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>> Sunday, November 16, 2008

Do you feel the excess weight? Various ways to lose weight quickly and offered many practical to you, both on television ads, mass media and on leaflets distributed in the streets. Bids are very them to arouse the dream ideal body weight. You promised to decrease the weight very much, even can reach 5-10 kg or more in one week. To find out if your excess weight or not, can be calculated with the formula Ideal Body Weight (BBI): 90% (Height-100), the formula is applicable to have high body> 150cm for women and> 160cm for men. If your body <150cm for women and <160cm for men, the formula is BBInya: TB-100. The normal weight ranges between 10% above the BBI and 10% below BBI. If your weight is over 10% of BBI, including the overweight category or excess weight. Be careful with the ad program, which is not guaranteed. Purpose liver weight loss, if without considering the effects that may be caused not you will experience a fatal disruption of health. If you lost weight rapidly without reducing calories Feed and do not exercise or sports such as offered around you need to be studied further. What reduced the fat in the body or liquids that indeed there are approximately 60% of our entire body. Reduction in body fluids will had a very bad for health, can cause dehydration that in severe degrees can lead to death. The main source of energy for our body is carbohydrate. Carbohydrate in the body will be described in a simple form, one is in the form of glucose. Glucose is used for energy metabolism and body activity. Brain, we also need energy and energy sources that can be used by the brain is glucose. If the body does not get enough glucose suplay, there will be splitting fat. Results rupture of fat is used for alternative energy for the body. But the brain can not use the energy that comes from the splitting of body fat. So, if we lack of glucose, the brain does not automatically get supply energy, and of course this will hamper the work function of the brain. According to the advice of health, decrease the weight of a secure order not to cause bad effects for the body is 0.5 kg in a week or about 2 kg in a month. Decrease west body little by little more secure, not damage the function of the body work organs, and more can be maintained. Decreased too much in a short time, the network will damage the body and tend to yoyo syndrome. Yoyo syndrome, namely increased weight after the decline of the so fast, can increase more than the weight back. Lost weight of 0.5 kg in the week this can be obtained by reducing the energy of 500 Feed KCal a day in total energy needs from you. So if in a day reduced for 500 KCal, the week will occur in the reduction of energy as much as 3,500 KCal. This amount, if converted, equivalent to 0.5 kg of body fat, because fat provides energy for the body of 7 grams per KCal. In principle, you should consider the balance of good food Feed carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and water, and improve consumption vegetables and fruits. So that you can do with the diet should be safe to consult experts on nutrition. Nutrition experts will help you to calculate the calorie needs and determine the right type of diet that you can achieve ideal body weight.


Roberta November 17, 2008 at 3:59 AM  

Great post! I myself am an old fasioned calorie counter. I still think that the age old wisdom of reducing the amount of calories you put in your body works. I use meal plans 101 to plan all of my meals ahead of time, so that I know exactly how much calories I'm getting.

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