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>> Monday, November 17, 2008

What should be done to perfect the body formed by a sexy belly? Ask a fitness trainer Bobby Storm, which successfully established body of a diva such as Britney Spears toured the world for the past year. Bobby Kennedy with his wife Nancy serve personal training for top celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Julia Roberts. He always recommend exercise ab-smoothing and light diet consisting of five meals with small portions in the day, a lot of water and avoid carbohydrate in the form of a solid. The most soda is forbidden. Soda will only accumulate fat and sugar. The program is the establishment of the stomach Bobby consists of three sets of exercises that should be done overall. Bobby asserts, the only exercise done consistently every day that will get results, not how many you do.

Start with body recumbent position on the floor. fold your knees with the feet parallel floor, and hands below the head. Lift your shoulder about 10 inches while breath exhale. Hold back and neck in the straight position. You will feel tension in your stomach. Do not use the hands to sustain the head.

Body remains recumbent position on the floor, arms on the left and right side, knees together and lift the leg 90 degrees with the feet pointing to the floor. Lift your buttocks from the floor a few inch, hold your leg straight back and make sure the bottom up and not take the floor. You must feel the pressure at the bottom of your stomach. Hold the position for one or two seconds, then slowly put back on the floor of your buttocks.

Take the initial position with the same movement crunches. Let your leg open to the outside, to the outside knee touched floor. Lift the shoulder from the floor at less than one foot. Hold the neck and back still straight. Move the leg to the opposite side and repeat again.


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