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>> Sunday, November 30, 2008

how is my ideal weight? I hear that question every day when providing consultation about the management of body weight. I am attending high, about my weight, is ideal or not? How much weight should I? Or my fitness training, but why my weight when I want to ride it down? Meanwhile, other people say, I do fitness but my weight down, not up? In fact, the problem is simple polemic in the segregated world of fitness.

Actually in the fitness world, NO ideal body weight. If we follow the old rule of thumb that the body be reduced 110, for example, so we 170cm height, weight 60kg us, it will become too skinny? Weight is not made to find a benchmark that the ideal weight. The majority of our body consists of fat and muscle. Two things that determine our weight. Muscle increases or decreases, we will be heavily affected, as well as increased or reduced fat, weight, we would also be affected. The difference is fat is not healthy and fat can not give what we form the body assume the 'beautiful'.

To find out the ideal body weight, the benchmark is the recommended form of a body that we see through a mirror. That early stage that we should do. We arrive satisfaction of our body? Is my stomach is still too much fat? Is my arm is too fat?

Many people still can not accept the view like this, and still compel asked how Weight MY IDEAL? I had experienced with the high I still like this, I was 61kg heavier, with very little fat, and my body enough plasticity ideal, but I also had my weight 61kg as well, with the fat that is very much my pants so hard buttons. High same, the same weight, namely 61kg, but two different conditions. The one ideal and one that does not. There is still called the ideal weight? The answer is NO.

In addition to considering the mirror, we can also calculate the amount of fat in our body by using various tools. As an example is to use fat monitor. The normal rate of fat for men is 15-20%, while women 20-25%. The rate of fat that can be said that can make a good body shape is more than 10-15% for man and 15-20% for the woman.

Fitness to practice body is to establish two things: reduce the amount of fat, and increase the amount of muscle. Will increase muscle weight increases, our body shape more. Fat reduced body weight will be down we will be shaped. If for example, increases muscle 1kg, while 1kg of fat decreased, the size of our pants will be reduced, although at the top of the scale, weight, we have not changed. So for that we want to have the ideal body, do not know the numbers on the scale because of many factors that can make the weight change.


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