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>> Sunday, November 30, 2008

All the people feel that excess body weight, I would have been what the name with diet. However, if you understand the definition of diet is? And how do the diet correctly? Read this article for further explanation and find the solution to reduce weight easily. The definition of diet is "eating pattern" set the pattern for us to be more healthy. But often that we see is, as a diet to reduce the quota and keep the hungry will often be lower body weight. But the reality is that there is, if you reduce your food to only 1 or 2 times a day with a very small portion, that your weight will be reduced within 1 -3 weeks, but you know what actually happens in your body?

If you eat in a very small amount, your body, will automatically get a warning and will protect you from feeling hungry. Therefore, your body will burn fewer calories and body metabolism will be slow from the normal. And when you have to diet, you will eat, and eat more than the previous. Not because you are greedy or gluttonous, but because your body needs more food to restore what is lost in your diet. But that happens is, your weight is reduced, but after you stop your diet, weight, you rise even more than before your diet. Experienced things like this? Read more ...

You also need to know that when you "strict diet" to reduce the excess eating and holding hunger, weight loss from your body fat is 50% and 50% muscle. This is because fat is the body's food reserves will be stored by the body to survive, our body When hungry, our body is the option to burn fat or muscle. Because fat is the most energy reserves to the main living, then that is burned muscle and fat. But when you stop the diet and get your weight back, that you get is 100% fat! Where your muscles? Of course, lost, and must be obtained with the hard training. So this is our disadvantage.

Furthermore, if you do not have breakfast, but do not want to do sports breakfast the morning, making sure you will reduce your weight. Is that so? Not necessarily. When you do not have breakfast and exercise, your body's hunger while you exercise. Consequently, you tend to eat too satisfied when the food arrived. To optimize health, we need to share the quota breakfast we eat in a day. But do not eat 2-3 hours before bedtime. This is clearly because in the time we sleep, our bodies grow, develop, improve and save energy. Metabolism and slowed the body when we are sleeping, and food that has not absorb into the body will be saved for future needs. Saved, which means to be fat, of course, this is not desired. If you avoid eating 2 - 3 hours before sleeping, your body will give you enough time to digested food. That way, when you sleep, you will not save calories, which can be stored fat.

Written above discusses one of the dietary habits. But you yearn for that change only with how they can reduce the amount of food the more you should not eat? Yes correct. You need to eat in a significant number of, not less and not more. Excessive eating less or make you fat. But how to know the amount of food that enough? Is that enough for the amount you eat is a portion of your regular meals a day-to-day? Not necessarily so.

To know the portion that you eat, try to eat slowly. Mean you eat slow process. If you are able to spend 1 portion of fried rice or noodles within 5 minutes to 20 minutes create or even more if you can. Why? Did you know that the body needs time to 20 minutes to tell the brain when we are satisfied? With the slow food, we can prevent the glut feed or overloaded, with only slow time eating.

When you think of a healthy diet, I know what is in your mind. Sure many of you are thinking about food that is not good, no taste, can not be fried, should be boiled and so forth. Let us change your perception. I have not said that you can not eat rice or fat at all. If you do not consume fat, then your body will be sick, because it dissolves fat functions to vitamin A, D, E, K, which is useful for the body. However, the consumption of fat that you need a healthy fat. How fat is healthy?, Called monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat.

Where we get healthy fat? The healthy fats found in extra virgin olive oil, hazelnut, almond, avocado, bean, and others. If you change your oil with extra virgin olive oil, then you cook with healthy oils. Worries taste will not change into comfortable? Calm only. Olive oil with exactly the same oil with other oil palm, but is more healthy.

Then, how food should you eat? I gave a simple tips for this. Eat a similar nature in the form of the original. Do not eat processed foods, especially, avoid or reduce the food that has a label or canned food. Why? Because in food cans, there are many artificial sweeteners, and substance-substances that are useful to make long endurance of a product. Only if in writing, there are food cans fat free, you would think that the food is healthy, but in the list of ingredients or contents of the note, there are high fructose Corn syrup, the material is dangerous and makes you fat, high fructose Corn syrup is sugar super, which can make your blood sugar up very quickly and if not used will increase the amount of fat you. Ironically, not invisible? Fat free writing clearly decided not to guarantee that a product is healthy. There are many hidden composition is not clear that the impact to our body. Origin you know, sugar has many names, such as fructosa, glucose, maltosa, and the consumption of sucrose.

So how should you diet? Number following points can help you lose weight without hunger.

Do not averse the breakfast and eat every 3 - 4 hours at a time to balance sugar in the blood
* Avoid eating 2-3 hours before bed
* Eat slowly and enjoy your every spoon food
* Moves after eating, walking or doing an activity after meals to avoid food into stored fat
* Eat healthy foods, the fat in the number of healthy enough, not less, and not overloaded
* Eat foods native, is not processed food or food packaging


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