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>> Sunday, November 30, 2008

Healthy and slim is the "dream" of all people. To be able to be slender often happens people do not really want to try to diet or habits of healthy eating patterns. Like a completely instant. Should start, first understand the problem obesity. We must understand that our bodies are from the bone, muscle, fat and water. Target obesity is handling the belly fat because most diseases. We must be careful, especially in the therapy is instant. Do not be removed until the fat is fat under the skin that actually important to skin health and energy needs. Avoid diet of gratuitous, because it can cause a decrease in the amount of muscle, the lack of oxygen-oxygen important for the body, the lack of fluid, even liquid electrolyte. As a result, someone could even fall ill. It must be understood that the handling of obesity that is both lower weight and maintain results.

There are 4 main things to decrease the weight of the positive thinking patterns, the food (diet) low-fat low-calorie, physical activity and treatment. Create the environment that supports you to be able to consume a low-fat foods and high fiber, and take advantage of the facilities available to perform physical activity. Do dietary therapy, the number of calories that enter the food arranged in accordance with needs. In addition, the activity also increased. Also do behavior therapy, farmacoteraphy, and others. That, in consultation with doctors who are experts.

"Walk 30 minutes. Wherever you are. In addition, healthy living habits do with the way: Eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grain. Less fatty and sweet food. But the most important is to always have the spirit to change behavior patterns and eat you. Put extra effort must be healthy and if you want to be spared from obesity.

Handling of obesity that is not only lose weight, but also with the set weight and keep the results. Many people misunderstand that the program to burn fat diet. Most of the fat is not lost, but lost body fluids. This will boomerang because it will cause dehydration, increased cholesterol and acid nerves, and interference in the kidney. Do not make vain diet, especially for people with obesity. Usually these groups of people tend to be radical in their diet programs. Make a healthy diet.

Needs of the calories in the daily life of every person not on the same, because it depends on the age, sex, weight, body and health conditions. In general, someone needs calories ranged between 1800-2500 calories per day. Feed to reduce excess calories, do the following tips:

1. Stop eating before satiety.
2. Do not consume more snack.
3. If hungry, the consumption of healthy snack such as fruit and vegetables.
4. Choose cooking methods that are not fried, change the way the steamed, boiled or stir-fry.
5. Less fatty food, because each gram of fat calories that generate greater than the carbohydrate and protein.
6. Reduce eating sweet foods.


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