size of waist circumference is caused by the imbalance of energy in the body (the incoming calories than the calories out). To minimize the waist circumference, you should eat low-calorie foods and increase the activity can burn the remaining calories your body.

Factors that affect your calorie needs
• The size and composition of the body. that can function properly, a large body mass requires energy (calories) more than a small body mass. Please note also that the muscles burn more calories than fat. So the more muscle, the higher your BMR.
• Age. When you age increases, the amount of muscle that tends to decrease fat and thus more and more. Metabolism also weak. The decrease of performance such as this will reduce your calorie needs.
• Sex. Men typically have lower fat and more muscle than women with weight and the same age. This is the reason why men generally have a higher BMR and the trend of burning more calories than women.

Burn more calories.
The ability to change your metabolism has a limit of basalt. However, you can increase daily activity to build muscle and burn more calories.

Regular aerobic exercise such as walking 30 minutes or more, is a very good way to burn calories. Training is more like lifting heavy loads is also important because these activities can prevent muscle loss in old age. And because muscles burn more calories, muscle mass so important factor in reducing the size of waist circumference.

Avoid dietary supplements that can burn calories. Better be careful the food and physical activity is balanced to get the ideal waist circumference


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