Cardio exercise and Fitnes lifestyle

>> Friday, November 14, 2008

fitness lifestyle is a lifestyle that is less complete when, not supplied with cardiovascular exercise. This activity will help burn fat in the body and create a healthy heart. Another benefit of cardiovascular activity is the VO2 Max, as you know that this activity is an activity that requires a lot of oxygen, and lungs are the main organs of the body that will accommodate oxygen. VO2 max is the indicator lung capacity, the more lung capacity to accommodate the more oxygen is also good aerobic condition us. Benefit from the activities of both cardiovascular the blood circulation is better. cardio activities that create a healthy heart and burn fat, the results of this activity is the smooth circulation of blood because the blood vessels into the net from fat. we need to know that the blood is the means to carry oxygen and nutrients to feed the entire body. For the fitness application, the flow of blood that help is very smooth recovery after exercise and body shaping muscles more quickly. Smooth the flow of blood that will quickly bring the amino acid to recover musculature trained and carry oxygen to the brain and central nerve system faster so that the body recovered


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