All of thecarbohydrates cause the body so fat?

>> Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oops, not always! Carbohydrate is the main source of energy. And energy = fat= calories that are stored in the body? Not always.

You need to know that carbohydrates are divided in 2 categories, namely complex carbohydrates and simple.

The simple carbohydrates that it is feels sweet in the mouth, and it absorbed the body such as sugar, flour, bread, instant noodles, sweet drinks and soft white rice. Easily absorbed easily stored means to be fat in the body, making body limp and easy to make us feel hungry faster.

The complex carbohydrate that is less sweet, and not easily absorbed body. Examples of the type of carbohydrate in this category are red rice, wheat bread and pasta. Because slowly digested by the body, not a lot of calories that can be stored as fat, making the energy we always are. The result is not fast limp body and waist circumference also remain stable in the long term.

To create a small waist circumference, try changing carbohydrates into simple as a complex carbohydrate foods daily. Although the simple carbohydrate is' not tasteful, with the s creativity in cooking, the food can still taste good. Complex carbohydrate that is easily obtained: cassava, maize, rice, pasta, wheat bread and oatmeal


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